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Josip Sovar

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Josip Sovar is a writer who fell in love with the superhero world in his childhood days, and that affection remained as strong as ever. As a big fan of the MCU and an admirer of Stan Lee's work, he tries to transfuse his knowledge and interest insuperhero-related articles and share his passion with his respected audience. The first superheroes that were introduced into Josip's life were Iron Man, Batman, and Spider-man, and he remembers wearing their costumes as a young boy for an annual masquerade in his community. Waking up early on the weekends, so he wouldn’t miss any superhero related cartoon that is about to air, is one of his favourite childhood memories. Now, two decades later, Josip writes for Comic Basics and covers various Marvel and DC-related topics. This enables him to explore his curiosity about Marvel and DC even more and share his creative work with others. He also writes for Fiction Horizon.


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