Dylan Baker Confirms that Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man 4’ Was Supposed to Include One Major Spider-Man Villain

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Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy is likely the most important for the web-slinger when it comes to live-action portrayals. It was a major success as each installment managed to gross over $800 million worldwide. It’s no secret that Raimi had plans for sequels, and many of them at that, but ‘Spider-Man 3′ marked the end for both Raimi and Maguire who embodied the role of Spider-Man so perfectly.

‘Spider-Man 3’ was by far the most weakest of the franchise, and Raimi is regretful he never managed to redeem this. The series is still talked about to this day which is why we’re learning some new tidbits about it close to 2 decades after the franchise concluded.

Dylan Baker famously played Dr. Curt Connors Peter Parker’s college professor, and he played a vital supporting role in ‘Spider-Man 3’ in which Peter figured out the origin and the nature of the symbiote. In 2007, director Sam Raimi expressed interest in exploring the transformation of Dr. Curt Connors into the villainous character who had been teased since Spider-Man 2 – The Lizard. Producer Grant Curtis also supported this idea. Now in his recent interview with ComicBookMovie Dylan discussed the plans for his character that never came to pass.

I’m afraid that Sam told me, ‘I was writing a script for number four and here came The Lizard. [He was going] all the way. They made a change because Sam felt like he would need more time and they said, ‘No, it’s got to open here’ and it wasn’t going to happen for Sam. When he left the franchise, I left the franchise! I would have loved to have continued and found what The Lizard was for my Dr. Connors. Luckily, we’ve seen some great Dr. Connors and Lizards since then.

Lizard is not the only character that was taken from us. By December 2009, negotiations were underway for John Malkovich to portray Vulture and Anne Hathaway to play Felicia Hardy. However, Hathaway’s character would not have become the Black Cat as in the comics but a new superpowered figure known as the Vulturess. Raimi later clarified in a 2013 interview that Hathaway would have portrayed Black Cat if Spider-Man 4 had been made.

Recently, rumors appeared that Raimi might be working on ‘Spider-Man 4,’ 17 years after the third part of the series was released. Raimi recently debunked the rumors claiming that no one has asked him yet.

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