‘El Muerto’: Bad Bunny Reportedly Abandons the Project


When it comes to Marvel content in the last few years, Sony Pictures proved they could do a great job, or completely the opposite of that. Even if we exclude the latest Spider-Man trilogy Sony co-produced with Marvel Studios, no one can deny Sony did a great job on its own with the ‘Spider-Verse’ franchise that spawned two universally acclaimed movies so far. On the other hand, Sony is still struggling to set up their own live-action cinematic universe, officially known as Sony’s Spider-Man Universe (without Spider-Man in it, so far).

Sony’s latest live-action Marvel movie, Morbius, after no less than seven delays, turned out to be a critical and commercial failure. What’s even crazier, Sony tried to rerelease the movie a few weeks after its initial premiere in theaters, but that didn’t help with the final box-office result; only 167.5 million worldwide. The next movies that we’re expecting from this franchise are ‘Kraven the Hunter,’ ‘Madame Web,’ and ‘Venom 3.’ The ‘El Muerto’ movie, which was first announced at CinemaCon last year, was recently pulled from the release schedule, but it looks like that isn’t the only problem with this movie.

After losing the release date, ‘El Muerto’ also loses its main star!

‘El Muerto’ was initially announced to be released in January 2024, which is only half a year away, and the movie is still in its pre-production. The initial release date was recently pulled from the schedule, which proved the doubts that the movie had entered development hell. And now, according to One Take News, Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, known professionally as Bad Bunny, who was initially announced to star in the title role, has abandoned the project.

The loss of the release date caused some thoughts that the movie was canceled. However, previous reports mentioned that the movie isn’t canceled, but it demands more work on the script, and due to the ongoing WGA strike, it’s hard to say when the movie will be ready to enter production. Apart from further work on the script, the movie now also needs a new main star. With all that problems, if this movie ever gets made, it won’t be released anytime soon.


The ‘El Muerto’ Movie Is Not Dead (Yet) Despite Losing Its Initial Release Date

Many Marvel fans were confused (to say the least) when Sony announced ‘El Muerto’ since we’re talking about the character that debuted in the source material in 2006, and since then, he had only three appearances in Marvel Comics. Created by Peter David and Roger Cruz, Juan-Carlos Sánchez, also known as the El Muerto, is a masked wrestler who wants to battle Spider-Man in a wrestling ring. That’s basically all you need to know about him.

Jonas Cuaron signed to direct ‘El Muerto’ last year, but if the movie doesn’t find a new main star and a proper script in some foreseeable time, Cuaron might not get a chance to direct the movie he signed for.

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