Superman & Lois’ Elizabeth Tulloch Teases Emotional First Episode of the Final Season – And You Can Guess Which Story Will Be Adapted


Despite not being connected to the larger Arrowverse, ‘Superman & Lois’ is easily the best CW superhero show in terms of quality writing. The show did have its ups and downs, especially last year.

After Nexstar acquired CW and the network was bound to be restructured, ‘Superman & Lois’ survived the onslaught during which many shows were canceled. This led to some of the main cast being let go, fewer writers, and the episode count was slashed compared to previous seasons.

The upcoming season will be the last for the show, and CW’s President of Entertainment Brad Schwartz already hinted that the upcoming season will be “Emmy-worthy.” Now, Elizabeth Tulloch has revealed the reasons why, leaving one pretty big hint on which comic-book story the show might adapt next.

At this year’s Superman Celebration event, Tulloch revealed that the first episode of Season 4 will be “bananas & emotional.” She also revealed that it’s going to be based on “one of the comics.”

You guys are not going to believe the first episode. It’s bananas. It’s emotional. What they did was based on one of the comics. It was a very bold decision on their part to do this and to pull it off for the first episode of season 4.

Judging by how the finale of season 3 ended, with Superman fighting Doomsday, we can only guess that the story they adapted is the ‘Death of Superman,’ – one of the most shocking stories in the history of comics.

The creature that fights Superman in the last episode of the previous season wasn’t referred to as Doomsday, but due to its origin story, it’s exactly that. Lex Luthor created Doomsday out of Bizarro Superman by torturing him with weapons enriched with X-Kryptonite in order for Bizarro to develop immunity to everything that might harm him. The process of creating Doomsday was actually started by Bruno Mannheim, who stole the corpse of Bizarro from the D.O.D. and pumped him full of experimental drugs that were supposed to have regenerative effects. Bruno Mannheim managed to resurrect Bizarro, and Lex finished the transformation process. 

Are you looking forward to the final season of ‘Superman & Lois,’? Let us know in the comments below!

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