Evan Peters Rumored to Return in an Upcoming MCU Project

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Since Marvel Cinematic Universe started expanding its canon through TV shows on Disney+, there’s never been more characters to keep track of. Many new characters were introduced, including Moon Knight, Kate Bishop, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk. And with so many new characters, we are honestly afraid to imagine how many characters the upcoming crossover event, ‘Avengers: The Kang Dynasty,’ will assemble.

However, apart from new superheroes, those Disney+ shows also featured brand-new villains and new special guest characters. In 2021’s ‘WandaVision,’ we’ve met Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness, who is set to return in the upcoming spin-off ‘Agatha: Coven of Chaos,’ but it looks like the series will also feature one more known name.

Evan Peters’ Ralph Bohner might return to the MCU!

Evan Peters is known for playing Peter Maximoff, an Americanized version of Quicksilver known as Eastern European in the source material. Aaron Taylor-Johnson portrayed the character in the MCU movie ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron,’ in which he was ultimately killed off. In 2021’s ‘WandaVision,’ Quicksilver returned but was played by Peters instead of Taylor-Johnson.

Many fans thought this was the official merger of MCU and Fox’s ‘X-Men’ franchise, but by the end, it turned out it was all Agatha’s trick; Peter’s MCU character is called Ralph Bohner, and he has nothing to do with Peter’s Quicksilver from the ‘X-Men’ movie franchise.

However, even though Peters’ appearance in ‘WandaVision’ felt like some kind of April Fool’s joke, that doesn’t necessarily mean Peters won’t return as Ralph in the future. According to known insider DanielRPK (via Comic Quarter), Peters is rumored to reprise his role in the upcoming ‘WandaVision’ spin-off ‘Agatha: Coven of Chaos.’


Marvel’s ‘Agatha: Coven of Chaos’ Disney+ Series Reportedly Finished Filming

Ralph Bohner is generally a regular Westview resident who was taken the thrall of Agatha Harkness, who used her magic to give him superspeed and pose as Quicksilver to Wanda (and the fans).

Monica Rambeau freed him from Agatha’s spell, and Agatha was defeated by Wanda and entrapped in Westview as a noisy neighbor. If ‘Agatha: Coven of Chaos’ continues where ‘WandaVision’ left off, it would actually make sense for Ralph to appear in some minor role, at least.

Kathryn Hahn is returning as Agatha Harkness in the upcoming series, and out of better-known names, Aubrey Plaza also joined in an undisclosed role. Creator and head writer of ‘WandaVision,’ Jac Schaeffer, also returns as the creator of ‘Agatha: Coven of Chaos.’ Consisting of nine episodes, the series will premiere in 2024 on Disney+.

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