Fans Are Smitten with ‘The Acolyte’s’ New Sith Lord, Attracting a Surge of New Viewers


“The Acolyte,” Disney’s latest addition to the Star Wars universe, has stirred significant buzz since its premiere on June 4, 2024, on Disney+. Despite facing controversies and review-bombing, the series remains one of the most talked-about shows globally, particularly after several canon-breaking moments. Episode 5, in particular, has heightened the excitement and discussions among fans.

One of the central elements driving the show’s popularity is the character known as The Master. Episode 5 brings The Master into the spotlight, revealing his identity—a moment anticipated by many but still generating considerable attention. This reveal has solidified The Master’s role as a major player in the series, captivating the audience and pushing the series to new heights of popularity.

The allure of The Master lies not just in his identity but in the significant role he plays within the series. This character’s actions and motivations are driving key plot points, making him a focal point for fans and discussions. The anticipation surrounding his development and impact on the storyline is contributing to the show’s continued success and engagement among its viewers.

The Master, a powerful Sith Lord and Mae’s mentor, is a pivotal character in the series. Fans speculated extensively about The Master’s true identity before Episode 5, and we also shared our thoughts on the matter. In Episode 5, the series finally revealed The Master’s identity as Qimir, a choice we criticized.

Qimir was an obvious pick because, within the story, no character suspects him, while viewers outside the story would immediately consider him. As we previously mentioned, if Qimir were revealed as The Master, the show’s element of surprise would be lost, turning the biggest mystery into a predictable outcome. We had hoped it wouldn’t be Qimir, but unfortunately, it was.

Despite the criticism and the predictability of the revelation, The Master has become a fan-favorite character, reflecting a common trend among Star Wars fans—they often fall in love with the villains. This trend has been observed repeatedly in the franchise.

Darth Maul, for instance, remains a beloved character among fans, as does Darth Vader, although his long-standing presence has slightly diminished the novelty. General Grievous enjoyed considerable popularity, and Kylo Ren received a lot of fan love. Moff Gideon also gained a fair amount of popularity, and there was significant interest in Snoke for a time. Interestingly, the only villains who didn’t garner much affection were Count Dooku and Palpatine, likely due to their older appearances.

The Master fits into the category of beloved Star Wars villains, drawing comparisons to Kylo Ren, which helps explain his popularity. Fans are eager to see more of his story, hoping to understand and perhaps even “fix” him, much like Kylo Ren’s narrative arc. This interest is driving new viewers to “The Acolyte,” eager to uncover the full story.

The reveal of The Master has been a high point, making the build-up and anticipation feel worthwhile. “The Acolyte” has set a new standard with Episode 5, significantly raising the bar from the first four episodes. This surge in quality is exciting but also sets a challenging precedent for the remaining episodes. Maintaining this level of excellence is crucial, and while it’s a difficult task, we support the production team and hope they continue to deliver outstanding content.

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