The Acolyte’s Sith Lord Reveal Now Definitely Borders on Breaking Canon


Episode 5 ‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ finally released, and following two underwhelming episodes, we were in for a threat. This week’s episode was full of action and shocking twists.

By far the high point of the show was the reveal of the Sith Lord. We’ve been theorizing that Qimir is the Sith behind the mask, pretty much ever since his character first appeared on screen, although that was the controversial choice since the mystery was hidden pretty badly.

Now we know that the biggest scandal of episode 4 actually revolved around the fact that the episode sort of broke canon by introducing a Sith Lord who openly fights numerous Jedi, despite Mundi saying during the events of ‘Phantom Menace’ that the Sith have been extinct for millennia at that point.

Two solutions were proposed to that problem, and both of them sort of failed. First, It was theorized that ‘The Master’ is not really a Sith, but rather some different type of unaligned dark force user.

In Episode 5, Qimir clearly introduces himself as a Sith, and states it several times in fact, during his rant on how he just wants to be free to practice his powers in peace. Second, it was theorized that perhaps The Master would eliminate absolutely all Jedi present so there would be no one left alive to deliver the news of the incident to the Jedi council.

This also sort of happened, as the only two Jedi left alive at the end of the episode were Master Sol and former Jedi Osha. Osha is also currently, in the custody of Qimir, after her twin assumed her identity and is now on her way to Coruscant with Sol.

So, clearly, Master Sol would have to report on the fact that his Jedi unit was decimated by none other than self-proclaimed Sith. The only person who might keep the current canon afloat now is Master Vernestra Rwoh.

Master Vernestra has made it clear she is reluctant to report to the High Council due to the political implications of having to answer to the Republic Senate. So what does this mean? It likely means that Vernestra and Sol will attempt to solve this problem alone by themselves without telling anybody about it and that they will too ultimately meet their ends.

Their secrecy will likely be a product of mistrusting politics and this will be something that both Mae and Qimir will abuse. It’s also likely that Master Sol will be unwilling to tell the truth due to some problem from the past that was hinted at over the course of Episode 5. How they will explain to the Council why a large number of Jedi died on what appeared to be a simple mission also remains unknown.

The show still hasn’t technically broken canon, but it does come extremely close, depending on what moves will Rwoh and Sol pull in the next episode.

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