Fans Offer Unwavering Support to Wookieepedia Amid Star Wars Theory Controversy


If you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise and were offline for the last two weeks, you miss out on a lot. There’s a real drama brewing in the fandom, caused by the release of ‘The Acolyte’ episode 4.

As you’re probably aware ‘The Acolyte’ was a highly controversial show even before release, part of the fandom reacted badly to the female-led premise, and some additional statements made by the cast and crew only served to further inflame already agitated fans.

To make the long story short. Episode 4 included a cameo of Ki-Adi-Mundi, a character from ‘Phantom Menace.’ According to some non-canon (at this point) sources, Mundi shouldn’t have even been born during the events of the ‘The Acolyte’ and his species don’t live that long even if he was born during the time of the High Republic.

Following the release of episode 4 and massive backlash concerning the “canon-breaking” event, Wookieepedia editors removed Mundi’s age and birthdate from his page, something that Star Wars Theory, a notable Star Wars YouTuber, caught while he was streaming his watch party of Episode 4.

Star Wars Theory told his fans to “go and fix Wookieepedia.” This only worsened things as Wookieepedia reported that the fans he sent to “fix” the site, allegedly vandalized it and left death threats to the staff members.

It’s not uncommon to receive death threats online, hell, you can get death threats due to posting a meme, but Wookieepedia failed to provide any evidence that this actually took place, they also failed to provide evidence that it was Star Wars Theory who told his fans to, you know, actually make death threats. This is why Star Wars theory threatened to take this “feud” to another level.

Niatoos Dadbeh claimed via his video that he is ready to pursue legal action against the site for defamation since the site claimed that he is the one sending the fans to do his “dirty work” and his fanbase is making these death threats.

In a completely expected turn of events, it was Dadbeh who started receiving death threats and provided plenty of evidence.

As you can see things are a bit messy, and both sides of “fans” went massively overboard while picking sides.

Soon after that incident, the hashtag #WeStandWithWookieepedia started trending and fans were ready to offer their unwavering support toward the site.

No matter on which side you stand on, it’s at least comforting to know that no matter how polarizing ‘The Acolyte’ and “canon” currently are, the vast majority of the fandom agrees that harassment online is never okay.

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