Fans Voted on Top 10 Marvel Villains Too Scary for the MCU

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MCU adapted over 50 villains from the pages of comics at this point. Some have been disappointments like Dar-Benn, and some were brilliantly executed like the last year’s High Evolutionary. Still, there’s plenty to introduce.

While we’re waiting for the Beyonder and Doctor Doom, fans on Ranker took on the opportunity to explore the pages of comics to vote on 10 Marvel villains that are either too grotesque or messed up to be introduced to the MCU, so let’s see what the names are.

10. Demogoblin


Demogoblin hails from Spider-Man’s rouge gallery. He is a twisted version of the villain Green Goblin, having been transformed into a demonic creature after making a pact with a demon. Demogoblin possesses superhuman strength, agility, and endurance, along with the ability to generate and control mystical fire. He’s not overly scary all things considered but I do see why fans prefer the good ol’ version of the character.

9. Reginald Fortean’s Abomination

Reginald Forteans Abomination

We’ve already seen Emil Blonsky’s Abomination in the MCU, and it’s really mild compared to this big boy in front of you. Reginald Fortean developed a fixation on structure and order during his youth, influenced by sermons at Sunday school. By the age of twenty-eight, he had risen to the rank of Major in the United States Air Force. It is during his career in the army that he comes into contact with Abomination tissue and is transformed into this hulking mess of flesh, tissue, and nerves.

8. Skinless Man

Skinless Man

Gross, this villain is exactly like it sounds. Harry Pizer, a former barrister during the Cold War, possessed a mutant ability: elastic and multi-sensory skin, which made him proficient in espionage. His exceptional skills caught the attention of The Professor, who recruited him into the Weapon Plus program to aid the country during the Cold War. Harry eventually had his skin removed from his body as punishment for all the men he killed by Captain Britain Corps no less.

7. The Brood

Brood Pack

The Brood are insectoid creatures that roam space in search of hosts to infest with their offspring. Evolved for reproduction and resource consumption, they have been present in the Milky Way since at least 2620 BC. Originating from another universe, they are considered the first natural predators of their realm, experimented on by the Kree and establishing nests across countless worlds. Brood society is organized into clans led by queens, with the Empress Brood holding the highest authority.

It’s funny MCU already had the opportunity to introduce ‘The Brood,’ or still has I suppose because this species is directly responsible for Danvers unlocking her Binary form in the comics.

6. Madcap


The man who later became Madcap was a devout member of a religious group that organized a trip. During the trip, a chemical accident caused by A.I.M. terrorists killed everyone on the bus except for him. He lay unconscious in the spilled Chemical X07, which granted him immunity to damage but drove him mad. Confused and grief-stricken over being the sole survivor, he attempted suicide by throwing himself in front of a car, only to discover he felt no pain and remained unharmed. This realization further fueled his descent into madness, later he realized he could also make people mad as part of his superpowers.

No matter how terrifying Madcap sounds, it would be interesting to see his origin story in the MCU, although we’ve seen something similar several times already.

5. Styx

Styx is one of David Haller’s (Legion’s) personalities, known as Personality #666. This persona enables Haller to manipulate the consciousness of anyone he touches. However, the most terrifying aspect of Styx is its ability to separate from Haller and inhabit a reanimated corpse, seeking to control Haller and plotting to conquer the world. Its menacing appearance, particularly its teeth, adds to its sinister nature.

4. Shadow King

Shadow King

The Shadow King is believed to be a manifestation of humanity’s dark consciousness across the multiverse, originating from the first nightmare. When mutant Amahl Farouk experienced loss and loneliness, the Shadow King offered him companionship in exchange for a bond. Farouk accepted, leading to their fusion.

The Multiverse Saga is the perfect opportunity to introduce him, but we really hope he won’t be.

3. Freak

freak marvel

I mean, with a name like this, and a face only a mother can love….A drug addict named “Freak” breaks into Curt Connors’ laboratory and injects himself with animal stem cell fluids, mistaking them for crystal meth. This transforms him into a skinless monster with animal traits and bulletproof skin. Freak, driven by addiction, tracks down Spider-Man, leading to a violent confrontation. During a subsequent fight at a meth lab, a fire breaks out, and Freak goes out from the flames stronger and fireproof.

2. Mr. Smile

mr smile

I’m tired of creepy-ass m’s having names like “Mr. Smile,” “Mr. Sunshine,” and “Mr. Candy,” but here we go…Mr. Smile is a demon that often comes paired with Mr. Sulk (not that terrifying-looking). He also wields the Mallet of Enthropy with which he could destabilize the atomic structure of pretty much anything.

1. The Thousand

The Thousand

If you are afraid of spiders, you’re going to lose it at this villain. It’s not that he is particularly scary, it’s that his origin story is pure unfiltered horror. Carl King, a childhood bully of Peter Parker, witnessed Peter’s spider bite incident and his subsequent superhuman abilities. Desperate to gain similar powers, Carl consumed the dead radioactive spider, leading to his body breaking down into a hive mind of spiders. This horrifying transformation allowed him to control the bodies of those he consumed, including his own mother, father, and girlfriend. I repeat: LEADING TO HIS BODY BREAKING DOWN INTO A HIVE MIND OF SPIDERS.

Yeah, there’s no way you can approach this origin story and make it PG-13.

Have a villain to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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