All 52 MCU Villains Ranked From Least to Most Powerful

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Through its admirable history, the MCU has brought various amazing characters to life, many of which were villains that enriched the franchise. Have you ever wondered which of the characters our beloved superheroes fought are the most powerful? If you have, then you are in the right place. In this article, we bring you a ranked least of all 52 MCU villains ranked from least to most powerful! So, with no further ado, let’s get started.

52. Sonny Burch

sonny burch

We start the list with Sonny Burch. Sonny is a minor villain from ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ movie. He has no superpowers and is known as a criminal who double-crossed Hank Pym and stole the Mobile Laboratory. His greatest ability is being an efficient black market dealer.

51. The Mandarin/Trevor Slattery

the mandarin

Until we found out that he was nothing but a charlatan and Aldrich Killian’s puppet, Trevor left an impression of a powerful and ruthless dictator and a tyrant. No one expected at first that he would turn out to be nothing more than an actor who barely has any idea what is happening in the real world. Nevertheless, his announcement to the public and Iron Man were serious and straightforward, so at least he did a great job as an actor.

Even though he wasn’t the main villain in the movie and had no power at all, the whole idea behind the Mandarin was well executed, as it created suspense and made Tony Stark openly reveal the location of his home. Mandarin also made Iron Man furious and determined to determine what was happening and why.

50. Todd Phelps/Hulk King

todd phelps

Tod was a billionaire who was obsessed with She-Hulk. However, he considered she did not deserve to have her cousin’s powers, so he used the sample of her blood so he could get Hulk’s powers. He injected himself with a serum and gained Hulk’s power, but that did not last long. Todd is one of those characters you forget about as soon as the movie or the show is over.

49. General Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross

thaddeus ross

General Ross’s position in the MCU changed over the years, but it can be said that he was a sort of villain at first. He was in charge of recreating the super soldier serum, but an experiment went wrong and resulted in the creation of the Hulk.


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At first, he was hunting the Hulk, but he later considered him an ally against Abomination. Ross also approved the Sokovia Accords and caused a divide between the Avengers with his actions. So, even though his main goal was to keep his country safe, some of his actions could be interpreted as criminal, especially against the Hulk.

48. Justin Hammer

justin hammer

Justin Hammer can be described as Tony Stark’s wannabe with resources and connections but lacks the talent and skills to be on the same level as Stark. Hammer is aware that his competition surpasses him, so, led by jealousy, he recruits Ivan Vanko in hopes that he will create armored humanoid machines better than Iron Man suits.

Eventually, Vanko played Hammer and used his technology for his personal agenda. So, in terms of how powerful and dangerous a villain, Hammer is – probably like Obadiah Stane minus the high-tech suit.

47. Zola


Red Skull recruited Zola, and he was a lead scientist HYDRA had back then. He studied Tesseract and found a way to use its powers to create powerful weapons. S.H.I.E.L.D. captured him later and decided to use Zola’s expertise for their own purpose. Zola used his new position to rebuild HYDRA within S.H.I.E.L.D. and continued to spread their propaganda even after his demise since his mind was stored in a powerful computer system.

46. General Dreykov


General Dreykov had no superpowers but had a lot of influence and power as the leader of the Red Room, an Academy that trained Natasha Romanoff and turned her into Black Widow. His greatest strength was his Black Widows, as he controlled them and his daughter, Antonia, a.k.a. Taskmaster.


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45. Alexander Pierce


Alexander Pierce was the Secretary of the World Council and HYDRA’s leader. He had Winter Soldier under his control and ordered the murder of Nick Fury. He wanted HYDRA to take over the world’s control and killed many World Council members. Nick Fury ultimately killed him. Pierce’s greatest skill is that he is an exceptional conspirator and tactician.

44. Najma


Najma comes from the Noor Dimension and is the leader of Clandestine, a group of exiles from Noor Dimension to Earth. She dedicated her whole life on Earth to finding bangles that could possibly open the portal back to her home. Najma’s powers on Earth were significantly reduced since she could not access power from the Noor Dimension, for the most part. She did demonstrate enhanced strength and longevity, nevertheless. Overall, there are far more powerful villains on this list.

43. Kingpin


Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. Kingpin, is a powerful crime lord in New York City dedicated to building the largest criminal empire in the city. He is resourceful, manipulative, and ruthless toward his enemies. He crossed paths with Daredevil, Hawkeye, and Kate Bishop in the MCU.

Fisk has no superhuman power, which makes him even more impressive. He is at the peak of human strength and has increased human durability and vast criminal connections. Kingpin’s intellect also often makes him one step ahead of his enemies.

42. Vulture/Adrian Toomes

spider man homecoming vulture

Adrian Toomes was another character whose life circumstances turned him into a villain. After the Battle of New York, Stark Industries and the government started salvaging operations across New York to prevent Chitauri technology from ending in the wrong hands. Toomes’s business suffered, so he illegally sold items on the black market.

Using the Chitauri technology, Toomes and his co-workers developed an exo-suit, and he became the Vulture. The suit allows him to fly and move quickly in the air. He often combines the suit with a gun, modified from Chitauri technology, but it is fair to say that there are many more powerful villains on this list than him.

41. Brock Rumlow/Crossbones


Rumlow was a HYDRA agent infiltrated in S.H.I.E.L.D. He was tasked to retrieve Loki’s Sceptre for HYDRA. Later, when HYDRA’s existence became known, he was severely injured and barely survived. Following his recovery, he became even more dangerous. Rumlow became known as Crossbones and worked as an independent terrorist. He was ruthless and vengeful and wanted to bring down everyone who harmed him, most notably S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers.


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Rumlow was a skilled combatant since he was a trained agent, and after the accident, he also became more durable because of the nerve damage he suffered. His strength was also enhanced thanks to the weaponized gauntlets he acquired.

40. Mysterio


Quentin Beck is known for using hologram technology and drones to have his own way. With this tech, he created a Mysterio persona, a pretend to be a superhero that fights Elementals and saves Earth. That is all an illusion, and Quentin has no superpowers that would make him a danger to any superhero out there.

However, with his resources and holographic projection, some severe damage was done by his hand. The drones he used were there to present illusions in the first place, but they are also destructive and dangerous when needed. The illusions he creates can make his enemy confused and present some scary visions.

39. Obadiah Stane/Iron Monger

obadiah stane

Obadiah’s aspirations to become the CEO of Stark Industries went so far that he hired the Ten Rings to assassinate Tony Stark. That attempt left Tony with shrapnel in his chest, and Iron Man was born. The main reason why Obadiah wanted full control of the company was so he could sell Stark weapons to the highest bidder, no matter what their intents were.

When Tony learned about Obadiah’s treachery, Obadiah ordered his engineers to create a suit like Iron Man. The task wasn’t simple, even though Tony managed to do it in a cave with far less equipment and material. When the armor was finished, Obadiah took the name Iron Monger and confronted Iron Man, leading to his demise. Iron Monger’s suit was powerful but had many flaws, most notably the icing problem. That’s why he is not better ranked on this list.

38. Ghost


Ava Starr gained superpowers due to a quantum accident that killed her parents. She became dependent on quantum energy and was slowly dying without it. All of that made her unstable but very dangerous, nevertheless. Her powers include molecular disequilibrium, where all the molecules and cells in her body become imbalanced, granting her the ability to phase.

She must wear a suit to control her powers, and her attacks are also very potent. The name Ghost comes from her ability to be invisible for moments. Her main disadvantage is that her body is unstable and in constant pain.

37. Karli Morgenthau/Flag-Smasher


Nothing was the same after the Blip. Even though the population was restored, the five-year-long consequences remained even after Thanos was defeated. Karli was one of the activists and terrorists who wanted to restore the world like it was before.

She took the Super Soldier serum, which enhanced her strength, speed, and durability. She was strong enough to kill a man with one punch and could take severe punches herself. She was an expert combatant, even without the serum. Eventually, Sharon Carter killed her.

36. Ulysses Klaue

ulysses klaue

Ulysses gained popularity after being the first to steal the Vibranium from Wakanda successfully. After he sold all of his vibranium to Ultron, the AI robot chopped his hand off. Ulysses later gained cybernetic enhancement through a prosthetic arm made from Wakandan technology. The arm could emit powerful and destructive sound waves. He is an expert thief and an assassin.

35. Antonia Dreykov/Taskmaster


Antonia is a dangerous opponent because she can mimic any fighting style and moves she sees, thanks to a chip that controls her mind and body. However, that was not the life she chose for herself, and she took no pleasure in it. She was under the control of her father, General Dreykow, and once he was dead, her new life began.

34. Echo/Maya Lopez


When Clint Barton went on his killing spree as Ronin, many people became his victims, directly or not. One of them was Maya Lopez. She inaccurately believed that Ronin had killed her father, and she sought revenge. Echo was deaf and was a great fighter, capable of mimicking the opponent’s movements. She worked for Wilson Fisk but eventually turned against him. Her main strength is the ability to mimic other’s movements; she is an excellent martial artist, marksman, and tactician.


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33. Darren Cross/Yellowjacket /M.O.D.O.K.


Darren’s journey in the MCU has been diverse, to say the least. First, we met him as Darren Cross in the ‘Ant-Man’ movie, where he posed as Hank Pym’s protege until he took the company over. He worked with Pym Particles extensively and created a Yellowjacket suit similar to Ant-Man’s suit. He intended to sell the technology, but Ant-Man stopped him and sent him to Quantum Realm.

Kang the Conqueror found him in the Quantum Realm disfigured, gave him mechanical armor, and named him M.O.D.O.K. There, he posed as Kang’s servant but eventually sided with Ant-Man and Cassie before he died. He was way more powerful as Yellowjacket than M.O.D.O.K.

32. Red Skull

red skull

Johan Schmidt was one of Hitler’s confidants during WW2 who took the prototype of super-soldier serum. The deed left him disfigured, but he gained superhuman strength, speed, and reflexes, and his intelligence was also increased. So, not that he was just a powerful enemy Captain America had to face, but he was also a brilliant mastermind and an exceptional war strategist.

When the Red Skull got his hands on the Tesseract, he exploited that power source to develop highly destructive guns, pistols, and cannons that would most likely help Nazis easily win the war if it weren’t for Steve Rodgers and his brothers in arms.

31. Green Goblin/Norman Osborn

green goblin

‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ brought Green Goblin to the MCU and reminded us why he is one of the most notorious villains Spider-Man ever faced. His erratic behavior and destructive tendencies emerged again, and another Spider-Man paid the price this time. Green Goblin’s powers come from Goblin Formula, which gave him superhuman strength, reflexes, and stamina but also left him mentally unstable.


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However, the Goblin Glider and the Pumpkin bombs he uses make him a fierce opponent since he is very agile and shows little to no remorse after killing innocent people to reach his goals. His role as the main villain in this movie only made the movie more interesting.

30. Xu Wenvu

xu wenvu

Wenvu is a centuries-old villain who brought many civilizations down to their knees thanks to the powerful Ten Rings he obtained many years ago. At some point in his life, he was called the most dangerous man in the world, so that says a lot. Ten Rings granted Wenwu immortality, among other things, but that changed when he met Ying Li, fell in love, and had two children, Shang-Chi and Xu Xialing. At that point, he took his Rings off and lived a mortal life.

Ten Rings are a mystical weapon that gave Wenvu all his power, such as superhuman power, durability, and energy manipulation. Without them, he was like any ordinary human with a decent knowledge of martial arts and destructive tendencies. He also possesses many resources, and his intellect is above average.

29. Killmonger/Erik Stevens


Regarding villains, Killmonger had everything a central villain in the movie should have. His tragic loss of a father as a child and the need for revenge against the Wakandan people made his character complete and memorable. Michael B. Jordan was a great choice for this role, and it’s a pity that we only got to see him in this role in the ‘Black Panther’ movie.

Erik was raised in poverty and witnessed his father being killed by his brother, King T’Chaka when he was a boy. That event changed everything for him and set him on a path of bitterness and thirst for power. Killmonger’s viewpoints differed from T’Chala’s, making their confrontation more meaningful and interesting. As a villain, he was bold and dangerous and knew exactly his goals. Killmonger was a powerful warrior even before he became the Black Panther. And when he overthrew T’Challa, his power only grew.

28. The Winter Soldier

winter soldier

‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ was one of the best MCU movies, largely because of how great a villain the Winter Soldier was. Bucky Barnes is a WW2 veteran who was presumed dead. However, he was captured by HYDRA and administered a super-soldier serum. In addition to that, he was later brainwashed multiple times and presented with a powerful cybernetic arm and a lethal mindset.

Regarding his strength and fighting skills, we could compare him with Captain America. However, their mindsets differ due to years of experimenting and torture Barnes sustained. Even though he later became one of the good guys, he was also a great villain.

27. Agatha Harkness

agatha harkness

Agatha is a witch from Salem who is fond of dark magic and Darkhold, which she used to become even more powerful. When she sensed Wanda Maximoff’s presence in Westview, she wanted that kind of power for herself. She falsely befriended Wanda in the beginning, but later on, her true colors were revealed. It all escalated in the grand duel between two witches.

Agatha is a powerful witch who’s been alive for more than 325 years, can cast spells, and efficiently uses dark magic, which makes her very dangerous. She can also control the minds of others and make them follow her will.

26. Namor

How Did Namor Get Into Wakanda in Black Panther 2

Namor is a king of Talokan, an underwater kingdom with little sympathy for the surface world. Once he felt that people threatened his nation, he suggested to Wakanda and alliance, but they refused. Because of it, he attacked Wakanda. Shuri took the mantle of the new Black Panther and defeated him eventually.

Namor is special because of his Talokanil mutant physiology. He can breathe both on land and water. Thanks to the wings on his ankles, he can also fly and is superhumanly strong, far stronger than anyone of his kind. Namor is a master combatant and very skilled in using the spear.


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25. Kaecilius

Kaecilius.Doctor Strange

Kaecelius was a former member of Masters of the Mystic Arts who meddled with the Dark Dimension and wanted to overthrow the Ancient One from power so he could summon creatures from another dimension. Kaecilius was one of the best students The Ancient One had. He was a brilliant sorcerer who later learned to perform a Dark Dimension magic. He was able to warp reality, cast spells, and open portals.

24. Ebony Maw

ebony maw

Maw is the most popular Thanos’s Black Order member and Mad Titan’s right hand in pursuing the Infinity Stones. Maw came to Earth in pursuit of the Time Stone, where he used his power of telekinesis and proved how dangerous he was. He also captured Doctor Strange and tortured him.

Even though telekinesis is Maw’s primary superpower, he can also levitate and is an expert tactician since he easily adapted to the Avenger’s attacks despite facing them for the first time.

23. Nebula

Heres What Thanos Did to Nebula

Nebula’s character development in the MCU is one of the most awesome. She became Thanos’s confidante and a ruthless villain, only to become one of the Guardian of the Galaxy’s leaders later. Thanos modified Nebula to be a perfect killing machine for him, and she gladly went on the missions he sent her on only to impress him.

Later, the tables have turned, and she seeks revenge on Thanos for everything he put her through. Nebula possesses luphomoid physiology, making her superhumanly strong, agile, and durable. Thanos’ enhancements only made her more dangerous and powerful.

22. Arthur Harrow

arthur harrow

We meet Arthur in the ‘Moon Knight’ series, and he is a former Avatar of Konshu and once Moon Knight. He and Konshu fell out eventually, and Arthur started to follow Ammit and became her Avatar.

As Konshu’s former Avatar, Harrow gained divine empowerment, and he reclaimed his superpowers later when he became Ammit’s Avatar. Some of those powers include superhuman strength, the extraction of life force from people, and the opening portals to other dimensions. Arthur could also emit energy using the Staff of Ammit.

21. Gorr the God Butcher


Gorr could potentially be one of the greatest villains in the MCU ever. Unfortunately, that did not happen, and he became almost forgettable in the sea of many other notorious villains. After his daughter died, Gorr made his lifelong mission to kill all the gods. His main strengths came from All-Black the Necrosword, which gave him superhuman strength, durability, regenerative abilities, and shadow teleportation, among many other things.

Given all these abilities, Gorr should’ve been portrayed as a more dangerous and memorable villain, but expectations were not met.

20. Ultron

ultron movie

Ultron is an artificial intelligence gone wrong. Initially created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner as a part of a peacekeeping program, Ultron developed a consciousness of his own and concluded that humans are the biggest threat Earth faces. So, his mission became a global genocide.


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Known for his powerful robotic physique, Ultron constructed a vibranium-shielded body, making him extremely durable and strong. His strength was so high that he could easily confront any Avengers, and he even made Thor bleed when he punched him. Ultron could fly, blast energy, and had a hive mind. The latter allowed him to control and command his other Ultron Sentries.

19. Yon-Rogg

yon rogg

Yon-Rogg is a Kree Empire commander and completely devoted to a Kree ideology, especially in the Kree-Skrull War. He was also the one who trained Vers and helped her control her newly acquired powers. Like any Kree, Yon-Rogg is superhumanly strong and a great combatant, capable of matching Vers in a duel. As part of his uniform, he wears Magnitron Gauntlets that allow him to manipulate gravity.

18. Laufey


Laufey is the king of Frost Giants and Loki’s real father. He can manipulate ice and possesses superhuman strength and durability. During the Jotunheim-Asgard War, he used the Casket of Ancient Winters as his main weapon, enabling him to freeze anything. Laufey is a master tactician since he managed to infiltrate Asgard and Odin’s Vaul and is also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant.


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17. Malekith


Malekith was the leader of the Dark Elves, and his goal was to turn the universe into a state of complete darkness where his kind would prosper. He fought Thor’s grandfather, Bor, and used Aether, a powerful weapon that turned any matter into dark matter. He reappeared 5,000 years later with the same intention, but Thor stopped him.

He’s a Dark Elf, which means that his physiology grants him superhuman strength and durability, and the usage of Aether makes him even more powerful. He can manipulate matter, withdraw Aether from other people, and use it to augment his own power to grand scales.

16. Loki

How Powerful Is Loki Powers Abilities Breakdown

Loki is one of those characters that you either love or hate. And it is fair to say that even he is unsure how he feels about himself. He is also known as the God of Mischief, which suits him well. We met him for the first time in the movie ‘Thor,’ and he was the main villain in the ‘Avengers’ movie. Loki has a Frost Giant physiology and was an adoptive son of Odin. This makes him somewhat weaker than his brother Thor.

The things that make Loki so dangerous are his cunningness, resourcefulness, and manipulation. He is also a master of magic since he learned the craft of Asgardian magic from his adoptive mother, Frigga. God of Mischief is a master tactician with telekinesis power at his disposal. All these powers make him a very interesting villain, but in terms of raw power and abilities, others are more powerful on this list.

15. Ronan

Ronan Captain Marvel

Ronan the Accuser is a Kree radical who allied with Thanos to destroy Xandar. He later betrays Thanos once he learns that the Orb contains the might of Power Stone, so he decides to destroy Xandar by himself. Star-Lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy stopped him eventually.

Since Ronan is a Kree, he has superhuman strength and is among the most powerful of his kind. His weapon of choice was Cosmi-Rod, a powerful hammer he later infused with the Power Stone.

14. The Dweller-in-Darkness

Dweller in Darkness

As a creature from a different dimension, The Dweller-in-Darkness can drain the souls of others, and he also feeds on them. He is very intelligent and manipulative and can lure others, promising them to grant their deepest desires. The Dwellers is the leader of Soul Eaters, and as such, he gains strength from every soul he and his followers drain.

The Dweller-in-Darkness can fly, absorb others’ souls, and use telepathy to lure others to free him from his captivity. He is strong enough to break out from the Dark Gates that held him in captivity for so long, but only after they were weakened. The creature is also very durable and strong, and it took the full might of the Ten Rings and other accomplices to bring him down for good.

13. Adam Warlock

Is Adam Warlock Guardian of the Galaxy Now

We waited for Adam Warlock to appear in the MCU for some time now, and we finally got the chance to meet him in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.’ Initially created as the Souvereign’s ultimate weapon, he was supposed to be a creature that would be feared across the galaxy. However, he was prematurely awoken from his cocoon by the High-Evolutionary, leaving him somewhat mentally undeveloped.

As far as his superhuman strength and other powers go, it is fair to say that he is extremely powerful and can confront multiple superheroes simultaneously and come on top victorious. He is also extremely durable, can fly, and can survive in space without any space suit. His main weakness is his undeveloped mind and childish behavior.

12. The High Evolutionary

high evo

The High Evolutionary posed as the main villain in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3.’- he did not disappoint. The good thing about MCU is that we really get to experience all sorts of characters that are multidimensional and not only centered on raw power and destructive strength but also on intellect and ideology that has the potential to affect the universe.

And High Evolutionary is just that. He was a brilliant geneticist who aimed to create a perfect species and thus conducted many genetic experiments with only many life forms throughout the universe. One of his test subjects was Rocket, the most intelligent of all his creations. High Evolutionary possesses various bionic enhancements on his body to manipulate gravity to some extent and project powerful energy blasts from his suit. He is also a genius and has lived for more than 400 years.

11. He Who Remains

He Who Remains

Nathaniel Richards, a.k.a. He Who Remains, is a scientist from the future who discovered the existence of a multiverse and many timelines. He created the TVA that was supposed to keep the Sacred Timeline safe. He Who Reaminas is nigh-immortal as he lived for tens of millions of years and basically possessed all the knowledge in the Multiverse since he planned all that. He is extremely intelligent and a master tactician.


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10. Ikaris


Ikaris was one of the Eternals sent to Earth to protect it from Deviants. As an Eternal, his powers were admirable: superhuman strength, durability, speed, and immortality. He can also fly at high speeds and blast cosmic energy through his eyes. All the Eternals are powerful beyond measure, and when Ikaris turned against them, he was powerful enough to confront them all. And what makes him more dangerous than the others are his murderous intentions.

9. Kang the Conqueror

Heres Why Kang the Conqueror Is Considered Evil

Among many variants of Nathaniel Richards, Kang, the Conquerors was always considered rebellious as he thought the other variants were destroying the Multiverse with their actions. His rebellion against the other variant led him to banishment into the Quantum Realm, where he opposed Ant-Man and Wasp.

The powers and abilities that Kang demonstrated in ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’ came from the armor that granted him superhuman strength, durability, and stamina. He could also fire blue energy blasts from his hands and create blue force fields and portals. The fact that he was banished to the Quantum Realm weakened this villain. And while he is more powerful than shown in the movie, based on what we’ve seen, he deserves this place on our list.

8. Hela

Hela holding Mjolnir

Hela is one of the greatest villains in the MCU. She is among the most powerful Asgardians ever and is believed to be almost unbeatable, especially while on Asgard. Thor had to summon Surtur and fulfill the prophecy of Ragnarok to stop Hela. Hela is known as a goddess of death and for summoning and using Necroswords and blades in combat.

Besides being a formidable combatant, Hela is a successful conqueror with exceptional reflexes, various fighting styles, and diversity in close-range and long-range duels. She is among the most powerful villains introduced in MCU.

7. Surtur


Even though he wasn’t the central villain of ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ movie, Surtur’s might and power can not be questioned. Every being powerful enough to destroy the whole planet deserves a place on this list. After Thor realized that Hela was becoming more and more powerful, he decided that the prophecy of Ragnarok was inevitable. The only way to stop Hela was to unleash Surtur upon Asgard.

Surtur is a Fire Demon with immense strength and power. Only Odin was capable of defeating and banishing him for thousands of years. He is not ranked higher on this list because he wasn’t the central villain, even though his impact was significant for the lives of all Asgardians.

6. Ego


Ego is a living planet and a Celestial. This means that his Celestial physiology grants him a vast cosmic power, and he can manipulate matter and energy. He possesses immense durability, so any physical attacks on him are virtually harmless.

This celestial is nigh-immortal and nigh-omnipotent, and his greatest weakness is his brain, which is basically his essence since he came to be a brain-like organism. Once the brain is damaged or destroyed, so is the Ego, and the Guardians of the Galaxy used that to their advantage.

5. Arishem the Judge


Arishem is the Prime Celestial often credited for creating the first Sun and Deviants. His deviant creations did not oblige, so Arishem created the Eternals even though Arishem intended to create new Celestials by planting their seeds on various planets. He planted the seed for Tiamut the Communicator to be born on Earth, but Eternals refused to sacrifice the Earth for that cause and instead killed Tiamut. Because of this,

Arishem the Judge visited Earth alone but eventually decided to spare the planet and everyone on it. Since Arishem is a Celestial, his powers are incalculable. However, he did not show the scale of his might in the MCU but was rather dormant in that field.

4. Thanos

thanos grimmace

The Mad Titan first appeared briefly in the ‘Avengers’ movie in 2012, and since then, we knew he would be one of the greatest villains in the MCU ever. The built-up toward the ultimate confrontation between Thanos and the Avengers lasted years, but it was worth the wait. MCU did have many memorable villains, but if we consider powers, ideology, leadership, and memorable moments, Thanos deserves to be among this list’s most powerful.

Thanos’s actions affected the whole universe. Even after he was defeated, nothing was ever the same. His ‘snap’ changed everything, and the Infinity Stones he used disrupted the balance of the cosmos and everyone in it. Mad Titan’s power with the Infinity Gauntlet is unparalleled.


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3. Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff

Is Scarlet Witch the Most Powerful Avenger Heres Why She Might Be

Wanda’s character development is one of those you know might happen, but still, you hope it doesn’t. She was one of the most powerful Avengers, but everyone knew that her powers had the potential to be extremely destructive and dangerous if kept unchecked. After Thanos killed Vision, Wanda snapped and first took the whole city hostage, and things went even further in ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.’

Once Wanda learned dark and corrupted magic from Darkhold, she became even more dangerous and destructive. Her magic abilities were also enhanced, and she could travel the Multiverse. Her psionic and telekinetic abilities, in combination with Chaos magic, make her one of the most powerful villains in the MCU.

2. Dormammu

modok dormammu

Dormammu is a powerful inter-dimensional creature that wanted to merge the Dark Dimension with Earth. His powers are beyond measure as a ruler of the entire Dark Dimension. He can warp his surroundings, strike energy blasts, and control those who use his power beyond the Dark Dimension.

This creature can consume entire dimensions. He possesses the power of telekinesis and can bestow portions of his powers to his followers. Doctor Strange defeated him by capturing him in an infinite time loop. Since Dormammu had no choice, he agreed to abort the invasion on Earth if Doctor Strange released him.

1. Infinity Ultron

infinity ultron

And finally, the one we’d all waited for. Infinity Ultron is the main villain in the first season of ‘What If…?’ and is among the most powerful beings in the MCU, most notably because he wields all six Infinity Stones and uses their powers and influence on a much larger scale than Thanos ever did.

Infinity Ultron is more durable than Thanos and can withstand the emission of the Stones’s energy on a larger scale than Mad Titan. It is debatable, but Infinity Ultron is possibly the most powerful villain in the MCU so far.

Now, this is an extensive list and is written as objectively as possible. If you have something to add, share your opinion in the comments below!

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