‘Fantastic Four’ Reportedly To Add One More Silver Surfer Alongside Shalla-Bal

Julia Garner Silver Surfer

Sometime ago it was revealed that MCU’s Silver Surfer will be Julia Garner. Julia will be portraying Shalla-Bal, Norrin’s love interest in the comics, but there is a reality in which Shalla serves as the Herald of Galactus as well, Sunglow.

The reactions to Julia Garner’s casting were extremely polarizing with a good part of the community feeling that genderswapping Silver Surfer, whom 99% of people associate with being male, is extremely disrespectful to the character’s legacy. The second part of the fandom however feels that other versions of Silver Surfer – notably female ones, should get their moment of glory.

Now according to most recent rumors posted on private Pateron by Daniel Richtman, Norrin Radd will join Shalla-Bal in ‘Fantastic Four’ setting things right with the fanbase. This points in the direction that their story will be more comic-accurate than expected.

Shala-Bal was fairly irrelevant Galactus Herald in the comics, she was first and foremost Radd’s love interest turn rogue.

Shalla-Bal was the first love of the Silver Surfer, Norrin Radd. They met when Norrin was grieving his mother’s death and were paired together by Zenn-Lavian tradition. Despite her love for him, Norrin was often distant, prioritizing his work over their relationship. Even after Norrin’s father’s suicide, Shalla-Bal remained devoted to him, hoping to become his wife. When Norrin became the Silver Surfer and left her behind, she was heartbroken. She longed to be with him, but he refused. Despite their forced separation, Shalla-Bal continued to pine for Norrin, lamenting his absence.

Shalla Bal has undergone various changes, including cloning, confusion, death, and revival. Despite these changes, her relationship with Silver Surfer remains marked by constant reunions and separations. At one point, she became Zenn-La’s Keeper of the Great Truth and tried to spread her planet’s culture throughout the universe using the Illuminatrix. She even turned The Thing into her herald. However, when she targeted Earth, Silver Surfer opposed her. In a desperate move to stop her, he destroyed the Illuminatrix, inadvertently erasing Zenn-La’s culture from the universe, including Zenn-La itself.

What’s interesting is that there were clues that Julia Garner’s Silver Surfer won’t be the only one ever since the news broke the first time around. Fans pointed out LaKeith Stanfield’s now-deleted Instagram post in which he stated:

Thought it was going to be me but ig

The leading theory now is that LaKeith Stanfield will be Norrin Radd in the upcoming reboot.

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