Silver Surfer Is Not a Celestial, Here’s Where He Gets His Powers From

Silver Surfer Is Not a Celestial Heres Where He Gets His Powers From

Silver Surfer is known as one of the most iconic Marvel Characters, and a big part of his popularity is due to the fact that he is among the most powerful ones. He is almost indestructible and wields one of the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe. He is also incredibly fast and has Power Cosmic at his disposal. Due to all of this, many fans question Silver Surfer’s origin and often attribute to him a Celestial parentage. But is it truly so? Is Silver Surfer a Celestial? He isn’t, and in today’s post, we’re going to explain how he got his powers that nearly rival one. 

Silver Surfer is not a Celestial, he is Herald of Galactus, and before that, he was Norrin Radd, a Zenn-Lavian, a member of a highly advanced humanoid species hailing from the planet of Zenn-La. Norrin got his vast energy projection powers one day when Galactus happened upon his home world in search of worlds to eat. Norrin managed to convince Galactus to leave Zenn-La alone in exchange for him becoming his servant and searching for adequate worlds to devour. Galactus imbued Norrin with a small portion of his powers, and from that moment forward, Norring was known as the Herald of Galactus. 

Now that we’ve covered Silver Surfer’s origin in short, it’s time to analyze it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

What species in Silver Surfer? 

Before he assumed the mantle of Herald of Galactus, Silver Surfer was Zenn-Laninan. This humanoid species hails from Zenn-La, an extremely advanced planet of the humanoid race that managed to break free of barbarism and create a functional utopia. 

Zenn La

Since Zenn-Lanians are extremely long-lived, they are highly ambitious and always looking for new opportunities to distinguish themselves and leave a decent legacy. 

Silver Surfer was born under the name Norrin Radd. His father, Jartran, named him after one of the greatest men in Zenn-Lanian history who was almost single-handedly responsible for advancing their society and turning it into the Utopia that it is today. 

Everyone strived to be an intellectual at Zenn-La as the stakes were high. It wasn’t enough to be smart. You needed to distinguish yourself. This is why Norrin’s father was too ambitious, even for Zenn-Lanian standards. A fact that will eventually lead Norrin’s mother to commit suicide. 


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With Jartran fueling Norrin’s ambitions and teaching him to strive for greatness, Norrin eventually realized how alone and depressed he felt. He decided to immersive himself into studying his planet’s ancient past.

Jartran Silver Surfer father

Norrin’s father was eventually disgraced and, like his mother, committed suicide because he was accused of “idea theft,” something extremely frowned upon on Zenn-La. But this wasn’t what changed his life forever. Meeting Galactus was. 

How did Silver Surfer get his powers? 

One day, Zenn-La’s defense systems were caught off guard by an alien spacecraft of unknown origins. The invader turned out to be non-other than Galactus, a monstrosity called “Devourer of Worlds” for a good reason. Galactus survived by “eating” whole worlds since this was the only thing that could calm his energy hunger. And not just any world will do. The planet has to be suitable for consumption, preferably populated with much energy to spare, and Zenn-La fits those criteria perfectly. 

Unwilling to see his whole race going extinct, no matter how flawed it was, Norrin decided to confront Galactus and make a deal with him. Norrin volunteered to serve as Galactus’ Herald and search for planets suitable for Galactus’ consumption in exchange for leaving Zenn-La alone. 

Galactus accepted and imbued Norrin with only a portion of his all-mighty Power Cosmic. Norrin’s skin was coated in the silvery, nearly indestructible metallic substance, and he got his cosmic surfboard that would eventually become his trademark. Interestingly, the imagery of Silver Surfer that Norrin Rad was transformed into was something that Galactus plucked from his mind as his childhood wish and not a standard look for Heralds. 


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Silver Surfer served as the Herald of Galactus for a century, but over time, it was harder and harder to find uninhabited planets that were at the same time rich in energy. The destruction of the first planet with sentient life on it weighed heavily on Silver Surfer, and he was almost driven insane by the guilt. This was what forced Galactus to practically brainwash his herald, and soon after that, Silver Surfer no longer had qualms about leading Galactus to inhabited planets, and he would soon bring him to Earth. 

Why do fans seem to think that Silver Surfer is a celestial? 

Most confusion related to Silver Surfer’s origins stems from his association with Galactus, as Galactus is most commonly confused with Celestials due to his overwhelming powers and the fact that he is a giant. But Galactus is something far more ancient that predates Universe itself, and although his powers are on more or less the same levels as Celestials, he is not one.

Silver Surfer is, therefore, not celestial as well. He was a random alien that Galactus appointed as his herald, and his powers grew only after he was imbued with a fraction of Power Cosmic. Galactus had numerous heralds over the years, and none, a single of them, was a Celestial. 

The second association with Celestials comes from the aforementioned Power Cosmic. We know that Silver Surfer is unimaginably powerful and classified as a “cosmic entity” due to his reality-breaking and vast energy-manipulation abilities. However, Power Cosmic is not something attributed to Celestials. Power Cosmic is what transformed Galactus into what he is today and what transformed Norrin Radd into a Silver Surfer. If Power Cosmic comes into contact with a godlike being, it creates a Galactus-like being. If it comes into contact with a lesser being, it results in a herald. 

Silver Surfer is also not a god, although his powers are sometimes rightly referred to as “godlike.” 

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