Kevin Feige Had Only One Condition Related to Wolverine’s Return – and Fans Unanimously Agree He Was Right


There are only a few weeks between us and the release of ‘Deadpool & Wolverine.’ The movie so far has favorable projections and it’s expected that it’s going to be Disney’s highest-grossing movie this year.

As the only MCU movie releasing this year, the marketing alone has kept the fans occupied, and pretty much most of the fandom agrees that the movie looks like it’s going to be a surefire hit.

However, it wasn’t always so. Recently, Reynolds and Jackman revealed that ‘Deadpool 3’ almost didn’t happen, it was Jackman’s idea that ultimately resulted in a movie being made, and the idea dropped just before the fateful call during which Reynolds would call off the movie.

We also learned that Feige tried to talk Jackman out of playing Wolverine, beacuse of how ‘Logan’ ended on a high note and was a perfect send-off for the character.

Recently, while promoting the upcoming movie to the Shanghai audiences Levy admitted that Feige had one condition for Wolverine’s return – he had to wear a yellow comic-accurate suit:

He said, ‘Yes, but he wears the yellow. Can he finally wear the yellow?

Wolverine’s traditional costume is predominantly yellow and blue. The yellow parts usually cover his torso, arms, and legs, while the blue is often seen on the cowl (headpiece), gloves, boots, and sometimes as accents on the torso. Comic book adaptations and reinterpretations in movies and television have modified Wolverine’s suit for practical or aesthetic reasons, which left fans pretty much disappointed, as they have been begging for a comic-accurate suit for a long time now.

Despite being shown in promotional materials without his cowl, Wolverine will reportedly wear it, but not for the majority of the movie. Rumors claim that his cowl will be on for about 10 minutes overall.

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