First Look at María Gabriela de Faría as The Engineer in ‘Superman’ Revealed

first look at the engineer revaeled

‘Superman’ is currently the hottest upcoming DCU project, despite the Creature Commandos being released first. Now after months of speculation and planning, Gunn was overjoyed to announce that ‘Superman’ has begun principal photography on February 29th which was, coincidentally, Superman’s birthday. We know that the movie is a long way from being finished but we’re also happy to announce that the first set photos have leaked.

We had the opportunity to see Maria De Faria in her role as the Engineer thanks to the photos acquired by Just Jared.

The Engineer is actually a character from Wildstorm Universe, she is a scientist who had replaced her blood with nine pints of nanotechnology and could create solid objects with it, so we’re excited to see how this plays out on screen. The Engineer will be portrayed by María Gabriela de Faría. Faría started her acting career in Venezuelan telenovelas and a children’s show on RCTV.

She made her film debut in ‘El paseo 2’ alongside John Leguizamo in 2012 and later starred in her first English film, ‘Crossing Point.’ She also contributed to a P9 album in 2012 and appeared in ‘La virgen de la calle’ in 2013. Faria was cast as Angelica Spica in Gunn’s ‘Superman’ back in November of last year.

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