First Look at Sam Wilson’s New Captain America Suit Already Proves This Is Not Your Old Cap – It’s Way Better

Captain America Brave New World Reportedly Gets a Massive Reshoots Update

For most of ‘Captain America: Brave New World’ development, the only thing we’ve heard about the movie was troubling updates. The movie underwent massive reshoots due to unsatisfactory action scenes and poor chemistry between the love interest and the lead (according to rumors).

Now during the 2024 CinemaCon, footage of the movie was shown, showcasing Sam Wilson as Captain America tasked with recreating the Avengers, going up against Harrison’s Ford Thunderbolt Ross, and we couldn’t be more excited about the movie.

The clip reveals Sam Wilson meeting President Thunderbolt Ross at the White House, where Ross proposes reuniting the Avengers under a new Captain America. However, there are hints of Ross having ulterior motives. Chaos erupts during a meeting when a mysterious villain takes control, leading to action-packed scenes including Sam defending himself against Secret Service agents. Sam and Joaquín Torres team up in action sequences, culminating in a tense confrontation between Sam and Ross. Sam acknowledges he’s not Steve Rogers before donning the new silver and blue Captain America suit.

In the finale of ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier,’ Sam becomes Captain America and wears his classic white and blue costume from the comics. However, in his first MCU movie as the lead, he will wear a different, more traditional dark blue Captain America suit.

This is good for several reasons. First, the old costume due to its color scheme is still too connected to Steve Rogers. The fandom is still extremely polarized when it comes to Sam as the new Captain America, despite it being comic-accurate on all levels. With Sam having a new suit in a much darker color scheme, it’s going to give him a new visual identity with which fans can associate him, without straying too far from the overall theme of the character.

Second, the suit’s darker color scheme is perhaps, indirectly connected to what the movie will be about. Mackie confirmed that the upcoming Captain America film, as revealed in CinemaCon footage, will be a grounded action thriller akin to ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier.’ This suggests a shift towards a more realistic tone. Given that Chris Evans wore a dark blue tactical suit in ‘The Winter Soldier,’ Sam Wilson’s costume change may align with this grounded approach for the new film, which is something that we desperately need following several Multiversal flops.

What do you think about the new suit? Let us know in the comments below!

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