Flash Anatomy: 10 Things That Make Him Special

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The Flash is one of the most powerful DC characters ever created. The fastest man alive is globally most commonly associated with incredible and superhuman speed. And while speed is his greatest ability, Scarlet Speedster has plenty more to offer when it comes to special abilities. In honor of that, let’s take a look at some things that make the Flash special.

1. Flash can be invisible

Due to his superhuman speed and ability to “accelerate his own molecular frequencies” Flash can turn himself invisible. In principle, this works by him basically “outrunning” light and sounds on a molecular level.

FLash invisible

Moving faster than light would render most beings blind due to light failing to catch up with them. This is not a thing when it comes to Flash, he has the ability to enhance his senses just enough to keep his vision and other sensory inputs intact.

2. Flash can make himself intangible

We’ve already mentioned that flash is able to speed up his molecular frequencies enough that he is able to evade both light and sound. Turns out that he can evade material objects as well as long as he keeps his vibrations high enough.

Flash phasing

This means that rather than colliding with him most matter will simply pass through him. This ability to make himself “intangible” means he can travel through solid matter as well. Personally, this sounds like the coolest ability.

3. He can time travel

On numerous occasions, the Flash was shown as having the ability to time travel. In the original DC comics, the Flash was only able to time-travel by using a “Cosmic Treadmill”. He was one of the few individuals that could make use of its powers due to his vastly superhuman speed and incredible energy outputs. However, over time Flash managed to time travel on his own.

Flash time travel

For example, Flash used minimal time travel to forward in time in order to dodge Black Lantern rings. He also used the power on a much larger scale to travel back in time and save his mother. This oftentimes results in the whole timeline changing.

4. The Flash can affect the speed of others

Flash has control over the speed of other beings in his close proximity. He has the ability to both grant a certain speed and siphon it from his target. He was shown as being able of kinetic energy manipulation when he granted speed sufficient to catch up to him to Wallace West.
He demonstrated a reverse effect while he was under the influence of Negative Speed Force.

Flash speed stealing

He managed to siphon speed from Reverse-Flash. He also managed to steal speed from numerous other characters such as Lady Flash, Girder, Cheetah, Amazo, Jay Garric, and many others!


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5. He can generate heat to a small extent

Moving at such high speeds is bound to generate some serious energy outputs. It’s no wonder that the Flash can generate heat to some degree. He has the ability to utilize thermokinesis due to his enhanced speed on a molecular level.

flash unthaws linda

In one instance he managed to generate just enough heat to unthaw Linda and release her from Ice.

6. He has extreme durability and stamina

This is sort of expected but his incredible superhuman durability and stamina are often in focus when we’re discussing Flash’s powers. Due to the Speed Force aura, the Flash can endure much more damage than a regular human would be able to.

Flash stamina

Flash also heals incredibly fast, his wounds and serious breaks can heal in a matter of minutes.
When it comes to his stamina, the only thing that needs to be said is that Wally West once managed to run two days without taking a break.

7 He can manipulate the electromagnetic force

Again this is due to his vibrating at high energies. Electrokinesis is probably among his most powerful manipulative abilities since it allows him to do a great many things.

Electricity flash

Just to name a few, by manipulating electromagnetic forces he can electrocute people, he can generate lightning, can extend his own energy as well as rejuvenate himself using external electrical sources. This is tied to thermokinesis since it functions on a similar principle.

8. He has superhuman strenght

Without speed in the equation, the Flash probably wouldn’t be able to hit as hard as he can. When his strength is enhanced by his speed, his hit attains enough power that its output equals that of”a white dwarf star”. Those are his words, not mine.

flash strenght

He also managed to render someone unconscious by flicking a bullet at his head.

9. He has superhumanly fast reflexes

This ability is expected as well, it’s only fair that his natural ability as well as his reflexes scale up to his speed. This is due to his brain sending messages to his body at such speeds, he is able to react to those brain outputs nearly instantly.

flash pain receptors

The same goes for his superhuman agility as well. He is capable of superhuman coordination due to his brain and body being in synch on a totally different level, exchanging biological messages and inputs at incredible speeds.


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10. The flash is capable of dimensional travel

The Flash was the first person to utilize his speed to open dimensional portals and travel through them. This is done through the manipulation of Speed Force energy while he is running at the speed of life.

dimensional travel flash

He is also capable of bringing someone with him while he undergoes dimensional travels. This ability was confirmed when Flash was able to travel between Earth-One and Earth-Two. Mix this with his ability to travel through time and you get a perfect timeline-breaking machine.

And that would be all. As you can see while Flash’s powers mostly are connected to his speed, there are plenty more aspects to his abilities than merely running very fast. Flash is capable of time manipulation, energy manipulation, dimensional travel, and plenty of other “kinetic” manipulations. He is also incredibly strong, agile, able to react near instantly, and incredibly intelligent.

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