10 Iconic Flash Nicknames You Need to Know About


Superheroes, to begin with, are all commonly known by their aliases and superhero monikers, which one could call nicknames instead of their real names. However, some superheroes simply have better nicknames than others, and one of the coolest-nick-named superheroes of all time has to be the Flash.

There are numerous iterations of the character, from Jay Garrick and Barry Allen to Wally West, and each of them has some unique nicknames. So, without further ado, here’s a ranked list of the ten most iconic Flash nicknames you just have to know about.

Honorable mention: Barry/Wally/Jay

Out of all the nicknames the Flash got throughout the years, I couldn’t complete this list without at least mentioning the actual names of the heroes who donned the Flash mantle. Why?

Well, because none of the three most well-known Flashes are known by their real name. The first Flash, Jay Garrick, is actually Jason Peter Garrick.

Barry West’s real name is Bartholomew Henry Allen, whereas Wally West is actually named Wallace Rudolph West. So, the three main Flashes all have iconic nicknames before we even get to their Flash mantle, and all three actually have two names. I found it cool and interesting because we all really know them for their nicknames, even when thinking of their real names.


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10. Trans-visible Man

This particular nickname is not the most well-known common one, but it’s certainly one of the most iconic. I remember specifically that Barry Allen was called the Trans-visible Man in Justice League of America #173.

Trans-visible Man is a cool nickname referring to the Flash and his immense speed. He is not invisible, per se, but the Flash is so astoundingly fast that you can’t really see him move with your naked eye. Hence, he’s not the Invisible Man but the Trans-visible Man.

9. The Streak

I want to be clear on this one – I do not particularly like this nickname for the Flash, but many people have watched the CW series, The Flash, where the nickname The Streak was mentioned numerous times. Many people know the nickname, making it iconic in terms of popularity but not in terms of awesomeness.

The Streak was a nickname given to the Flash by Iris in Season One of the show. Obviously, it plays upon his speed and the blurry “streak” he leaves behind when running off, but come on. She might as well have called the guy The Skid Mark.

8. The Monarch of Motion

As we go through this list, you’ll notice that the Flash has many nicknames that resemble those of a boxer, with matching initial letters, like the Monarch of Motion (MM), the Sultan of Speed (SS), the Crimson Comet (CC), etc.

The Monarch of Motion has got a really nice ring to it, in my humble opinion, and is one of my favorite Flash nicknames of all time. It’s kind of royal and would be such an awesome nickname for a fighter. 

I can almost hear Bruce Buffer announce Barry Allen, The Monarch of Motion, The Flash, before entering the ring and duking it out against Clark Kent, The Man of Steel, Superman.

7. The Sultan of Speed

We’re keeping it up with the awesome royal titles, coming to the iconic Flash nickname, the Sultan of Speed. As you’ve probably noticed, most of the Flash nicknames dab around his superspeed, which is logical since it is his trademark power.

However, being named the Sultan of Speed just sounds so powerful. Sultans are on a pedestal in their respective cultures, almost glorified to an ethereal status throughout history, being above all others. The Sultan of Speed would, hence, be above all other speedsters – the best of the best.


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6. The Grand Vizier of Velocity

I struggled with not putting this at number one, but then I realized I’m making a list of the most iconic Flash nicknames, not my favorite Flash nicknames. I mean, the Grand Vizier of Velocity. How awesome is that? It’s just pretentious enough to be cool, funny, and borderline cheeky. And, again, they’re playing with the initials the right way. 

Remember when Apollo Creed had all those nicknames for himself in Rocky IV before the fight with Ivan Drago? The Flash would outshine him, no doubt – The Monarch of Motion, The Sultan of Speed, the Crimson Comet, the Grand Vizier of Velocity, ser Flash!

5. Flush Man

I always get a huge kick out of this one, as it has to be the most insulting yet funny and bizarre nickname for the Flash – that is actually canon now, believe it or not. In The Flash #781, we see Wally West being called Flush Man by a boy wearing an Argentina jersey, and we even get a footnote saying, ‘Internet search Flush Man Argentina.’ So, what’s the deal with that?

Well, as Wally explains to Wallace, his fellow speedster, ‘it’s a whole thing.’ You see, when DC Comics introduced the Flash to particular regions of South America – namely, Argentina – there was a dispute about his name (most likely a trademark issue), so the writers had to change his name and chose Flush Man instead of the Flash.

It was printed on, like, every Argentinian Flash comic book, giving the Flash one of the craziest, most insulting, funniest nicknames in history. Watch out for the Flush Man; he might come in quick and flush the toilet while you’re still doing your business!

4. Savior of the Universe

This is one of those nicknames that was absolutely very well deserved and demanded a huge sacrifice from mister Barry Allen. In fact, it required the biggest sacrifice ever, as Barry sacrificed himself to, well, save the universe during the Crisis of Infinite Earths.

Barry Allen was later resurrected in The Flash: Rebirth, after several years of just his soul or appearing from the Speed Force, like in the Infinite Crisis, or in flashbacks, like in the Identity Crisis storylines (namely, Identity Crisis #2).

3. The Crimson Comet

This is one of the most frequently-used Flash nicknames of all time. Well, apart from the top two spots on this list. The Crimson Comet is an epic, iconic nickname for the Flash, referencing not only his speed but also his incredible strength and power.

Of course, ‘Crimson’ comes from the color of his suit, but ‘Comet’ is a reference to how mighty he is when moving at such high speeds. Comets, meteors, and asteroids move at incredible speeds throughout the cosmos and have the power to destroy entire planets. So, being called the Crimson Comet really should come as a compliment to the Flash.


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2. The Fastest Man Alive

Of course, being called The Fastest Man Alive is an absolutely iconic nickname, but when it comes to the Flash, believe it or not, he’s actually much more than that. He might be the fastest being alive, not just a man. I mean, there are instances where he moves so fast that he simply breaks the laws of time, essentially time traveling.

On several occasions, the Flash elaborated he can perceive and comprehend events that last for a mere attosecond – a fraction of time so small that humankind is still not able to measure such tiny intervals. To achieve that, the Flash’s mind has to be just as fast as his body, and to perceive an attosecond; he’d have to be at least several times faster than the speed of light.

Yeah, he deserves the nickname.

1. The Scarlet Speedster

Last but not least, The Scarlet Speedster is the most well-known, most frequently-used, most iconic nickname for the Flash ever. Obviously, it plays with the two most recognizable Flash features – his incredible speed and his signature red suit.

The nickname gets a new, distinctive dimension when you put it in context with other so-called ‘speedsters.’ You see, the Flash isn’t the only one with the ability to tap into the Speed Force, and all those who have the same ability are frequently referred to as ‘speedsters.’ 

The Flash is distinct from the crowd as the Scarlet Speedster, making it the most iconic Flash nickname of all time.

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