Galactus vs. Celestials: Who Would Win in a Fight & Why?


There are a lot of powerful cosmic entities in the world of Marvel Comics, and all of them are strong in their own right, as they are basically godlike beings that have incredible capabilities. Galactus has always been one of the most powerful Marvel entities. Of course, we also have the Celestials, who are also godlike in terms of how powerful they are. So, in a fight between Galactus and the Celestials, who would win?

Galactus is likely to win in a fight against a single Celestial as he has defeated a Celestial in the past. But against multiple Celestials, he doesn’t stand a chance. It is often said that Galactus is somewhere at the level of a Celestial and is quite possibly a bit stronger than most Celestials.

The power scaling in Marvel tends to differ from time to time, but the fact of the matter is that Galactus is so incredibly strong that he is just as powerful or slightly stronger than the Celestials. Of course, some Celestials do differ from others, and that means that there is a good chance that some Celestials are stronger than Galactus. Now, let’s get into the details of this fight.

Physical Capabilities

As a cosmic being, Galactus is an incredibly powerful entity that is as large as a skyscraper in his true physical form but is perceived to be the size of an entire planet by people due to his immense power. At his strongest and when his hunger is fully satiated, he was so powerful that he was able to take on four Celestials at the same time before he was defeated when they fused into one powerful being. In that regard, Galactus has physical capabilities that allow him to take on planet-sized beings that are just as strong as he is.

Due to their immense size, the Celestials are very powerful cosmic beings that have physical capabilities that trump the strength levels of beings like Thor and the Hulk, as they are simply unimaginable in terms of what they can do. Of course, the Celestials were so strong that they could overpower any character in Marvel Comics, except for the beings that are on a higher plane of existence. And Galactus had to consume four planets so that he could equal the capabilities of the Celestials.


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It is possible that Galactus is just as strong or is slightly stronger than one single Celestial whenever he is full. However, the fact that he had to eat four planets to defeat four Celestials means that he himself knows how strong these beings are. But we’re giving the slight edge to Big G here.

Galactus 1, Celestials 0


As an incredibly powerful being, Galactus is very durable and is able to withstand some of the most powerful attacks that some of the strongest Marvel characters could muster up. He was able to recover casually from Odin’s attacks and was strong enough to take on the likes of Agamotto and Zeus in his most powerful state. That means that Galactus has a durability level that is well beyond the capabilities of the Skyfathers. However, his durability does depend on how full he is.

The Celestials are unimaginably durable and they are capable of withstanding some of the most powerful attacks in the Marvel universe. At one point, a Celestial was able to casually deflect Odin’s most powerful attack after the All-Father absorbed the powers of Asgard and asked help from his fellow Skyfathers. However, it also depends on the Celestial in question as, in the past, Knull was able to easily decapitate the head of a Celestial with a single swing of his sword.

While there are some Celestials that aren’t that strong, some of them are so powerful that they could brush off the most powerful attack that Odin could ever muster up. That’s why we are giving the slight edge to the Celestials here, especially because Galactus’s durability depends on how full he is.

Galactus 1, Celestials 1


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Powers And Abilities

Galactus’s powers come from something called the Power Cosmic, which is an immeasurable power that is basically cosmic in terms of how strong it is. Because of the Power Cosmic, Galactus has nigh-omnipotent powers that allow him to do what he wants, as Thanos once said that the Power Cosmic puts Big G at the level of the likes of the Celestials in terms of how strong he is but not as strong as the likes of Eternity and Infinity, who are far more powerful. Still, the fact that the Silver Surfer himself is powerful enough to take on some of the strongest characters in Marvel is proof that Galactus’s Power Cosmic is incredibly powerful.

Celestials are said to have powers that are nigh-omnipotent as they are said to be the most powerful sources of energy in the universe, according to Kang the Conqueror. However, it still depends on the Celestial in question, as some Celestials are not even more powerful than a Skyfather, while some Celestials have the power to exterminate entire races in the universe. Of course, the fact that Knull was able to have powers that were nearly unlimited when he created a connection between a Celestial and himself is proof of just how powerful these entities are.

On their own, Celestials are incredibly powerful and are also sources of power themselves. But the thing is that Galactus’s source of power is an immeasurable cosmic force that existed before the time of the known universe. That’s why he has a slight edge here.

Galactus 2, Celestials 1


Galactus is a cosmic entity that is said to have existed before the time of the universe itself, as he lived in the universe before the current one and was the only survivor of the destruction of that universe. As such, he is older than time itself and has knowledge and information that is cosmic in terms of its level. He has cosmic awareness that allows him to see and understand the different things that are happening all over the universe.

Like Galactus, the Celestials also have knowledge and intelligence that are cosmic in terms of their level, as they are basically beings that are created by the cosmos. In that regard, they have cosmic awareness that allows them to see and understand things that are happening in the universe. However, we don’t know the true limits of the intelligence of the Celestials, as it is possible that they are also nigh-omniscient in terms of their understanding.

At this point, it is difficult to judge who between Galactus and the Celestials is smarter but what we do know is that they all have intelligence levels that are cosmic.

Galactus 2, Celestials 1


Galactus has always been one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel Comics universe, and that’s why he has incredible feats that have all been impressive throughout his entire history. Not even the full might of the Avengers is enough to defeat him, as Galactus has defeated Skyfathers and gods alike. He had even taken four Celestials at once and managed to kill one of them before the three others fused to defeat him. 

Different Celestials have different feats, as it really depends on the Celestial in question. But, generally speaking, Celestials are so powerful that Arishem alone proved to be more powerful than the combined might of Odin, Zeus, and Vishnu, who are all three of the most powerful Skyfathers in Marvel Comics. And the fact that Galactus had to devour four planets to take on the Mad Celestials means that they are incredible threats that have immeasurable levels of power.


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Both Galactus and the Celestials have incredibly impressive feats. Of course, they have shown time and time again that they are far more powerful than the Skyfathers. That’s why we can’t give the edge to either of them.

Galactus 2, Celestials 1

Galactus vs. Celestials: Who Wins?

While Galactus and the Celestials are almost equal in terms of their power, as Big G himself is measured to be just as strong as the Celestials, the fact that the eater of worlds was able to take on four Celestials at the same time and defeated one of them is proof of the fact that he is slightly stronger than a Celestial. But it still depends on which Celestial we are talking about here, as some Celestials tend to be more powerful than others.

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