George Lucas Says the Current Projects Have a Lot of Talent, Great Ideas & Production


In 2012, Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm and the announcement of a 2015 release date for ‘Star Wars Episode 7’ caused a sensation worldwide. Despite George Lucas’s previous statements that he had no plans for a sequel trilogy, Disney’s purchase led to the confirmation of three new Star Wars films.

This news sparked both excitement and uncertainty, as fans pondered what Disney’s take on Star Wars would entail. With the resources of Disney now behind the franchise, many were curious about the details of the deal that made it all possible.

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm and the rights to Star Wars, George Lucas stated that he was confident in Disney’s ability to carry on the legacy of the franchise, and he confidently felt that Disney was the only company that could safeguard the future. Now 12 years forward Disney has significantly expanded on both the lore and the ideas, they changed numerous things but also released several movies and several live-action TV Shows, including a plethora of animated content.

Some projects have been absolute hits, and some have been panned by both the critics and the fans, with fandom criticizing the new “liberal” take on the franchise and Kennedy’s perceived “woke” direction of the franchise.

But what does George say about all of this? Well according to his recent speech at Cannes, he likes it. Lucas describes the new projects as being full of great production, talent, and great ideas.

I feel like they come from my children, and sometimes it hurts a little when they grow up and get away from you.

It seems that Lucas’ vision for Star Wars is finally coming true, even if he never planned on expanding it to reach such magnitude.

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