Ghost Rider Is Not a Celestial, but He Did Possess One


Ghost Rider is one of the most fascinating characters in Marvel history, and despite several different people carrying the mantle, all of them have one thing in common: they aren’t exactly regular humans. Ghost Riders have incredible superhuman and magical powers, and they are also known to be virtually indestructible. This coincides with many cosmic beings from the Marvel Universe, including Celestials. Today, we’re going to analyze whether Ghost Rider is a Celestial and why fans are connecting the two in the first place. 

Ghost Rider is not a Celestial. By definition, Ghost Rider is a human host possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance who is granted supernatural powers due to that connection. However, Robbie Reyes, the latest Ghost Rider, was able to possess the corpse of a dead Celestial in order to defeat the host of Dark Celestials. Besides that, there are no direct connections between Ghost Riders and Celestials.  

Now that we’ve covered that Ghost Riders are not Celestials but powerful enough to possess their bodies, it’s time to analyze it in more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading! 

There have been numerous Ghost Riders in the history, but none of them have been Celestials 

When discussing Ghost Riders, the first name that comes to mind usually is Johnny Blaze, the most famous and among the most powerful Ghost Riders in history. However, there have been many before him and many after him. 

This is because Ghost Rider is not a specific type of creature. It’s merely a human host possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance. Spirits of Vengeance were benevolent beings allegedly created by the God following the Great Flood to protect mankind and root out the evil members of society.

The origin of Spirits of Vengeance is kind of mysterious because, allegedly, God didn’t want to be closely connected to their creation since the Spirits had brutal means of riding the world of evil ways. This is why he put Archangel Zadkiel in charge of the Spirits. 

Spirits of Vengeance are of divine origin and bear no connection to the cosmic beings and Celestials. They are almost impossible to kill, as allegeldy only God can erase the Spirit of existence. Multitudes of Spirits of Vengeance have existed over the years. The first Spirit of Vengeance to possess a human host (that we know of) was the prehistoric Ghost Rider of 1,000,000 BC, who rode a fiery mammoth.  

Since then, there have been dozens, if not hundreds, of Ghost Riders. This leads us to Robbie Reyes, the latest popular Ghost Rider. 


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What makes Robbie Reyes’ Ghost Rider different? 

Robbie Reyes was seemingly possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance one faithful night while participating in an illegal street race in order to earn money to move himself and his brother from a troubling neighborhood. Robbie got scared, thinking that he was being followed by the police, and left his car (which was possessed by a Spirit) and exited the vehicle, meaning to surrender himself. 

But, when he left the car, he was instead greeted by gunfire and was left for dead. Instead of dying, Robbie was possessed and resurrected by what everyone assumed was the Spirit of Vengeance. 

Robbie had all the Ghost Rider powers, including Penance Stare, and he agreed to pursue vengeance in return for powers. However, it’s only later that Robbie will discover that the Spirit who shared his body wasn’t a Spirit of Vengeance. Robbie was possessed by the Spirit of Elias Morrow, an evil satanic serial killer who was shot and killed by police in the past.  

Eventually, Eli attempted to corrupt Robbie fully. Robbie fought against his uncle to the extent he could, at the same time using his powers to do good where and when he could. Ultimately, Robbie realized that Hell Charger was going out of control, and he traveled to Hell in order to have Eli exorcized both from himself and from the car.

The operation was successful, and Robbie’s “Spirit” was replaced by the real Spirit of Vengeance. Although Robbie is not the most conventional Ghost Rider around, he is also frequently connected to the Celestials. Let’s see why.  


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Robbie Reyes possessed the body of a dead Celestial 

When the Final Host of Dark, Horde-Infected Celestials attacked Earth, Avengers, along with Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes, were prepared for the attack, or at least they thought so. 

Despite the Avengers’ collective powers, they couldn’t overcome the Dark Celestials in battle. The Horde, amidst the fight, revived previously infected Celestial bodies. Iron Man discovered a link between the Progenitor’s death, the Horde, and human genetics. He led the Avengers in creating a Uni-Mind using knowledge from Ikaris, gained during the investigation of the Dark Celestials’ arrival. 

By channeling the Uni-Mind through the Ghost Rider, the Avengers subdued the Horde, reviving zombified Celestials, but couldn’t affect the already rooted Horde within the Dark Celestials. Through a combined effort with crucial help from Ghost Rider, the Avengers and Celestials defeated the Dark Celestials, later restraining and teleporting them away from Earth. 

Robbie Reyes was so successful because he managed to possess the corpse of a dead Celestial and used it efficiently in the battle.  

As you can see, there is no connection between the Spirit of Vengeance and Celestials. The First Firmament created celestials for the purpose of creating new Universes, and Spirits of Vengeance were allegeldy created by God for the purpose of ridding humans of especially evil individuals.

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