Gina Carano Is Open To Returning to Disney, Seeks to Be Rehired Via Lawsuit


Gina Carano is in recent times most notably known as Cara Dune, a pretty big character in the two first seasons of ‘The Mandalorian.’ The studio had seemingly big plans both for the actress and for her character, as she was at one point supposed to receive her own standalone show.

But, everything changed due to a series of controversial social media posts in which Carano compared anti-vaxers to Jews, and after she touched upon other sensitive topics that aren’t quite in tune with modern sensibilities and the image that Disney is trying to maintain, she was fired.

This all led to a lawsuit reportedly financed by Elon Musk, who offered to legally fund any employee who feels discriminated against due to his or hers worldviews in a place of employment. Carano is currently suing Disney for $ 75,000, and she wants to be rehired by Lucasfilm.

Speaking at FAN EXPO Philadelphia Carano said that she holds no ill will toward Disney and she would be more than happy to return. She also claimed that she went viral because she wanted people to know what was going on.

Although this seems like some kind of a truce is on the way and Carano softly backtracking on her statements, it seems extremely unlikely that she will be re-hired by the studio. Disney has asserted its First Amendment rights, arguing that it has the right to safeguard its own creative expression from being associated with the views expressed by Gina Carano

If you argue that Carano had the right to to speak out on social media (and she absolutely did) you have to agree with Disney not to re-hire her if the court rules in their favor.

Recently, Carano spoke openly about what was going through her head when she found out she was fired.

I just laid down and cried and cried. I curled into a fetal position. It’s not that I didn’t think that something like that could happen. It was that I couldn’t imagine they would put out this horrendous statement about me after working with me — the most powerful entertainment company in the world saying that about me.

Being fired by the studio, Carano not only lost her job and a good portion of her fans, but she also lost her own spinoff show on the way, ‘Rangers Of The New Republic.’ It seems that Cara Dune’s storyline has been repurposed into The Mandalorian season 3, with Din Djarin assuming a ranger-type role, aligning with the New Republic and pursuing Imperials. Consequently, Cara Dune’s narrative arc appears to have concluded, rendering her character no longer suitable for the series.

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