Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy

If you have not watched Guardians of the Galaxy, I need to ask you why not?

This movie set the standard on what an unexpected box office hit was. From its storyline to its soundtrack (which by the way is the ONLY soundtrack I have ever bought), this movie has it all. Oh, and I should mention that this movie immortalized John Stamos as an Outlaw.

In 1988, a young Peter Quill was sitting in the hospital waiting patiently for his mother to die. Following her death and a few tears, he raced out of the hospital and was abducted by an alien named Yondu and his band of space pirates.

From here, the movie becomes amazing.

The next time we see Quill, he dancing to “Come and Get Your Love” by Redbone on the planet Morag. He is here for one purpose and one purpose only; to steal an orb. As he reaches out and grabs it, his rhythm is interrupted by another man who has been sent to retrieve the same orb. In Quill fashion, he tells the man (and the audience) that his name is Starlord and that he is a “legendary outlaw”, kinda like the aforementioned John Stamos.

What would become a recurring theme in the movie, Quill would find a way to escape.

His escape does two things:

  1. It alerts Yondu who has a bounty placed on him
  2. Ronan The Accuser (the man who sent the other man to retrieve the orb) would now send Gamora, his most dangerous assassin, to get the job done.

The movie shifts to Xander where Quill is attempting to sell the orb. After an unsuccessful attempt, he is confronted by Gamora who proceeds to take the orb. During this time, two bounty hunters (a talking raccoon named Rocket and a tree who can only say three words, Groot) realize the large bounty on Quill.

Eventually, the fighting would end and all four would end up in a prison called the Kyln. It is here that we meet the stupidest and final member of the group, Drax. He reluctantly joins the misfit heroes and the five of them escape. I am not going to spoil this scene, but if you don’t want to watch the whole movie, you need to watch this scene.

Now on the run, they make their way to Knowhere (an outpost built inside the severed head of a Celestial), where Gamora has set up a buyer to purchase the orb. The buyer is Taneleer Tivan, or The Collector and as you can probably guess, he collects things. Tivan would go on to teach them that the orb is one of the Five Infinity Stones and it holds enough power to destroy entire planets.

Did I mention that Drax isn’t too smart?

While the others were talking with Tivan, he alerted Ronan of their position. Needless to say, Ronan makes short work of the Guardians and walks away with the stone.

During the altercation, Gamora’s ship is blow up, leaving her to die in space. Quill, seeing this, leaves his ship to rush out to save her. He alerts Yondu of his position and the two are taken captive.

At this point, Rocket, Groot, and Drax devise and carry out a plan to rescue their teammates. In a shocking twist of events, they would succeed in doing so, but only because they had already been freed. Realizing that they must stop Ronan, the five of them put their collective brains together and come up with a way to do it.

A tremendous battle ensues, more laughs happen and the movie ends.

I can’t tell you what to do, and maybe I wish I could. With that being said, if you haven’t watched this movie, you need to put down whatever you are doing and go watch it.

After it is over, come and comment on this page and tell me how much you liked it.

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