New Casting Call For ‘Superman’ Indicates Gunn Has Changed His Mind Regarding One Vital Thing He Aimed To Avoid


Despite ‘Creature Commandos’ being released first, James Gunn revealed that he considers ‘Superman’ bound to be released in 2025 as the true start of the DCU. When the project was first announced we knew nothing about it save that Henry Cavill won’t be reprising his role as Clark Kent and that Gunn is looking for a younger Superman.

He however remained adamant that the movie won’t feature Superman’s origin story since it’s been done to death on-screen, and the live-action adaptations don’t need young Superman once more. He was also clear enough that he is not making a young ‘Superman’ movie, just a ‘Superman’ movie on his private profile on Threads.

Now it seems that somewhere down the line Gunn has changed his mind as the new casting call was released and it seems that they are looking for a young Clark Kent, several of them, which points in the direction of a movie featuring flashbacks.

Please note that “Genesis” is the working title for ‘Superman.’

Based on the description required the child in question should resemble a younger Superman at various stages of life, this means that we will in fact see a younger Superman. Fans already voiced their discontent at the decision.

As a reminder, fans were disappointed that Henry Cavill didn’t get to reprise his role as Clark Kent since he became quite the favorite among the old cast of the DCEU despite his performance in ‘Man of Steel’ receiving mixed reviews.

Cavill even turned down the offer to reprise his role as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ production in the fourth season to reprise his role in upcoming Superman projects, but only a few days later the news came that Gunn would be recasting Clark Kent. Then, it was revealed that Cavill left ‘The Witcher’ due to creative differences between him and the rest of the team.

Throughout the constant attacks, Gunn remained adamant that he had nothing against Cavill but he was looking for a younger Superman, but not too young clearly, until now.

Recently, Corenswet described the story of the upcoming movie as a mix of ‘For All Seasons’ and ‘All-Star Superman’ but of course, with Gunn’s personal touch.

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