And Now Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 Has Been Suspended

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 Suspended

And here we are. It’s finally happened. After a month of the worst cliffhanger in existence, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 has been suspended.

What does this mean?

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 was slated to begin prepping for the upcoming blockbuster this coming January and February. Disney has put a stop to that while it, and Marvel regroups, reanalyzes and figures things out.

For fans of the series, this will come as a blow. The Guardians of the Galaxy took the world by storm in 2014 when a group of misfits banded together to stop a Galactic Threat. Of these misfits were a half human/half God, a tree, and a raccoon. 

The movies are known for their quick wit, perfect casting, and out-of-this-world actions sequences. Oh, and of course, their near-perfect selection of music for the soundtracks. The movie put both Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista on the Hollywood radar with the former going on to lead the resurgent Jurassic Park franchise.

James Gunn and the Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn, for all he did for the franchise, has received an uncountable amount of support following his firing. Even the cast of the films have gone on records stating their support. Of them, Dave Bautista has been the most vocal, going so far as to say that he wouldn’t do the third film if Gunn’s script wasn’t used.

The only saving grace for Disney is that the movie never had an official release date. This, more than anything else, should alleviate at least some of the backlash they will get. Or at the bare minimum buy them some time while they strategize their next move.

Stay tuned. This one isn’t quite over yet.



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