‘Hancock’ Ending Explained: What Happens to John & Marry?

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Welcome to Ending Explained for ‘Hancock,’ an action-comedy movie about an unusual superhero, John Hancock. Peter Berg directed the movie and gathered high-profile actors like Will Smith, Charlize Theron, and Jason Bateman to star in it. The movie was written by Vy Vincent Ngo and Vince Gilligan and was released in 2008. Film critics showed some mixed reactions regarding the overall experience they had after watching ‘Hancock,’ but it can be said that it was a fun movie and that it had a unique approach toward the superhero-related storyline.

John Hancock, played by Will Smith, is a drunken, grumpy, and lonely superhero suffering from amnesia. He is basically a mess and tries his best to live in a society that is not very fond of him. Well, he does not like other people either. You are probably thinking, ‘but he is a superhero, then why does he behave like that?’ And the answer lies in the fact that this is a satirical superhero movie, so to present Will Smith’s character in that way made sense.

The movie was a combination of superhero action, humorous scenes, and the classic story of the ‘underdog’ becoming the hero to everyone. The movie was fun to watch, and I liked the idea behind the project. It provided a different perspective on what it means to be a superhero. We see a struggling individual who, despite having powers, is unhappy and struggles to see others in a bright light.

Who is Hancock, and where did he come from?


The movie introduces Hancock while he is passed out drunk and sleeping like a homeless person on the streets of Los Angeles. People know his abilities but put little faith in him to help them because he is not exactly a people person. Nevertheless, when informed of a high chase, he grabs the liquor bottle and goes after the criminals.


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One could argue that it would be better if he did nothing and just stayed asleep because he created massive damage and crushed various objects over the city. The public had enough of Hancock destroying everything he came in contact with because the town suffered a hefty financial toll every time that happened. The police agreed – it would be better if Hancock just left town and let them do their job.

Hancock’s life changed when he rescued Ray Embrey, who was facing death by a speeding train. As a form of gratitude, Ray offered to help Hancock improve his public image and to set him on the right path as a superhero. But that wasn’t all; after that, Hancock met Ray’s family – his son Aaron and his wife, Mary.

When Hancock met Mary, he had a weird feeling about her. And she always left an impression that she was mad at him. And there was a reason for that. Even though Hancock suffered from amnesia and could not remember a thing about his past, Mary knew him very well.

The reason was that Mary was of the same species as Hancock, and their relationship goes way back. After John discovers that Mary has the same powers as him, she tries to convince them they are brother and sister. However, she told him the truth eventually. Hancock and Mary come from an ancient species that possessed superhuman abilities, and they were considered gods because of it for ages.

Their species was created to live in pairs, and Mary and Hancock were destined to be together. They lived together and loved each other for centuries, but the more time they spent together, their powers weakened, and they became mortal.

What happens with Hancock at the end of the movie?


Hancock always wondered what kind of man he had been, especially because no one ever came looking for him after he suffered a head injury that caused his amnesia. Mary got emotional after hearing his side of the story, and the two of them later shared a brief romantic moment. However, it all ended with Mary throwing Hancock and the refrigerator through a kitchen wall on the street. In the meantime, the prisoners Hancock took down were plotting how to have their revenge against him.


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After their confrontation, Mary and Hancock had an open conversation. She revealed that she is stronger than Hancock and that throughout history, different cultures called them different names. Sometimes they were gods, and sometimes angels. In the modern days, they are called superheroes. They are the last of their kind; everyone else died.

Eventually, Ray learned about Hancock and Mary’s history, and it was a lot to take in for him. He did not know how to proceed after discovering that his wife was created in pair with another superhero, and they spent 3000 years together.

In the meantime, the prisoners escaped, and it was a matter of time before they came looking for Hancock. Disappointed and shocked, Hancock decided to return to his alcoholism. He went to a store to purchase liquor and encountered burglars there. One of the burglars shot Hancock, and he started bleeding for the first time he could remember.

Hancock ended up in a hospital. Marry visited him and explained that he was becoming mortal, which happens every time the two of them come close to each other. They were created that way so they could experience mortal and human lives. So they could connect and love each other and eventually grow old and die.

Everything that Hancock was experiencing now, it already happened before in a similar way when he and Mary got close. Every time Hancock was protecting Mary from harm, he got hurt. The last time was eighty years ago. They were attacked in an alley after watching the movie in a theatre. Hancock was hit in the head and taken to a hospital.

When Marry realized that he’d lost his memory, she considered that was a perfect opportunity for her to leave Hancock, as she thought he was destined to protect the world and be a hero, and he could not do that with her by his side.

As they talked, the escaped criminals came after Hancock in the hospital. Mary was severely wounded, but Hancock managed to overpower the criminals. The only way for Mary to survive was for Hancock to leave as far away as possible from her so that she could heal. And so he did.


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A month later, Mary, Ray, and Aaron continued leading their family life, and Hancock was out there, watching from a distance and being the hero he was always meant to be.

What did you think of the ‘Hancock’ movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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