Heart of the Universe Thanos: How Powerful Is He?

Heart of the Universe Thanos How Powerful Is He

Thanos, the Mad Titan, is often associated with the Infinity Gauntlet, and he is by far the most famous wielder of this extremely powerful weapon. But, over the long years of Thanos’ existence, he had in his arsenal many powerful artifacts capable of even annihilating entire universes. Cosmic Cube, Astral Regulators, and Heart of the Universe are just some of them. Today we’re going to focus on the version of Thanos that gained access to Heart of the Universe and, with it, managed to deconstruct and reconstruct reality. Let’s see how powerful Heart of the Universe Thanos exactly is. 

Thanos wielding the Heart of the Universe was powerful enough to destroy reality and re-create it again. He took on the most powerful beings in Marvel Universe and defeated them. With Heart of the Universe, Thanos managed to defeat Living Tribunal and most other characters that would be classified as cosmic beings. This is due to the nature of the Heart of the Universe, which is a mysterious artifact, an almost omnipotent source of power.

Now that we’ve covered the most important things regarding Heart of the Universe and Thanos briefly, it’s time to analyze the story and how Thanos came across this powerful jewel. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

What did Thanos do with the Heart of the Universe?

With Heart of the Universe, Thanos managed to deconstruct and reconstruct reality. This is a short retelling of Marvel Universe: The End, and it’s important to note that this story is not a part of the official continuity by any means. Heart of the Universe Thanos is one of the most powerful versions of Thanos within the comics.

Still, it’s quite an interesting story, so we’re bound to explain in a bit more detail what led to Thanos acquiring the Heart of the Universe.  

The story begins with an extremely powerful source of power called the Heart of the Universe. This jewel of mysterious and so far unknown origins held vast reality-altering powers and was accidentally discovered by a group of aliens who claimed the jewel and dubbed themselves the “Celestial Order.” The Celestial Order acquired the right to “police” the Universe in order to bring peace to it. They selected important figures throughout the Universe to grant a fraction of Heart’s powers to them so they could rule with an iron fist.

Unfortunately for Earth, the figurehead that was chosen to rule over Earth was an ancient pharaoh called Akhenaten, who got corrupted by the Heart’s powers and instead looked to enslave the Earth and its denizens. 

Akhenaten attacks earth

In an attempt to kill Akhenaten by traveling back in time, Doctor Doom is prevented by Akhenaten himself. Thanos, who became aware of the Heart of the Universe, destroys the Celestial Order’s machinery and absorbs the Heart’s power to travel back in time and kill Akhenaten and destroy the Celestial Order.

Silver Surfer Thanos Heart of the Universe

Thanos learns that the Universe is doomed to end soon and cannot be corrected, even with the power of the Heart of the Universe. The Living Tribunal gathers powerful cosmic beings to stop Thanos, but they are unsuccessful because Thanos has become one with everything, including the Living Tribunal. This was due to him absorbing the Heart of the Universe, which made him more powerful than when he wielded the Infinity Gauntlet.


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Thanos realizes that the only way to fix the flaw in the Universe is to destroy and rebuild it. He absorbs the entire Multiverse into himself using the power of the Heart and becomes invincible, driven by rage against any attempt to challenge his power. He becomes enraged when cosmic powers attempt to overthrow him and decides to absorb the entire Multiverse into himself. 

Thanos destroys eternity

After defeating virtually everyone and everything, Adam Warlock appears to Thanos. Warlock survived because he was outside of the Universe when all of this happened. After talking with Adam and being visited by Lady Death, Thanos sacrifices himself to restore the Universe and erases himself from existence. The only person that remembers Thanos is Adam Warlock himself. 

Thanos erases himself

How Powerful Is Heart of the Universe Thanos?

Heart of the Universe Thanos is the most powerful entity in the Omniverse. Wielding the Hearth’s powers, Thanos absorbed everything and everyone into himself and became one with everything. He wielded the Ultimate powers and had enough juice to destroy and rebuild reality. He was so powerful that he managed to erase himself from existence while he was empowered with the Heart of the Universe.

In terms of Thanos’ feats, while he was wielding the artifact with Heart of the Universe, he managed to defeat all of Earth’s Heroes, superheroes, and the like. He took down the cosmic hierarchy, including the Living Tribunal and the Eternity. In short, Thanos managed to defeat an entire universe.


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Luckily, this story is non-canon, and it’s not part of the main continuity. It’s merely a demonstration of the Heart of the Universe’s powers and the destruction it can bring.  

Who Can Beat Thanos With Heart of the Universe?

No one can beat Heart of the Universe Thanos. With the jewel, Thanos held power to destroy and re-create the Universe, including everything with it. The reality was no match for Thanos as reality was whatever he wanted to be. Having omnipotent powers. The only entity who could potentially pose any threat to Heart of the Universe Thanos is The One Above All.

Adam Warlock misses the end of the universe

The only reason why Adam Warlock was not absorbed within Thanos when he destroyed the Multiverse was that he was outside of the space-time continuum with Gamora when all of this was going down. Still, Adam Warlock likewise was not able to stand against Thanos in this state. 

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