20 Most Powerful Weapons in The Marvel Universe (Ranked)

strongest marvel weapons

We know for a fact that there are a lot of different powerful characters in the world of Marvel Comics. While some characters are innately strong due to their giftedness, some become strong because of the weapons they wield. In that regard, there are a lot of different mighty weapons that you can see in Marvel Comics, and some of these weapons are so powerful that they can change the tide of an entire battle.

When it comes to powerful weapons, there are too many to count because many of the characters in Marvel use weapons to their advantage. But the good thing here is that we are here to rank the most powerful weapons in the Marvel Universe so that you’ll get a good idea of how powerful these items are when they are in the right hands.

20. Captain America’s Shield

cap shield

While not necessarily the strongest weapon compared to other weapons, Captain America’s shield is as iconic as any other weapon in Marvel. This is one of the true OG weapons in Marvel Comics because it is wielded by none other than the iconic Captain America himself, who might not be one of the strongest heroes we’ve seen but is certainly right up there in terms of his heroism and accomplishments.

Captain America’s shield is made of Vibranium, the most durable substance on Earth, and is right up there in terms of the most durable metals in the universe. As such, it doubles as a weapon and a way for Cap to defend himself. The shield can absorb the strongest attacks that opposing characters can muster. And in the experienced hands of Steve Rogers, it is a strong weapon that can bridge the gap between him and a much stronger opponent.

19. Muramasa


When we think of Wolverine, we often think about his adamantium claws. But while he is one of the strongest mutants in Marvel and has some of the deadliest weapons a mutant can have, he asked for the swordsmith named Muramasa to create a sword that was meant to kill him in case he ended up falling under the control of some of the worst bad guys in Marvel. And that was when the sword was created.


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The Muramasa sword was created with a piece of Wolverine’s sword to put him down if needed. It can cut at a molecular level, which means that it can negate Logan’s incredible healing factor. As such, it remains one of the deadliest swords in the entire Marvel universe, as it can defeat one of the most resilient characters in the history of comic books.

18. The Eye of Agamotto

eye of agamotto

The Eye of Agamotto was an afterthought in the MCU because it was mainly used as a housing unit for the Time Stone that had Doctor Strange. However, in the comics, this artifact is quite powerful without the Time Stone, as it was created by one of the most powerful sorcerers in the history of Marvel Comics.

Created by Agamotto and used by Strange as one of his trademark items, the Eye of Agamotto is a weapon that allows the Sorcerer Supreme to see recent events in a certain area. It can even open up portals to different places and freeze time, people, and objects in place. On top of that, it can see through disguises and illusions, making it one of the most versatile weapons in Marvel Comics.

17. Excalibur

The second sword that we have on this list is Excalibur. This weapon is arguably the most famous sword in the history of the world, as those who haven’t read a single Marvel Comics page would still recognize its name because it is associated with the most notable legendary monarch, King Arthur himself. This legendary sword still relates to King Arthur’s story in Marvel Comics.

In Marvel, the original Black Knight fought alongside the king to resist Kang the Conqueror when he traveled back in time to conquer Britain. However, due to the events of those battles, Excalibur got sent to the future and returned to the past after it was used in the future. Of course, this is a mighty sword with incredible powers that allow the user to kill gods, immortals, and spirits.

16. The Tactigon


While not many Marvel fans are familiar with this weapon because it isn’t mainstream and hasn’t made its way to the MCU, the Tactigon is one of the strongest weapons in the history of Marvel. It is an extraterrestrial weapon that can bond to the arm of whoever is wearing it and force its user to use it due to its possessing a certain level of sentience. And it is incredibly deadly when used.

The Tactigon almost has no limits regarding its power, as its user’s imagination only limits it. This is why this weapon can destroy entire planets or defeat some of the strongest characters using powerful energy blasts and can even transform its appearance. As such, it is often considered a weapon on par with Thor’s hammer due to its power and versatility.

15. The Ten Rings

ten rings

The Ten Rings are also called the Mandarin’s Rings in the comics. In the MCU, they made their debut in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings as the personal weapons of Shang Chi’s father. These weapons were responsible for granting him his incredible power and longevity, as it is believed that they are extraterrestrial or cosmic in terms of their origins.


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However, in the comics, the Ten Rings were created by an ancient alien civilization that traps a form of alien intelligence in each ring. This allows the rings to interact with the user and influence their actions. On top of that, each ring has a certain ability that is quite powerful, as some rings create matter while others can control minds. So, when someone has all ten rings, that person is incredibly powerful.

14. Mjolnir


Arguably second only to Captain America’s shield in terms of its popularity, Mjolnir is the most iconic weapon coming from Asgard. In the MCU, its origins weren’t told well enough, but the comic book version of Mjolnir has an origin that proves how powerful this hammer is. And you’ll be surprised to know just how strong Mjolnir is when you consider that Odin used the power of a galaxy-sized storm to create this hammer by trapping it in Uru metal.

As such, Mjolnir is the perfect weapon in the hands of the Norse god of thunder, as he can fully use its storm-like powers. This has been Thor’s trademark weapon throughout history as he masterfully wields the hammer. It can also channel Thor’s innate powers to the point that allows the God of Thunder to produce powerful blasts of lightning that can kill gods and cosmic beings. And let’s not forget that Odin placed an enchantment that allows a worthy wielder of Mjolnir to possess the powers of Thor.

13. Stormbreaker


While not as popular as Mjolnir in the comics, Stormbreaker is one of the strongest weapons that Thor has ever wielded. In fact, in the MCU, it is stronger than Mjolnir as it was created to be a weapon of kings. That means that it surpasses Odin’s spear in terms of how powerful it is, as we saw Thor taking Thanos down with the power of Stormbreaker.

Stormbreaker essentially has all of the powers and capabilities of Mjolnir but is a bladed weapon that allows Thor to hack his opponents. On top of that, Stormbreaker can summon the Bifrost at will, which means that he can easily move from one realm to another. This explains why it was meant to be the weapon of a true Asgardian king.

12. The Staff of One


In most cases, magical items aren’t given the same kind of respect that cosmic weapons get in the world of Marvel. However, some of the most powerful weapons in Marvel are magical in terms of their nature. The Staff of One is one of those weapons that are magical. And it is an incredibly powerful weapon that can be devastating in the right hands.


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Originally used by Tina Minoru, the mother of Nico Minoru, the Staff of One is a weapon with nearly unlimited powers as it is so powerful that it can alter the entire fabric of the universe. Nevertheless, there are drawbacks to this staff as it can only be summoned when the user spills their blood, and it cannot use the same spell more than once. But the fact that it is so powerful is more than enough to compensate for its weaknesses, as even the powerful magical entity named Dormammu is afraid of this staff.

11. Quantum Bands


The Quantum Bands were the predecessor to the powerful Kree Nega Bands that the original Captain Marvel used. However, the Quantum Bands are more powerful because they can tap into the Quantum Realm’s inherent energies and manipulate said energies to allow the user to perform feats of power that are downright insane.

In that regard, the Quantum Bands allow the usability to manipulate matter and energy at cosmic levels. This means they are similar to the Green Lanterns’ power rings, as they can manifest energy constructs at will. Of course, the power rings are often called the most powerful weapons in DC, and a Marvel counterpart is just as powerful.

10. The Black Vortex


The Black Vortex doesn’t sound like a weapon, but it is. While not the conventional weapon that most people think of when they imagine weapons, the Black Vortex is an incredibly powerful weapon that allows users to see themselves with their full cosmic potential unlocked. Kitty Pryde, who isn’t the most powerful weapon, became a cosmic entity that could phase through time and space due to the power of the Black Vortex.

Those who submit to this weapon’s power can see a picture of themselves at their most powerful. However, it comes at a price because it can physically alter the user permanently. Nevertheless, that doesn’t take away the fact that someone who uses this weapon becomes a cosmic being in their own right.

9. The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak


Cyttorak is one of the most powerful entities in Marvel Comics, as he is responsible for turning Juggernaut into an unstoppable force. So, if Juggernaut is strong, the source of his power is much stronger. And this power can be manifested through the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, which bestows the person the power as one of Cyttorak’s avatars.

With the gem and the powers of Cyttorak, Juggernaut became one of the strongest villains in Marvel comics, as not even the full power of the Hulk was enough to stop him. He is an unstoppable force that cannot be halted once he picks up momentum. And the surprising part is that Juggernaut only holds a fraction of Cyttorak’s power through the Crimson Gem.

8. Darkhold


As mentioned, magical items are incredibly powerful in the world of Marvel, and the Darkhold is one of the most powerful items that can be enough to change the entire universe when used by someone powerful enough. In the MCU, we saw how powerful Scarlet Witch was when she used the power of the Darkhold; the same can be said when Doctor Strange used it.

The magical spells within the Darkhold are unfathomable in terms of their strength, as they can potentially affect time and space and even allow people to affect different dimensions. That means that the Darkhold has the potential to give its user cosmic powers that can defeat the gods themselves. Of course, it grants the user incredible powers at the cost of their sanity.

7. Odinsword


Even though Thor’s Mjolnir is the most popular weapon from Asgard, it is nothing compared to the power of the Odinsword, which was meant to be the most powerful handheld weapon in all of Asgard. When it was first introduced, it was said to be so powerful that it could affect the entire universe the moment it is unsheathed. And while that may be an exaggeration, the Odinsword is still incredibly powerful.


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Throughout its history, it was mostly used to threaten enemies. Still, it was never truly used until Odin had to use it against the Celestials to trim the gap between him and these incredibly powerful cosmic entities. Thor recently used it in the Fear Itself event, where he unleashed the power of the Odinsword to defeat the Serpent, the God of Fear.

6. Destroyer Armor


If the Odinsword is the strongest handheld weapon in Asgard, the Destroyer Armor is the strongest. Imagine the Destroyer Armor as Mjolnir, but it is a walking suit of destruction that Odin can use to defend Asgard when there are threats. As a walking hunk of Uru, this is an incredibly durable armor that is capable of taking and dishing out hits.

However, the Destroyer armor also possesses godlike abilities because the gods of Asgard bestow their power on it. Odin once wore the Destroyer Armor and used the Odinsword to become as big and strong as the Celestials in his fight against them. And the Destroyer Armor can also be made stronger, as Odin once allowed it to wield Mjolnir to fend Galactus off.

all black.jpg

5. All-Black the Necrosword

Once used by Gorr the God Butcher, All-Black the Necrosword is a weapon that was created by Knull, a primordial god that existed before time itself and is often considered the god of darkness in Marvel Comics. He is also the god of symbiotes and is an incredibly powerful being, stronger than most other cosmic entities.

In his storyline, Knull used the power of All-Black to decapitate a Celestial with one clean hit. Of course, Celestials are incredibly powerful beings that are on par with Galactus, and the fact that this sword was able to decapitate one with a single hit proves that All-Black is incredibly powerful. And when Gorr used it, it fed on the blood of gods and allowed Gorr to possess the power of the gods he killed.

4. Cosmic Cubes


The Beyonders are some of the most powerful entities in the history of Marvel Comics, as they are beings with powers beyond any other being in Marvel, except for the One Above All. In that regard, they are powerful enough to defeat the Living Tribunal itself. And that means that they possess power that is beyond imagination.

So, if the Cosmic Cubes possess a fraction of the energy that comes from the universe of the Beyonders, that would mean that this weapon is incredibly powerful and capable of unimaginable feats in terms of their scale. At one point, the Red Skull used a Cosmic Cube to rewrite reality, and that is only an example of how powerful these weapons are.

3. The Ultimate Nullifier

the ultimate nullifier

The Ultimate Nullifier has always been one of the most powerful weapons in the history of comic books, as it has downright terrifying abilities. When used in the right circumstances, this weapon has enough power to take on Thanos even when he wields the Infinity Gauntlet. As such, this is one of the greatest weapons ever created in Marvel Comics history.

This weapon was used by the Fantastic Four when the Watcher revealed its location to them so that they could defeat Galactus. Of course, the device was so powerful that it was enough to scare Galactus away from Earth. And the reason why the powerful cosmic being was scared of it is the fact that the Ultimate Nullifier is capable of eliminating anything from existence as long as the user has enough intelligence and willpower to use it.

2. Infinity Gauntlet With All Infinity Stones


As powerful as the Ultimate Nullifier, it suffers because the user needs enough intelligence and willpower. That is why we are putting the Infinity Gauntlet above it in terms of power, even though they are just as powerful as each other. Of course, we are talking about the Infinity Gauntlet with all of the Infinity Stones, as the gauntlet itself isn’t that special without the stones.


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The Infinity Gauntlet is powerful because it has all of the powers of the Infinity Stones, representing a vital aspect of the universe. In the MCU, the gauntlet is so powerful that it allows Thanos and its other users to rewrite the entire universe at will. That means it is basically an omnipotent weapon that bestows its user with the power to do whatever they want. But the feedback is so great that even Thanos and the Hulk were injured after using the gauntlet.

1. The Heart of the Universe

The Heart Of The Universe

It might be true that the Infinity Gauntlet with all of the Infinity Stones is a weapon that allows the user to become a true god, but the Heart of the Universe is a weapon that is far more powerful in terms of what it can do. This weapon allows the user to become the supreme being of the Marvel Universe, which means that they can become just as powerful as the supreme being called the One Above All. 

In short, nothing ranks above the Heart of the Universe in terms of its power, as it can turn its user into an unstoppable omnipotent being. Still, the Heart of the Universe remains a mysterious object that is unlikely to appear in the mainstream Marvel Universe or even the MCU due to how powerful it is. But that doesn’t take away the fact that it is the most powerful weapon in Marvel Comics’ history.

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