Here’s How Tall Joker Is in the Comics & Movies

Comic Joker

The Joker is Batman’s greatest foe. While he may not be the most physically imposing, he has always found ways to mentally break Batman and even put up a solid fight in hand-to-hand combat when needed. Joker has always been very tall and slender, which adds more to his creepy appearance. The Joker has been portrayed by multiple actors in live-action, all varying in different heights and builds. So, here’s how tall Joker is in the comics and movies! 

In the comics, Joker is surprisingly listed at 6’5, making him taller than both Batman at 6’2 and Superman at 6’3. However, in the movies, he has been a varying amount of different heights, with Barry Keoghan being the shortest at 5’ 7 and Ceaser Romero being the tallest at 6’3. 

Now that we have briefly discussed Joker’s height in different media, let’s analyze it in more detail. If you are interested in more, stay with us and keep reading! 

Joker’s height in the comics

In the comic books, Joker is listed as 6’ 5. This was very shocking to find out, as it makes him taller than both Batman and Superman. He has always been portrayed as a tall and lanky character but is still able to put up a good fight when he needs to.

In the comics, it has never appeared that he has been much taller than Batman; however, with the boots and the bat ears, it can easily bring Batman to Joker’s height. His height and build add to his freaky appearance, and funnily enough, him being 6 ‘5 puts him closer to the height of Bane and Venom at 6’ 8.

With him being as tall as he is, it’s easy to see why the people of Gotham would be scared of him. If the bleached skin, green hair, and terrifying smile didn’t frighten them enough, him towering over and looking down on someone would be enough to send anyone running. 


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Joker’s height in the movies

How tall is Ceaser Romero’s Joker?

While Ceaser Romero refused to shave his mustache for the role, standing at 6’ 3, he is the actor who has been closest to the character’s comic book height.  Going up against a 6’ 1 Adam West, these two actors were both quite close to both Batman and Joker’s comic book height. 

Ceaser Romero also had quite a lanky build for the Joker, he wasn’t bone skinny like Joaquin Phoenix, but he was a healthy size that was also enhanced by his large height and his fitted suit, which made him look comic-accurate for the time. 

How tall is Jack Nicholson’s Joker?

When Jack Nicholson played Joker in 1989’s ‘Batman’ he was 5’ 9. Only one inch taller than Joaquin Phoenix, Nicholson’s Joker went up against Michael Keaton, who was the same height, making him the shortest actor to play Batman. While Nicholson was not a comic-accurate height or build for Joker, he still gave a fantastic performance as the character. Even at his shorter height, he was one of the more intimidating takes on the character and captured the psychotic essence of the clown perfectly.

How tall is Heath Ledger’s Joker? 

Standing at 6’ 1, Heath Ledger is one of the tallest actors to play Joker.  When Ledger played the role, he wasn’t insanely muscular, but he had a build where he looked like he could physically take on Batman, which he did in the film multiple times.

Going up against a Batman who was 3 inches shorter than him was also the closest to the height difference between them in the comics. Ledger’s performance as the character was still, without a doubt, one of the best villain performances in movie history. While he may not have been exactly like the comics, he still left a mark on the character that no one has ever lived up to. 


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How tall is Jared Leto’ Joker?

Jared Leto was the same height as Jack Nicholson, standing at 5’ 9. Leto went for a bulked-up version of Joker. This version of Joker was intended to take on Affleck’s Batman, who stood at 6’ 4, which would’ve been the largest height gap between the two characters in the films.

However, packing on a ton of muscle, sending co-stars dead rats, and shaving his eyebrows off was not enough to save his version of the character. Whether it was the performance or writing, this was a version of Joker that audiences just try to forget, and even though he had a semi-cool scene in ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League,’ it wasn’t enough to make him as memorable as the rest. 

How tall is Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker?

Being one of the shorter actors to play Joker, Joaquin Phoenix stands at 5’ 8. While he may be one of the shorter Jokers, he has gotten the closest to the characters build in the comics. By only eating apples and vegetables, Phoenix lost roughly 55 lbs and got to 125 lbs to play the character. Him getting extremely skinny for the role, made him seem a lot taller on screen.

His lanky build gave him this sickly and terrifying look with his shoulder blades sticking out his back in shirtless scenes. While he did not go up against a version of Batman, Phoenix gave an outstanding performance as the character and is set to star in ‘Joker 2’ in 2024.

How tall is Barry Keoghan’s Joker?

While we have only seen him officially in a post-credit scene, this version of Joker in ‘The Batman’ stands at 5 ‘7. Being the shortest actor to play the character, we are yet to see what he is really like and how he goes up against Batman. But from the glimpses so far, he seems to be the most disfigured Joker. 

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