How Tall Is Batman & How Much Does He Weigh? (Comics & Movies)

how tall is batman

There’s always this special place in my heart for superhero characters that don’t have magical or metahuman superpowers. Take Batman, for example – a guy who brought himself to the peak physical and mental humanly-possible condition through sheer will, work, and a deep pocket. But when we say peak physical condition, what does that mean? How tall is Batman, and how much does he weigh?

Batman is listed at 6’2’’ (188 cm) in DC Comics and usually weighs between 210-220 lbs (95-100 kg). The ratio might be somewhat off for someone that bulky, though. In live-action, Batman’s height varies from 5’9’’ (175 cm) to 6’4’’ (193 cm), depending on the movie and the actor portraying Bruce Wayne.

Actors tend to change the weight for every other role, so we won’t get into their weight while they were Batman, as we don’t know the exact numbers. We can, however, compare their height and physique to the Caped Crusader from the comics to try and determine which actor was the closest thing to the comic book Batman – at least physically.

How tall is Batman in DC Comics?

batman comics height

Batman is one of the oldest superheroes when it comes to his first appearance. Bruce Wayne first hit the pages of a comic book way back in 1939, in ‘Detective Comics #27.’

Throughout the decades, numerous artists drew Batman and reimagined his physique. Sometimes, he’s incredibly bulky and buff, while, for instance, during the 1970s, his physique was a bit more slender – which makes sense, seeing how fast and acrobatic he is.

One thing that always remains the same, however, is Bruce Wayne’s height. In DC Comics, Batman is listed as 6’2’’ (188 cm), and it’s pretty much consistent throughout the history of the character. As we mentioned, there were versions of him that looked bulkier or leaner, though, but the height remains as listed.

Seeing that Bruce is 6’2’’, and the average male height in the US is between 5’9’’ (175 cm) and 5’10’’ (178 cm), it means he’s well above average height. However, it’s still not too huge to tower over others or too tall to be as agile and acrobatic as he is.


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How tall is Batman in DC movies?

The first on-screen adaptations of The Caped Crusader came about seven decades ago, and over the years, there have been seven different Bruce Wayne actors performing in live-action films and shows. That, of course, excludes the voice actors in the DC Animated Universe.

Of the seven actors, though, only one Batman was exactly as tall as his comic book counterpart. Not saying it played any role in their performance, but it means that Batman’s height varied from 5’9’’ (175 cm) all the way up to 6’4’’ (193 cm). Let’s go through the actors chronologically and compare their heights to the DC Comics Dark Knight.

Adam West

batman adam west

The first live-action Batman we loved to watch was Adam West’s version of Bruce Wayne, which he played in a ‘Batman’ TV show, and a movie, from 1966-1968. Although Mr. West was the only Batman ever that was exactly 6’2’’ (188 cm) like his comic book counterpart.

That being said, he was by far the goofiest Batman, as both the show and the film were pure comedy. The Caped Crusader was far from the dark vigilante striking fear into the bones of his enemies.

Michael Keaton

batman michael keaton

The shortest Batman to ever don the black cape is Michael Keaton. He portrayed Bats in two films, ‘Batman’ (1989) and ‘Batman Returns’ (1992), both directed by the incredible mind of Tim Burton. In my humble opinion, both movies rocked, and Keaton was quite great as Bruce Wayne despite being only 5’9’’ (175 cm) tall.


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Additionally, Michael Keaton is the only Batman to repeat his role in three different decades. After the two films in the late 80s and early 90s, Keaton returned as Wayne in the 2023 Dc film, The Flash. No spoilers, though, as it’s still fresh, but yes – he’s there!

Val Kilmer

batman val kilmer

Out went Keaton, and three years later, in went Val Kilmer – the most forgettable Batman, if you ask me. There was a worse one, believe me, but both the movie that Kilmer portrayed the Caped Crusader in – ‘Batman Forever’ (1995) – and Val himself proved to be just… subpar.

That being said, Val was much closer to the Dark Knight’s comic book height, at least, standing at 6’0’’ (183 cm). However, his costume was oddly buffed up in the shoulders and chest, so he looked disproportionate to me. There are many reasons why Kilmer wasn’t Batman twice, I guess.

George Clooney

batman george clooney

Two years have passed since the disappointing Val Kilmer flick, so perhaps fans were eager and excited to hear that a new Bruce Wayne was in town, with a great supporting cast to follow. As history was written, George Clooney took the role in 1997’s ‘Batman & Robin’ – we got the worst Batman film and the worst Bruce Wayne portrayal ever. In my humble opinion, that is.

Despite Clooney being a decent size at 5’11’’ (180.5 cm), he actually felt smaller than even Keaton. Perhaps because the plot was so ignorantly and unequivocally bad, or perhaps he just didn’t bother too much when he realized how bad that movie was turning out.

Christian Bale

batman christian bale

Finally, almost a decade later, somebody grew the guts to go all in with a brand new Batman story. So, in 2005, the first part of Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy came to life. Christian Bale took on the role of Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman Begins’ and absolutely obliterated what we saw in the past couple of Batman movies.


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The trilogy was phenomenal, and Bale was incredibly well-prepared physically and mentally for the role. His Bruce Wayne was just noble enough and just dark enough to work. Bale’s physique also helped out, as he was 6’0’’ (183 cm), just like Kilmer, but in even better shape.

Ben Affleck

batman ben affleck

Some say they found Ben Affleck’s Batman to be the best portrayal of the Caped Crusader ever, but I found it… well, not that. He’s by far the tallest Batman ever on-screen, standing at 6’4’’ (193), meaning he’s even bigger than the comic book version of Bruce Wayne.

That being said, he didn’t quite work on his physique enough to portray a guy who was supposed to be in peak physical and mental humanly possible condition – not this dude with a double chin. 

Don’t get me wrong – Ben was great at numerous segments of being Batman, like his poise, aggression, and intelligence, but even his height couldn’t hide the fact that he’s just not in the best shape, as he should’ve been.

Robert Pattinson

batman robert pattinson

Last but not least, Rob Pattinson portrayed ‘Batman in ‘The Batman’ and will portray him again in The Batman’s sequel in 2025. The first film was dark and psychological, and it showed incredibly well how torn and tormented Bruce Wayne was on the inside, almost the whole time, due to all the trauma he had endured in his life.

I thought Pattinson would be worse, but although I wouldn’t put him among the best Batman actors ever, he was certainly better than what I had anticipated – even though the film gets dull at moments. Still, showing up in shape and at the respectable height of 6’1’’ (185 cm), Rob was almost perfect for the role.


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And, he wasn’t as bulky as some other Waynes, so his lean, fit build suited someone who’s supposed to be one of the best acrobats in the world a lot better.

How tall is Batman in the DC Animated Universe?

batman tas

I had to mention ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ in some capacity in this article because, believe me, it still holds up not just as one of the best Batman portrayals ever but also as one of the best-animated series ever. It’s just epic – the characters are incredibly well-written, the villains are perfect – everything works out.

As for Bruce Wayne’s height – seeing that the animators had complete freedom on how tall or short Bruce Wayne would be, there was no reason to change the narrative from the comics. Hence, the BTAS Batman stands at 6’2’’ (188 cm), just like his comic book counterpart.

How much does Batman weigh in the comics?

Seeing that all seven Batman actors are of different heights and weights, it’s unreasonable to even talk about Batman’s weight individually. We can’t really know how much Bruce Wayne weighed in any of the movies, as the weight of actors fluctuates over time and over different roles.

That being said, just like Bruce Wayn’es height was listed in DC Comics, so was his weight. In most – if not all – comics, Bruce Wayne weighs around 210-220 lbs (95-100kg), meaning he’d be a heavyweight fighter in essentially every martial art and combat sport.

He’s incredibly fit, with an insanely low body fat percentage and Body Mass Index, which explains his incredible strength and agility.

Is Batman’s height-to-weight ratio realistic?

batman physique realistic

The fun part about Batman, it seems, comes when somebody mentions his weight in the comics, and it immediately sparks a debate between comic book purists and comic book ‘realists.’

As silly as it sounds, in a universe where an alien dude shoots lasers out of his eyes and can turn back time by flying around the planet, some people of various forums discuss whether Bruce Wayne’s physique and height-to-weight ratio make sense. So, is it realistic?

Well, technically, not. A guy that’s 6’2’’ (188 cm) and 220 lbs (100 kg) could train extremely hard to be agile, nimble, and acrobatic, but the truth is, he’d likely have to sacrifice some of his acrobatic prowess as he bulks up.


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If you’re built like an NFL quarterback, you’ll hardly be as prolific of a gymnast as an Olympic Gold medalist. And yet, Bruce Wayne is just that. Sure, there are gymnasts who are extremely buffed – most of them, actually – but they are all way, way below six feet tall – closer to five feet, actually.

On the other hand, it’s a comic book character who managed to get himself in the best humanly possible physical and mental condition, including strength, speed, stamina, balance, reflexes, durability, and intelligence. He’s one of the strongest guys out there, one of the fastest, one of the smartest. Oh, and one of the richest. 

Did I mention he’s one of the best martial artists – if not THE best – in the world? Yeah, one guy is all that. It’s comics, people. It isn’t supposed to be realistic. He teams up with a demi-goddess, a man living in the ocean, and an alien with unlimited powers.

If Batman’s height-to-weight ratio is what bothers you the most, you shouldn’t really read comics.
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