“Hot” Sith Lord in ‘The Acolyte’ Leads Fans To Demand Season 2 of the Show


Episode 6 of ‘The Acolyte’ did little in terms of action and advancing the overall story of the show, but it did introduce one important plot point that was recently confirmed by Leslye Headland, the romance between Osha & Qimir.

Initially on the opposing side, Qimir “kidnapped” Osha and brought her to an unknown planet. Osha planned on killing him but seeing the Sith naked and vulnerable Osha instead decided to listen to what he was saying and take a look at things from his perspective.

Qimir introduces Osha to the alternative side of the force, he explains that he used to be a former Jedi and implies he was abused by his Master, he tells her all about harnessing the power of strong emotions such as hate and lust.

Fans quickly jumped on the opportunity to compare the future romance to the likes of Kylo Ren and Rey, and Headland confirmed it, describing it as “being seduced” by the Dark Side.

‘The Acolyte’ season 2 is not confirmed at the moment, and depending on the stats you’re looking at, it doesn’t seem likely that it will be confirmed. However, Headland recently confirmed that ideally, the show would have 3 or 4 seasons and that in case the show doesn’t get renewed or mysteries will be resolved and no plot points will be left to ponder.

Fans had mixed reactions to this news, some who consider ‘The Acolyte’ the worst thing to happen to Star Wars claim that the show had been canceled even before it was released, and the fans who like the show are hopeful. However, a new faction of fans was born, the faction that wants to see season 2 so it could advance Qimir’s story.

As a reminder, Qimir became the main talking point of the show when he was revealed as a Sith Lord in Episode 5 when killed nearly all Jedi that were a part of the search party looking for Kelnacca. Things reached another level in episode 6 during which Qimir is shown naked, something that Headland explained was vital to the story. The reactions, are, well, see for yourself.

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