How ‘Agatha All Along’ & The Witches’ Road Are Paving the Way for Wanda’s Return


Yesterday, the teaser trailer for ‘Agatha All Along’ was released and showcased what the new upcoming installment of Phase Five will be all about. We got a glimpse of ancient magic and horror, but most importantly, the teaser trailer showcased the Witches Road, one of the most important elements when it comes to the Magic-related part of the MCU.

According to the official synopsis of the show, Agatha is down on her luck and powerless following her confrontation with Wanda Maximoff, she is freed from her prison and attempts to recruit others to join her on the “Witches’ Road,” described by Patti Lupone’s Lilia Calderu as a “death wish.” This path appears to offer Agatha a way to regain the power taken by Wanda, indicating her determination to explore this new MCU realm. The Witches’ Road also has an intriguing history in the Marvel Comics.

The Witches’ Road is a mystical and dangerous path that only practitioners of magic in Marvel comics (and now MCU) can access. The Witches’ Road is primarily used for travel between different magical realms and for accessing hidden or powerful magical energies. Due to its hidden dangers and monstrous things that lurk in the shadows, the pathway has been described as a “death wish” accurately.

In the comics, The Witches’ Road was accessed both by Agatha and Scarlet Witch. Wanda used the mystical dimension to lure and defeat the Emerald Warlock. Scarlet Witch defeated the Emerald Warlock by pulling him into the realm of Cerridwen, Nicneven, and Oya, the so-called Witches’ Road, where the powers of female witches are increased when compared to male warlocks. So, this is one more peculiarity of the place, the fact that female witches are empowered, it remains to be seen whether this will adapted in the MCU as well.

But, what does this mean for Wanda’s return? In the comics, the Witches’ Road was used to bring Agatha from the dead, Who is to say that the MCU adaptation of the place won’t reverse the story and pull Scarlet Witch from the dead?

The Witches’ Road is essentially a plane of existence where magic rules, meaning that usual laws of how things work power-vise don’t exactly apply. It’s likely going to be connected to the chaos magic.

It’s already been confirmed that Scarlet Witch won’t appear in ‘Agatha All Along’ (besides potential flashbacks…), there who’s to say that meddling with the Witches’ Road won’t have some “undesirablea” consequences related to the balance of magic…perhaps Scarlet Witch is alive there and waits for the first opportunity to free herself.

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