Who Is Marvel’s Emerald Warlock & Is He Stronger than Scarlet Witch?

Who Is Marvels Emerald Warlock Is He Stronger than Scarlet Witch

Marvel Universe is filled with countless powerful magic users, and Scarlet Witch is usually taken as the gold standard. She is both a nexus being and chaos magic user, meaning she can easily overpower most magicians. But still, there are evil sorcerers as ancient as magic itself that, from time to time, resurface and pose a threat to Wanda, and one of them is Dian, more famous under the name Emerald Warlock. This is why we decided to explore Dian’s origin and see whether Wanda can defeat him easily. 

Dian is an ancient and powerful mage originally from Athens who proceeded to accumulate power over the centuries and killed his closest allies to empower himself further. Even though Dian is often known to ally himself with the good guys, he is most notable for being Scarlet Witch’s villain. Dian attempted to steal Wanda’s magic, but he was promptly defeated before mowing on his next scheme. Even though Wanda managed to defeat the Emerald Warlock, both she and Agatha considered him to be extremely powerful and dangerous. 

Now that we’ve explained that Wanda has one really old and really powerful rival, it’s time to explain his origin as well as what came out of his lengthy battle against Scarlet Witch. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Dian is a part of an ancient & powerful family of sorcerers

Dian was born in Athens almost 2500 years ago and was part of an extremely powerful family of magicians. His mother was the famous Great Dark Warrior Sorceress Carman, meaning his lineage was overflowing with magical potential. 

At one point, Dian and his mother, as well as his slightly less powerful brothers Dub and Dother, wanted to conquer Ireland and proceeded to magically attack. They were fortunately stopped by Tuatha Dé Danann, a humanoid race of extradimensional beings from Avalon who acted as protectors of the Emerald Isle at that point in time. 


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Both Dian and his family were banished to what would become America in the future; however, hungry for power, Dian decided to eliminate his brothers and claim the power for himself. Dian became increasingly hungry for even more power and, at one point in time, started plotting to absorb Wanda’s magic. 

Wanda noticed that something was wrong and uncovered a magical plot at hand 

Scarlet Witch was at that time living in New York and noticed a rise in weird energy around the city. Wanda was recruited by a police department to solve a series of bizarre events that started with murder but ened with countless killed cats, pets, and strays alike. This murder of cats was Dian’s attempt to summon Sonneillon, an extremely ancient and powerful demon that possessed the detective Wanda was working with. 

Dian killing cats

Wanda managed to defeat the demon and exorcise it, but Emerald Warlock only moved on to his next scheme in an attempt to absorb Wanda’s powers. 

Dian moved to Santorini, where he managed to infuse the Man-Bull with an extreme amount of power and convince him that he was the legendary Minotaur. Meanwhile, Scarlet Witch made her way to the goddess Hekate to ask advice regarding the corruption in magic that she had been feeling lately. Hekate had no good advice for Wanda, and she asked for her help regarding the whole minotaur situation. Wanda agreed in exchange for Hekate being indebted to her. 

Wanda fights against Man Bull

However, Wanda never managed to collect what Hekate owed her since immediately after defeating the Man-Bull, Emerald Warlock beat Wanda to Hekate and completely drained her of her life force, leaving her dead for a while.

Emerald Warlock then made his way toward Lagos in Nigeria, where he attempted to slay the last of what was left of Tuatha de Danann, his ancient rivals. After defeating them, Dian sets his sights on Ireland once again, attempting to curse the Island forever; luckily, he was stopped by Scarlet Witch. 

How did Scarlet Witch defeat Emerald Warlock? 

Scarlet Witch defeated the Emerald Warlock by pulling him into the realm of Cerridwen, Nicneven, and Oya, the so-called Witches’ Road, where the powers of female witches are increased when compared to male warlocks. Emerald Warlock attempted to drain Wanda’s chaos magic but was promptly defeated when Wanda, with the help of the mother goddesses, increased her powers. 

She didn’t manage to land the killing blow to Dian as he escaped, but not before calling himself Wanda’s Archenemy. 

Wanda defeating Emerald Warlock

How powerful is Emerald Warlock?

Emerald Warlock was extremely powerful, with both Scarlet Witch and Agatha Harkness considering him a real threat to the world of magic. Wanda is known to be among the most powerful, if not the most powerful, magic user in Marvel Universe, but even she struggled against Dian, who easily overpowered Hekate, easily manipulated Man-Bull, and even more easily subdued the New York demon under his command. 

The secret to Emerald Warlock’s powers lies in his apparent immortality. Since the times of ancient Greece, he has been practicing and absorbing magic from other magicians whom he perceived to be weaker than him. Some of the first warlocks that fell to his hunger for power were his own brothers.

Emerald Warlock would have done the same to Wanda if she wasn’t empowered by the Witches’ Road. Emerald Warlock also has extremely advanced telekinetic powers, which was apparent when he launched Douglas Sotinwa through the atmosphere. 


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What happened to Emeral Warlock?

Following his defeat at the hands of Scarlet Witch, Emerald Warlock found another victim whose powers he attempted to steal. He possessed a young boy called Gustavo Soledad to harness his powers. Luckily, once again, he was stopped by Wanda, and he lost another portion of his potential powers.

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