How Did Gamora Know Where the Soul Stone Was?

How Did Gamora Know Where the Soul Stone Was

Thanos‘ hunt for Infinity Stones was a major plot point in several MCU movies, as the stones were the only means for him to accomplish his goal of annihilating half of all life in the Universe. He managed to acquire all stones, but one eluded him almost until the very end, the Soul Stone. The knowledge of where the Soul Stone was, however, was closer to him than he knew, and it eventually led him to Gamora. But fans were left with a huge question mark over their head, how did Gamora know where the Soul Stone was in the first place?

Gamora found out where the Soul Stone was off-screen, presumably before she joined the Guardians of the Galaxy. Thanos sent her, along with his other adoptive children, to locate the Soul Stone. She successfully acquired a map but burned it to keep the knowledge of the stone’s location hidden from Thanos. She did, however, make one critical mistake as she revealed to Nebula that she knew where Soul Stone was, which Thanos ultimately used against her.

The circumstances of how Gamora tracked down Soul Stone were never explained in much detail, we only know the general outline of the timeline, but we know everything that happened once Thanos found out that Gamora was lying to him. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Gamora & Black Order were frequently tasked with fidning the locations of Infinity Stones

We met Gamora in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and at that point, she had already planned on ditching Thanos. We know that she was tasked with joining Ronan the Accuser, who promised Thanos to deliver the Power Stone to him, but Gamora planned on stealing the Power Stone for herself and selling it to Taneleer Tivan to finance her newly-gained freedom.

Gamora sent to join Ronan

At that point, Thanos had been tracking down Infinity Stones for quite some time already, but Gamora was confident that he didn’t know the locations of all Infinity Stones, and she was confident in this assumption because she hid the location of one stone from Thanos – the Soul Stone.

Gamora located Soul Stone in the past, before the events of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1

We never saw the means through which Gamora located the Soul Stone in Infinity War because it happened before the events of the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie. At some point in the past, Gamora was tasked with discovering the location of the Soul Stone. She didn’t outright find the stone, but she knew its location through a map she discovered. Just in case, she burned the map and kept the knowledge to herself, figuring that Thanos would be too dangerous with all the stones.


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She made one critical mistake in all of that, as she revealed to Nebula that she knew the location. All of this was never shown on-screen, much like Thanos’ acquisition of Power Stone.

Why did Gamora asked Star-Lord to kill her?

In Avengers: Infinity War, Gamora realized that the circle was narrowing around her, and now that Thanos’ hunt for Infinity Stones is nearing its end, she knew that the only way for him to acquire the Soul Stone was through her. She asked Star-Lord to kill her so that the location of the Soul Stone would die with her.

Arriving at Knowhere, Thanos manages to deceive the Guardians by staging an elaborate illusion with Reality Stone, fooling the Guardians and Gamora into thinking that they managed to kill him so easily. He used the brief confusion to kidnap Gamora. Gamora meanwhile reminded Quill of their deal. But Quill faltered. When he gained the courage to shoot Gamora, Thanos again used the reality stone to turn the weapon and discharge into bubbles.

Star Lord about to shoot Gamora

Gamora’s last resort failed. She was ready to endure whatever Thanos threw at her to avoid revealing the stone’s location. But he managed to surprise her once again.

Thanos used Space Stone to teleport himself and Gamora to his ship, where Nebula was prepared for torture. Gamora denied multiple times that she knew the location of the stone, but Thanos managed to one-up her once again. He managed to discover, by searching Nebula’s memory, that Gamora did ultimately discover the stone but lied to him this whole time.

Gamora denied it, but Thanos only answered that he had never taught her how to lie. With Nebula being severely tortured, Gamora broke down and revealed to Thanos where Soul Stone was.

Gamora unknowingly doomed herself to save Nebula

Gamora led Thanos to Vormir, a desolate planet in the middle of nowhere. The only inhabitant of the planet seemed to be Red Skull, who at the same time served as the keeper of the stone.

Thanos demanded the stone, but Red Skull explained that the price was not as small as many assumed. Soul Stone is different than the rest of the Infinity Stones and demands a price that most are unwilling to pay. Thanos had to sacrifice someone he loved to gain access to the stone.


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This made Gamora happy and confident as she honestly believed that Thanos loved no one. It is only after he shows her his face, full of tears, that she realizes that she is the price that he has to pay. Gamora attempted suicide, but Thanos used Reality Stone to disarm her once again.

He threw her off the cliff, successfully acquiring the Soul Stone and bringing himself closer to wiping out half of the population of the Universe.

gamora 1

And this is the story of how Gamora found the Soul Stone and how she led Thanos to it. And just like Thanos, it cost her everything.

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