How Fast Can Hulk Run? Here Are the Numbers


The Hulk is one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe. What usually comes to most people’s minds when they think of the Hulk is his incredible strength and physique. One would think that being big and stocky has its trade-offs. Tarde-offs like speed. This begs the question, how fast can the Hulk run?

At his base level of strength and anger, the Hulk can run at around 300 miles per hour. There isn’t any upper limit to his running speed because the angrier he gets, the faster he becomes. He prefers not to run at such speeds because the ground breaks apart on his feet. He prefers leaping.

This article will investigate how fast the Hulk is when running, as well as how fast he is while leaping. It will also explore some of the incredible feats of speed that the Jade Giant has performed over the years. So if this interests you, read on to find out more.

Does the Hulk Have Super Speed?

Most of the time, the biggest and strongest of characters are often slow. Case in point, Godzilla. In the movies, the monster can be seen lumbering around, sometimes seemingly slower than the fleeing people. The truth is that the assertion that a being’s speed is directly affected by its mass or weight isn’t always correct. And the Hulk proves this to be quite accurate.

The Hulk is only dangerous if he gets near you. But because he’s so huge and strong, an opponent would assume that someone so big would find it hard to catch them. This is probably what most of the Hulk’s enemies tell themselves. However, they usually find out just how wrong they are, to their detriment.


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So to answer the question, the Hulk has super speed. This can mostly be attributed to his Gamma radiated cells. Gamma radiations are faster than light, and this is why when the Hulk is moving, he appears to be a blur which is crazy for a being who weighs close to a thousand pounds and is made up of sinewy muscles.

What’s more, the Hulk has more speed than even the most powerful beings. Just like other attributes like his strength and regeneration, his speed is infinitely tied to his rage. As the Hulk grows angrier, his speed increases more. This is why he’s been known to move at incredible speeds when he’s at his peak rage level. 

In addition to this, the Hulk has incredibly strong muscles in his legs which grow even stronger when he’s angry. This allows him to propel himself forward at mind-boggling speeds. Take the case of when he was fighting the U.S. military. He booked through the desert by flexing his leg muscles and propelling himself forward.

Hulk’s speed is one of his more amazing powers. Most of the time, the Hulk’s speed affords him a great advantage against his opponents. This is because it’s so unexpected. No one could think that a dimwitted giant like the Hulk could be a speed demon. Therefore, when he takes off at full blast, he’s capable of surprising even the best-prepared and most powerful opponents.

What’s the Fastest the Hulk Can Run?

Most people know the Hulk for his strength and not his speed. But as we have already established, the Hulk (despite his large frame) can run at incredibly fast speeds. He can push harder with his muscles allowing him to run quite fast.

Ever since his creation by Stan Lee, we’ve seen the Hulk display insane amounts of speed throughout his appearances in the comics. This is even though it’s rare in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the Hulk to be shown as lightning-quick.

While running, the Hulk can clock speeds of up to 300 miles per hour when he’s at his base level of strength and anger. However, we cannot say that there’s an upper limit to his speed because the angrier he is, the faster he becomes.

The Hulk prefers not to run at speeds greater than this because when he does, the ground breaks apart beneath him. This is why he likes moving by leaping which he can also do at incredible speeds.


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What Are Some of the Hulk’s Speed Feats?

In the comics, the Hulk has performed incredible feats of speed, most of the time when he’s incredibly angry because that’s when his powers are at their peak. This section will list some of these feats of speed that the Hulk has performed in the comics. They include:

  • In “Indestructible Hulk #2”, the Hulk was able to save Iron Man by running faster eye speeds.
  • He was capable of keeping up with Thor Odinson, who can move at speeds close to 48,000,000,000,000,000 c.
  • The Hulk was able to catch up to Hypnos, who was able to intercept Hermes, the fastest of all other Olympians.
  • In “Incredible Hulk Vol 1 #175”, he easily defeats Quicksilver, who can move faster than radio waves and evade Thor’s lightning. In the Mighty Avengers #23, the Hulk was able to hit a demon-possessed Quicksilver who could move beyond the speed of light.
  • In “Indestructible Hulk #1”, the Hulk was able to move faster than a blur alongside Mjolnir.
  • He dodged Thor’s Mjolnir and caught Silver Surfer’s board, both of which can move at 1000x speed of light up to infinity.
  • He was also able to tag the Silver Surfer, who can move at 500,000 light years in seconds.
  • In the “Avengers Vol 3 #75”, the Hulk caught Captain America’s shield, which Cap could throw at incredible speeds capable of slicing through tanks.
  • He caught a sniper bullet with his teeth in “Incredible Hulk Vol 2 #43”.
  • In “Incredible Hulk Vol 1 #214”, the Hulk is able to catch Jack of Heart’s leg, who remarks, “It’s impossible! Nothing can move that fast!”
  • The Hulk is also documented dodging and catching missiles. In “Ironman Vol 1 #131”, special weapons and tactics squads try firing bazookas at Savage Hulk but fail miserably.

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