How ‘Madame Web’ Turned Cinematic Failure into Major Streaming Success

Sydney Sweeney Stuns Fans With Her Statement Regarding Madame Web MCU Im So

‘Madame Web’ is the latest installment in the SSU, without Spider-Man in it, and it’s enough to say that the movie wasn’t successful at all. It was a commercial and critical failure with even the lead actress admitting that she would likely never do anything like this as well, and the rest of the cast “washing their hands” from the movie.

The movie lost money for the studio but it turned out to be a good source of memes and jokes, just like another infamous SSU movie, ‘Morbius.’ And just like ‘Morbius,’ ‘Madame Web’ had so much publicity surrounding it that people otherwise unware of it (or SSU for that matter) obviously had to check out what the fuss is all about since the movie turned out to be a streaming success after all.

‘Madame Web’ recently debuted on Netflix, and Wednesday’s edition of the Netflix Top 10 Movies list saw the movie take over the number one spot just one day after premiering on the service.

Fans have…mixed reactions to it all with most of them pointing out that people were either hate-watching the movie or had no idea what was going on. Some social media users pointed out that people should stop watching the latest SSU flick since the same situation as with ‘Velma,’ a Scooby-Doo animated series, might happen once again. People were hate-watching ‘Velma’ so much, that the show was renewed for a second season, despite being, in my personal opinion, one of the worst pieces of entertainment you will ever happen upon.

Other fans pointed out that increased interest in the movie might trick the studio into re-releasing it in theaters, just like what happened with the aforementioned ‘Morbius.’ ‘Morbius’ was also number one on Netflix after it was released on the streaming service. The negative reception toward the film generated an ironic meme culture surrounding it with “praise”, which led Sony to re-release it in 1,000 theaters on June 3, 2022. This re-release also performed poorly, making just $280,000 over the weekend.

Despite this failure, we’re certainly going to see more from SSU, ‘Venom: The Last Dance’ is releasing on October 25, 2024, followed by ‘Kraven the Hunter,’ bound to be released on December 13, 2024.

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