How Old Is Nick Fury? (Comics & MCU)

How Old Is Nick Fury? Comics & MCU

Nick Fury has gone through a lot of changes in the Marvel Universe. The original Nick Fury was the veteran of World War II, who eventually transitioned to CIA and, finally, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Ultimately, he is the soldier turned spy who established himself as the protector of U.S. interests. His son Nick Fury Jr. is the one who took over the mantle after the older Fury became the agent of the Watcher Uatu. The younger Fury is currently the agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and one of the best spies in the world, while the MCU version of the character will fight the imposters on his planet in the upcoming ‘Secret Invasion’ Disney+ series. So how old are these three versions of Nick Fury?

Nick Fury Sr. was born after World War I and raised in New York City, meaning he was born between 1918 and 1921. When he was around twenty years of age, Fury Sr. was drafted into the U.S. military to fight in World War II, which indicates that the older Fury is currently over 100 years of age. His son Nick Fury Jr. is around 40 years old since he was around thirty when he was deployed to Afghanistan. Both Fury’s aging got severely slowed due to the Infinity Formula, while Marvel Cinematic Universe put Nick Fury at 70 years old due to the Snap – he was born on April 7th, 1950.

All three versions of the character are different in their own rights, making their characters really interesting. Each character’s lore is vastly different, and their ages are one of the big reasons for that. We will discuss all characters’ backgrounds and ages in more detail, so stick with us.

Nick Fury Sr.’ age

Nick Fury Sr. was the original version of the character since his first appearance in the 1960s. At first, Nick Fury was a commando and a soldier fighting in World War II, but Stan Lee and Jack Kirby later reimagined him as a spy. The famous fictional spy, James Bond, inspired the character, and Nick Fury became a CIA agent with a military background who eventually joined the fictional espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D.

However, Nick Fury’s start is in New York, presumably, just after World War I. Fury’s father, Jack, was a soldier in the First World War, a highly decorated pilot who returned home after he was discharged from the military and married an unnamed woman. This is where Nick Fury was presumably born since his origin story doesn’t indicate the exact date of his birth.

How Old Is Nick Fury? Comics & MCU

Nick Fury grew up in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, during the worst times for the USA – the Great Depression. During that time, Fury became an amateur boxer and a member of the New York City Police Athletic League, where he learned how to shoot. Years pass, and now a teenager enlists in International Brigades and goes overseas to participate in the Spanish Civil War.

Of course, Fury is enlisted in the U.S. military by Lieutenant Samuel “Happy Sam” Sawyer, who recognizes the young man’s skills. Fury starts participating in secret and special missions during World War II as a member of “Howling Commandos.”


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This is where it gets interesting for Fury Sr. The “old” Fury suffers major injuries in France and is treated by Professor Berthold Sternberg, who uses him as the test subject for his Infinity Formula. The serum fully heals Fury, who, from there on, needs to consume the Infinity Formula to decrease the aging rate and stay healthy.

Since then, Nick Fury Sr. has stayed mostly the same due to Formula’s symptoms, making Fury much younger than he looks. Of course, this puts Nick Fury currently at over 100 years of age. Of course, longer life brings a lot of heartbreak, and during his CIA stint, he meets a woman who gives birth to their son, Markus Johnson, later known as Nick Fury Jr.

Nick Fury Jr.’ age

Nick Fury Jr. is the son of Nick Fury Sr. However, he wasn’t always THE Nick Fury – he was known as Marcus Johnson. The origins of this version of Fury are interesting since he only discovered his parents’ backgrounds later in his life. Nick Fury Sr. and Nia Jones were CIA agents who had a fling during a mission.

How Old Is Nick Fury? Comics & MCU

They got together, and eventually, Nia got pregnant, which prompted Fury to get his partner and son into hiding, to remove them from the dangers of his job. Nia changed her surname to Johnson and moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where she gave birth to a baby boy called Marcus.

Marcus grew up being an exceptional athlete and student, which led him to enroll in the U.S. military. He served one tour in Iraq and returned home to study philosophy at the University of Georgia. Marcus eventually enlisted again to serve as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan with his best friend, Phil “Cheese” Coulson.


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Interestingly enough, Marcus joined the U.S. Army Rangers as his father did during World War II, but he didn’t know that until later. To determine Nick Fury Jr.’s age, we must check out his biggest moments in life. When he was 18 years old, he enlisted in Army for the first time, serving in Iraq, meaning he first enlisted at the beginning of the 1990s, presumably during or after Gulf War, when Iraq forcefully invaded Kuwait.

Fury Jr. returned to the U.S. to study at the University of Georgia and enlisted again after his studies. Meaning that he was still quite young and presumably enlisted again in his mid-twenties.

How Old Is Nick Fury? Comics & MCU

Fury Jr. spent most of his twenties in Afghanistan, but when his mother was murdered by Orion, who knew of Fury Sr.’s secret son, the soldier was enraged. After Fury Jr. manages to escape the hit on his life, Nick Fury Sr. arrives and tells his son everything.

After the Furys reconcile and the younger man joins S.H.I.E.L.D. under Maria Hill’s tutelage, we can speculate that Nick Fury Jr. is in his mid-thirties. Currently, that puts the new version of Nick Fury at around forty years of age. He might have more since he also possesses Infinity Formula, which slows his aging rate, but that could be a sensible speculation.

MCU’s Nick Fury age

Finally, we have Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury in Marvel Cinematic Universe, and in comparison to Nick Fury Jr., this Fury actually has a confirmed birth date. In the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie, it was confirmed that Nick Fury was born on the 7th of April, 1950, putting him at around 75 years of age.

This is easily calculated since we know that the current timeline is set for 2025 – if Fury isn’t snapped during ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ he would be 75 years old.

Each version of Fury has a different age, meaning that all three of them are similar yet so different from each other at the core.

Who is your favorite Nick Fury? Let us know in the comments below!

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