How Powerful Is Agatha Harkness Compared to Other MCU Characters?

How Powerful Is Agatha Harkness Compared To Other MCU Characters

Agatha Harkness, the powerful Witch, and mentor to Wanda Maximoff has recently made her debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is about to get her stand-alone show as well with the upcoming release of Agatha: Coven of Chaos. But just how powerful is she compared to other characters in the MCU? From her abilities in magic and manipulation of reality to her knowledge of the multiverse and ancient history, we dive into the extent of Agatha Harkness’s powers and where she stands among the pantheon of powerful characters, most notably magic users in the MCU.

Agatha Harkness is among the most powerful magic users in Marvel Comics and in the MCU in general. Her most notable ability is the fact that she can absorb or rather steal magical powers. She has a vast knowledge of various spells and incantations that allow her to cast into both dark magic and various other energy sources. Through her spells, Agatha can conjure defensive shields, project energy in the form of destructive bolts, levitate and even manipulate minds and communicate with the dead. All of this makes her a capable and cunning spellcaster even when she is not empowered by Darkhold.

Now that we’ve cleared up the core of Agatha’s powers and how powerful she is, it’s time to compare her to other MCU characters. Agatha might be a talented magic user with a few tricks up her sleeves, but in the MCU, she’s up against sorcerer supreme, gods, and other cosmic entities of terrifying origins. If you’re interested in comparison, stay with us and keep reading!

Agatha Harkness’ Powers & abilities

Being a powerful witch and a member of the Salem Coven, Agatha Harkness has been known to possess a vast knowledge of magic, including dark magic. However, her powers were discovered by her coven, and she was subsequently captured during the height of the Salem witch trials in 1693. She was put on trial and bound to a wooden post. Despite her denials, her coven accused her of stealing forbidden knowledge and practicing the darkest of magic.

Agatha harkness MCU

Her mother, Evanora Harkness, also took part in the trial and announced that she had betrayed her coven and acted above her station. Agatha managed to free herself and use the forbidden knowledge of Darkhold. She empowered herself enough to eliminate her coven of witches, steal their powers and prolong her life unnaturally. Darkhold corrupted Agatha but likewise amplified her already potent powers. Currently, in the MCU, it’s unclear what extent of Agatha’s powers remained, but still, we can give you a brief overview of what we have seen so far.


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Agatha has vast magical powers at her disposal, she can manipulate and project magical energies, and she’s not a stranger to dark magic either. The vast majority of Agath’s abilities revolve around her ability to absorb and convert various types of magic, such as chaos magic, into her own source of magic, dark magic. It’s questionable to what extent she can do this and what are the exact limits of this form of power. She would have succeeded in absorbing Wanda’s powers if only she had understood them better.

Agatha Harkness spellcasting

The power that we’ve seen on screen so far shows us that Agatha can use telekinesis and matter manipulation to some extent. We’ve seen da she can project energy to conjure up powerful bolts capable of great destruction. She can manipulate minds and, to some extent, alter the ability of individuals to perceive reality normally.

Agatha can likewise teleport and levitate, and she significantly prolonged her lifespan when she absorbed the powers of her former coven.

Evanora Harkness

With everything said, it’s obvious that Agatha Harkness is no mere stage magician. She is capable of going up against some of the strongest characters in the MCU. With that, how would she compare to some of them? Let’s find out!

Agatha Harkness vs. Doctor Strange

Dr. Strange spellcasting

Dr. Strange has an absurd mastery over mystical arts, and it just so happens that he is immune to Agatha’s most dangerous ability, absorbing power. Stephen Strange was not born with inherent magic. He learned his skills and shaped them over time. There’s nothing to absorb since he wasn’t born with it.


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Agatha has more time and experience on her hand, but Doctor Strange has more raw power to utilize and would, due to his intelligence, find a way to deal with what would be a minor threat considering the powerhouses that he went up against in the past.

Agatha Harkness vs. Scarlet Witch

Agatha Harkness vs Wanda

Scarlet Witch vastly overpowers Agatha Harkness. Wanda’s chaos magic seems to be more potent than Agatha’s dark magic, and this is what allowed Wanda to ultimately prevail when it came to a fight between the two. Scarlet Witch managed to absorb a large portion of Agatha’s powers, steal the Darkhold, and with it, further empower herself. Even though Scarlet Witch no longer has Darkhold and is seemingly dead. The fact that she defeated Agatha, who had centuries of expertise and training at her disposal, is still an impressive feat.

Agatha Harkness vs. Loki

Loki MCU

Speaking of great magicians and villains in the MCU, we can’t make a decent comparison without mentioning Loki, God of Mischief. Loki beats Agatha both in terms of raw power and experience. If everything else fails, his Asgardian / Forst Giant physiology easily overpowers hers. What would make this fight extremely interesting is that both Agatha and Loki would probably resort to mind tricks and scheming to gain the upper hand. Still, Loki faced stronger, wiser, and more terrifying opponents in the past Agatha simply lacks the versatility that Loki has.

Agatha Harkness vs. Wong

Wong MCU

Wong has incredible knowledge and mastery of mystic arts at his disposal. He is the current Sorcerer Supreme, and his knowledge of ancient texts and dark, powerful artifacts is unparalleled. Agatha Harkness, on the other hand, had centuries to study the Darkhold and centuries to perfect her inborn ability to utilize magic. Based on what she’s demonstrated so far in the MCU and on her raw power output alone, I would say she has this against Wong, and she would ultimately win.

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