15 Strongest MCU Heroes (Ranked)

15 Strongest MCU Heroes (Ranked)

Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought us some great moments and characters since the first Iron Man movie. From humans to gods and strange creatures dedicated to protecting the Earth from evil forces. Of course, the more MCU expanded, the more powerful forces appeared on Earth, and some decided to join the cause. Of course, not all heroes of the MCU share the same powers as their comic book counterparts, which some fans did not like, but that didn’t stop us from thinking of the strongest heroes we met at this point.

In this article, we listed our fifteen strongest MCU heroes until today. We won’t list Namor since he is still technically a villain in the MCU. If you are interested in this topic, stay with us until the end of the article. Hopefully, you agree with our picks.

15. Gamora

15 Strongest MCU Heroes (Ranked)

We start this close list with Gamora, the daughter of Mad Titan, Thanos. Now, some people will say, how is she on this list before the likes of Star-Lord, and Groot as examples? Star-Lord lost his cosmic powers after Ego died, while Groot is pretty close to Gamora but cannot compete with her combat knowledge.

Gamora is a Zehoberei, a race of people from the planet Zen-Whoberi. Like most races and people from other planets, Gamora naturally possesses the physical capabilities of a superhuman, which is even greater if we consider Thanos and his bionic and cybernetic enhancements to improve her skills.

She also has access to regenerative healing factors and amazing abilities, including being a master combatant, sword master, and expert marksman. Moreover, Gamora is a master assassin and pilot and can speak multiple languages. She is even more powerful in comics, which isn’t odd at all.

14. Black Panther

15 Strongest MCU Heroes (Ranked)

Recent Black Panther 2 truly changed the game for the black superhero in MCU. T’Challa died, and his young sister Shuri took over as a new Black Panther. Now, we know that Black Panther is a unique superhero, and the one who takes over the mantle needs to consume a special Heart-Shaped Herb.

This Wakanda native plant is traditionally consumed by those who hold the mantle of Wakanda. In Black Panther 2, Shuri recreated a Heart-Shaped artificial Herb using the enriched vibranium Talokan plant and consumed it to gain the powers of Black Panther.


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She isn’t experienced in the fight like her late brother T’Challa, but Shuri still shows her enhanced strength, durability, and a regenerative healing factor that keeps her in a fight for a long time. Panther Habit is also incredibly powerful, but the biggest advantage Shuri has over T’Challa is the genius intellect that she can now use in combat as well. Shuri is just starting and will surely become an even better warrior.

13. Captain America

15 Strongest MCU Heroes (Ranked)

Despite being “an ordinary” man in comparison to other superheroes, Captain America should definitely be on this list. Steve Rogers is the ultimate leader and inspiration for many people and superheroes. The origin story of Captain America is very well known, and MCU did not change that much about America’s hero.

We know that Steve Rogers gained his powers from Super Soldier Serum and became a really powerful opponent to any foe. His presence and drive are what made him truly powerful, with his trusted vibranium shield that became the signature weapon of Captain America.

Steve Rogers recently passed the mantle to Sam Wilson/Falcon, and we saw the new Captain America in action in Falcon and Winter Soldier TV series. Sam Wilson doesn’t have the powers from Super Soldier Serum, but his gadgets and proficiency in flying make him a strong superhero in MCU.

12. Sersi

15 Strongest MCU Heroes (Ranked)

First Eternal on this list is Sersi, the Prime Eternal and the current leader of Earth’s Eternals. Her main objective is to protect the world from Deviants. She also married Ikaris, the former leader of the Eternals on Earth. Of course, being Eternal, Sersi is really strong and probably one of the most powerful members of Eternals.


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She possesses superhuman strength, durability, speed, stamina, reflexes, and more while also being immortal and having the ability of matter transmutation. Sersi is truly powerful, and we can’t wait to see what she can do in future MCU projects.

11. Thena

15 Strongest MCU Heroes (Ranked)

Thena is also the Eternal and quite interesting indeed. After she was sent from planet Centuri-Six to Earth, she landed in Ancient Greece, where she hunted for Deviants. During her time living in Ancient Greece, Thena became known as the protector of Athens and consequently became Athena, a goddess from Greek mythology.

She has powers similar to Sersi, but Thena is a master in combat and weaponry. She can also manifest any handheld weapon with pure cosmic energy, which makes her extremely powerful.

10. Shang-Chi

15 Strongest MCU Heroes (Ranked)

Shang-Chi is a relatively new character in the MCU, and his arrival brought us new possibilities and potential for expansion of the already branched-out MCU. Xu Shang-Chi is the son of Xu Wenwu and Ying Li, whose story is quite moving. Since he was a little boy, Shang-Chi trained and became a formidable martial artist and decided to avenge his mother’s death by killing the leader of the Iron Gang. After fulfilling his father’s will, Shang-Chi regretted his actions and left China for San Francisco.

Shang-Chi eventually saved the world by defeating the dark forces and inheriting powerful mystical rings. The Ten Rings gave Shang-Chi a plethora of powers, which include superhuman abilities like strength, agility, stamina, nigh-immortality, speed, and more. Of course, Shang-Chi can create and manipulate the energy of the rings, and combining that with his incredible skill in combat, Shang-Chi is really powerful, and who knows how much better he will be in future MCU projects.

9. Iron Man

iron man

Okay, hear me out. Why is Iron Man above Eternals and Shang-Chi on this list? Well, because Tony Stark is a powerful man. Some would ask why “heroes” like Loki aren’t here, but is he truly a hero? I personally don’t think so because his character in MCU might seem good and great after the Loki series. Still, Loki was never fully “good” and “humble” like Iron Man – he was always on the edge of good and evil, and that’s why he is such a compelling character.

Iron Man was always good in his own way, which some people didn’t appreciate. However, Tony Stark is a “once-in-a-lifetime genius” and tactician who was always the brain behind most of the operations and missions the Avengers had. His suits are only a fragment of what Tony Stark for MCU is, and the fact that Iron Man was a big part of restoring half of the universe’s population and saving it by sacrificing himself and killing the Mad Titan Thanos.

8. Druig

15 Strongest MCU Heroes (Ranked)

Druig is another Eternal on this list, with the power of mind control in his arsenal. “The One That Got Away” member of Eternals disliked the conflict of the real world and decided to separate and form a controlled society of his own people. Does that seem familiar? Anyway, Druig has powers of Eternal, like superhuman abilities. Still, his psychic powers are quite formidable, and he even stood his ground against Ikaris, who threw cosmic energy beams at him nonstop.

We cannot wait for the future of his character, who has the potential to get even stronger.

7. Vision

15 Strongest MCU Heroes (Ranked)

One of the fan favorites was definitely Vision. He first appeared in the Avengers: Age of Ultron movie and since then has been a prominent member of the Avengers. He was a synthezoid made from vibranium created by Ultron with the help of Helen Cho and was given life with one of the infinity stones, specifically, Mind Stone.


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Vision was really powerful, and his synthezoid nature combined with Mind Stone enhancement gave him a perfect hybrid between organic and inorganic material. He was so powerful that he could lift the Mjolnir and fight the greatest Avengers’ foes. Unfortunately, he died in Endgame, which greatly made us miss his character.

6. Ikaris

15 Strongest MCU Heroes (Ranked)

Ikaris was a former tactical leader of Eternals and was considered the strongest member of the group. Ikaris wasn’t the best of teammates or friends to his Eternal colleagues and killed the Prime Eternal Ajak. Of course, other Eternals discovered what Ikaris did and confronted the powerful hero.

Ikaris singlehandedly held multiple Eternals at bay until they eventually overwhelmed him. Essentially, Ikaris is really similar to DC’s Superman since he could fly and shoot optic blasts, and combined with already established Eternals’ powers, Ikaris was truly powerful. Guilt-ridden for what he had done, Ikaris killed himself.

5. Doctor Strange

15 Strongest MCU Heroes (Ranked)

At this point, Doctor Strange is definitely one of the most influential individuals in the MCU. He was responsible for opening the Multiverse in MCU, which provided us with great potential future storylines that are set up for Phases 5 and 6.

Sorcerer Supreme only got stronger since his first appearance in the MCU, and his powers include multiple different magic casting that transcends the universes and timelines. Doctor Strange is one of the best spell-casters in the universe, and only one is currently above him in MCU.


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4. Thor

15 Strongest MCU Heroes (Ranked)

The God of Thunder proved time and time again that he is one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since the beginning of the Avengers, Thor has been considered really strong and has had his ups and downs throughout the series. However, what really stood out in Thor’s development is his maturity and elevation of his powers and the fact that he really went through everything the MCU threw at him.

His “usual” power comes from Mjolnir, which he recently acquired once again, but the fact that he truly awakened his form in the Endgame makes the God of Thunder really powerful.

3. Hulk

15 Strongest MCU Heroes (Ranked)

Anger is what fuels the power of this Avenger, and sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it’s not. Bruce Banner is a genius scientist who helped figure out how to reverse the Snap and actually did it himself. Fans will say that Hulk has been mistreated by the MCU, with which I agree, but even with deficiencies, Hulk should be considered one of the strongest heroes.

Hulk’s rage is what brings him the power, and Bruce Banner is what makes the hero absolutely brilliant. We saw Hulk fight various opponents, notably Loki and Thor, and if the Russo brothers let us see Hulk against Thanos, we would probably see a much harder fight for the Mad Titan. Despite all that, Hulk is still in MCU, and we cannot wait to see if MCU will finally unlock one of the strongest Marvel Comics heroes.

2. Captain Marvel

15 Strongest MCU Heroes (Ranked)

Currently, Captain Marvel is one of the strongest heroes of the MCU. As we saw in her origin story, Carol Danvers got exposed to Tesseract’s extraterrestrial power with the destruction of the Light-Speed Engine and gained the ability to produce cosmic energies that are essentially limitless.


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She has superhuman strength and can manipulate cosmic energy, fly, and throw blasts equal to nuclear bomb strength. The Marvels movie is on the horizon, and we cannot wait for what Captain Marvel has in store.

1. Scarlet Witch

15 Strongest MCU Heroes (Ranked)

When we talked about Doctor Strange, we mentioned that he is one of the most powerful magicians in the MCU. He would be if it wasn’t for Wanda Maximoff, now known as Scarlet Witch. Her story in MCU is tragic, and her life wasn’t easy – she lost her twin brother Pietro and the love of her life, Vision.

In the beginning, Wanda was only “a rookie” in terms of her powers and showed great potential, which other people feared. When her life fell apart after the Snap and the battle for Earth, Wanda showcased her power to manipulate magic and psionic powers. In Multiverse of Madness, now Scarlet Witch is a master of Chaos Magic, telepathy, and other powerful abilities. Scarlet Witch is ultimately the strongest character in MCU, and the fact that people doubted she wouldn’t be able to challenge Thanos at least can now see how powerful and scary she is.

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