How Powerful Is Madame Web? Powers & Abilities Explained


The upcoming ‘Madame Web’ movie is going to be one of the most interesting films to watch out for in 2024, especially because this is one of the most unusual characters in the world of Marvel Comics. Being one of the more obscure characters in the comics makes Madame Web quite mysterious to different fans, especially because Madame Web isn’t always featured in the comics. So, how powerful is Madame Web?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Cassandra Webb was a mutant who was born blind and crippled.
  • However, her condition allowed her to develop psychic powers that gave her all sorts of different abilities as a medium.
  • As Madame Web, Cassandra Webb is a powerful telepath with the ability to alter minds and even perform psychic surgery on other people’s minds.

Cassandra Webb is actually weak in the conventional sense

There are now a lot of different Marvel characters making their way to our screens, and Madame Web seems to be one of the more obscure characters due to the fact that she isn’t the most popular. Despite her lack of popularity, Sony seems to be quite interested in developing a film surrounding the character as the company is looking to go all-in on the different Spider-Man side characters.

Of course, the thing about Madame Web is that she has always been just a side character in the Spider-Man comics, and this is the reason why she isn’t necessarily quite popular. Still, like a lot of different comic book characters, she has unique powers and abilities that make her quite formidable in her own way.

madame web

The problem is that Madame Web is actually quite weak in the conventional sense. Yes, we are calling her weak because that’s actually the truth. And that’s because Cassandra Webb was born blind and crippled.

This means that Webb isn’t able to move her body like normal people do and is weak in every physical category that matters. She is a lot weaker and slower than the average human being. Madame Web is also incredibly frail, and that means that she doesn’t have any ability to defend herself in the physical sense.


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So, in a way, Webb’s physical weaknesses make her a very weak character as she really doesn’t have anything that she can use to fight different people. But while it may be true that she was born weak, frail, and blind, Madame Web was able to develop other unique talents that still make her formidable and strong in her own way.

Madame Web’s powers are purely psychic

As mentioned, Madame Web may not have physical abilities that allow her to fight on par with other superheroes, but she was born with other gifts. She was born a mutant who possessed psychic abilities due to her condition. Webb’s only abilities come in the form of her psychic powers, and her abilities as a medium are incredibly potent and powerful.


Madame Web’s greatest asset as a psychic is her ability to read minds and project thoughts. She is a gifted telepath with her skills at reading other people’s minds and finding ways to get to the deepest parts of their thoughts.

While she isn’t capable of moving in a conventional way, Madame Web can perform Astral Projection, which allows her to project herself outside of her body to travel without the use of her physical form. However, her abilities while she is in her astral form tend to be limited as, in most cases, the only thing that she can do is to travel outside her body.

There are a lot of different psychics and telepaths in the world of Marvel Comics, but Madame Web has the ability to perform psychic surgery on other people’s minds by basically altering their mental state and even affecting the minds of those who are around her. So, while she may lack different physical abilities and offensive powers, she can mess with another person’s mind. This is her best offensive asset.


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The fact that Madame Web is somewhat of a fortune teller is a product of her clairvoyance. She is capable of using her psychic abilities to sense the psychic energies around her, allowing her to see the immediate area and the events that are taking place beyond the sights of normal people. The same abilities also allow Webb to perceive certain aspects of the future, but in a limited way, as she doesn’t have the ability to actually see the future clearly.

On top of the fact that she has all of those different psychic abilities, Madame Web achieved immortality after the Gathering of Five ceremony. So, while she may be frail and weak, her immortality allows her to defeat the effects of time, as she can never die through old age.

So, as you can see, Madame Web is still quite formidable despite the fact that she has zero physical abilities that matter in a fight. Her psychic abilities are so potent that she can be quite useful in different situations. Of course, the fact that she can alter the minds of people is one of her best assets as a telepath.

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