How Strong Is Blue Beetle (Compared to Other DC Characters)?

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Blue Beetle is one of DC’s old-school powerhouse characters, with three different people taking on the mantle throughout the years. Each of them had their own power sets, with the latest Jaime Reyes (the one that’ll appear in the DCU) likely being the most powerful. If we were to compare Blue Beetle to other DC characters, how strong is he?

Blue Beetle can lift at least twenty tons and has an incredible set of powers that allow him to utilize that amazing strength. He’s stronger than almost every other human DC superhero but still not near the level of Superman, Wonder Woman, and others.

That being said, superhuman strength isn’t Blue Beetle’s best feature. When you consider everything he can do, Jaime Reyes’ Blue Beetle is quite overpowered. Let’s explore the character a bit more, compare him to some other DC characters, and get a better picture of what to expect from Blue Beetle when he makes his DCU debut.

Who is Blue Beetle?

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As I’ve mentioned before, there have been three different Blue Beetles in DC Comics so far. The original was Dan Garrett, an archaeologist who found the Blue Scarab in Egypt, granting him incredible powers of the Blue Beetle.

We soon learn that the Scarab is actually a part of an alien technology that was sent to Earth to find a host, destroy the planet’s defenses, and make way for the alien species’ invasion. However, it was damaged on its way to Earth, which is why it can’t take full control of the host.

Once the Scarab has bonded with Dan Garrett, it provides him with a unique skill and power set which Dan used to fight crime back home. It provided a unique armor, giving Dan superhuman strength, speed, durability, flight, energy blasts, and an array of weapons.

The second Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, didn’t have the Scarab – ergo, he had no superpowers. However, just like Batman, Ted was a super-genius – potentially even more intelligent than Bruce Wayne himself.


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He used his intelligence and knowledge in physics, biology, engineering, and even alien technology, to continue Blue Beetle’s legacy and protect his home from crime and other imposing threats. He created amazing gadgets, weapons, and equipment pieces, making him an incredibly formidable hero, even without superpowers.

Lastly, Jaime Reyes became the third Blue Beetle after finding Dan Garrett’s Scarab near his El Paso, Texas home. After the Scarab bonded with Jaime, he gained the incredible powers of the Blue Beetle – very similar to what Dan had but potentially even more powerful.

Additionally, Ted Kord was his mentor, helping him learn how to utilize all his outstanding powers and making him that much more formidable. He had quite decent control over the Scarab, though he lost control a couple of times before managing to regain it. 

However, the downside of Jaime Reyes’ Blue Beetle is that Jaime is still a teenager, so he tends to be a little impulsive sometimes.

When comparing blue Beetle’s strength to other DC characters, we’ll focus on Jaime Reyes, as that’s the incarnation of the Blue Beetle that’ll appear in the DCU (formerly known as the DCEU, but changing its name after James Gunn took over).

What are Blue Beetle’s superpowers?

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As I’ve mentioned, Blue Beetle’s powers stem from the alien technology residing within Khaji Da – the alien Scarab found by Dan Garrett in Egypt.

The powers gained with the Scarab include the outstanding armor that modifies itself according to the host’s needs. It’s bulletproof and highly durable, allowing Blue beetle to withstand large amounts of damage.

He can also create all kinds of weapons, including blades, swords, energy blasts, and even force fields that allow Blue Beetle to remain protected or damage enemies.


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One power that I think doesn’t get enough recognition is the Scarab Sight – the Scarab allows Jaime to scan people he comes across, instantly revealing their physiology, powers, or potential conditions they have. Blue Beetle also has a mild healing factor, allowing them to heal much faster than normal humans.

Lastly, the Scarab also seems to give Jaime Reyes some amazing physiological feats, such as superhuman speed (supersonic), durability, and balance. Also, he can lift at least 20 tons, making him an incredible powerhouse.

How strong is the Blue Beetle?

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Blue Beetle can lift at least 20 tons. We saw him lift cars, and even trucks, without much struggle. He can punch people through steel, and his blades can cut through virtually anything. So, how does that compare to other DC characters?

Well, it puts Blue Beetle way ahead of any other human superhero in DC comics. Yes – that includes Batman because, as smart as Bruce Wayne is and as amazing his technology is, e can’t match the alien tech that is in Blue Beetle’s possession.

If you compare Blue Beetle to, for instance, Cyborg, you’ll notice that they have quite similar powers. The difference is Blue Beetle can do everything just slightly better – lift more, endure more, and even hack a bit better.

The Joker, Lex Luthor, Catwoman, Black Canary, Robin, and similar characters are nowhere near Blue Beetle’s strength level. Even Bane, who we consider an incredibly strong villain, is nothing compared to Jaime Reyes.


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Now, if you compare Blue Beetle to other DC powerhouses, that’s when he fades into the middle of the pack. Aquaman can lift over 100 tons, making him much stronger than Blue Beetle. Wonder Woman and Superman are on another level and can’t even be compared to Blue Beetle in terms of strength.

Other characters we’ve already seen in the DCEU that are stronger than Blue Beetle include Shazam, Darkseid, Flash, Black Adam, and others.

The conclusion? Blue Beetle is insanely powerful, not just in terms of strength, but overall powers and abilities. Sure, there are characters that are physically more dominant and stronger, but Blue beetle has such a unique power set that he’d be a threat to anyone, even the strongest characters in DC Comics.

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