The Top 10 Greatest Superheroes That Wear Blue, or Are Blue (Ranked)

Top 10 Superheroes That Wear Blue

Even though blue is a color most often associated with sadness, it’s also associated with some of the greatest superheroes in existence. I mean, think about it. Without blue heroes like Spider-Man, Cyclops, Booster Gold, and others would have a drastically different look than they do today.

In truth, blue is a pretty awesome color. It symbolizes power, courage, swiftness, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed. Most impressively, blue is a primary color and this means that it’s the main ingredient in so many other colors. 

You may be wondering with a color that has so much awesomeness attached to it, who are the greatest superheroes to wear it? 

Glad you wondered.

Here are the best superheroes that wear blue.

List of greatest superheroes that wear blue:

10. The Tick

The Tick Origin

Although he was originally a comic strip, The Tick achieved worldwide fame after he received his own television show on Fox in 1994. 

For all intents and purposes, The Tick is a parody of everything that superheroes stand for. He is big, strong, lacks any sort of real intelligence, has a sidekick and tries to inspire the world around him with “wise” quotes and words. Heck, even his name is a parody of another famous arachnid. Basically, he’s a giant goof who probably isn’t fit to make toast let alone be a superhero.

That aside, he’s still one of the superheroes that wear blue and as such, belongs here. 

9. Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle

The history of the Blue Beetle has seen three different people take on the character. The first, Dan Garrett, appeared for the first time in 1939. Although he was created as a comic book character, Garrett also had his own radio show. The second, Ted Kord, appeared after the Crisis on Infinite Earths event. The event was used to streamline DC’s growing properties into one complete and easy to understand Universe. The third, Jamie Reyes, stumbled upon the original Blue Beetle scarab and transformed into the superhero.

Even though each brings a different skill set to the table, one thing remains constant between them…they are all blue and therefore belong in this superheroes who wear blue list.

8. The Atom

DC The Atom

As one of the first Silver Age comic creations, The Atom has a history older than most. He was created by legendary comic book creators Gil Kane, Gardner Fox, and Murphy Anderson. 

While his costume has changed over the years, his abilities have primarily stayed the same. The Atom can shrink and grow his body to any size imaginable. While shrunken down, he is able to maintain his strength as if he hadn’t shrunk. He possesses an intellect that many only dream of and has a Ph.D. in physics. 

In addition to being one of the silver ages oldest characters, he is also an invaluable member of the Justice League, the Teen Titans, and the Indigo Tribe. 

7. Beast


Although he is one of the superheroes who wear blue now, this wasn’t always the case. In his original form, Hank McCoy was nothing more than a human mutant who possessed big feet and incredible strength. Over time, however, his mutation manifested and he transformed into the blue lovable X-Man we know him as today. 

Beast is a founding member of the X-Men and is as good-hearted as they come. While you might think it’s a cop-out to have him on this superheroes who wear blue list (he can’t exactly take the blue off), I wholeheartedly disagree. Beast is as deserving as any to be here because unlike many, his convictions and beliefs have never wavered in the face of adversity. 

6. Nightwing

Origin of Nightwing

Even though he will forever be known as the original Robin, Dick Grayson has carved out a nice little path as the superhero Nightwing…and Nightwing, as you may have guessed, is one of the superheroes that wear blue.

If there was ever a student who perfectly exemplifies everything that Batman stands for, it’s Nightwing. Not only is he incredibly smart and one of the best fighters in DC, but he’s also a born leader and capable of filling in as Batman when the time calls for it. Nightwing is the leader of the Teen Titans, the protector of Blüdhaven, the on and off again love interest of Barbara Gordon, and the reason Bruce Wayne has some semblance of sanity left.

5. Blue Lantern Corps

Blue Lantern Corps

The Blue Lanterns are what happens when two Guardians are exiled after recognizing the Blackest Night prophecy was coming true. The two, Ganthet and Syad, took refuge on the planet Odym and used what power they had remaining to create the Blue Power Ring or a Ring that would give the galaxy Hope. With their Ring in hand, the two set out to find a user. Shortly after, they stumbled upon Saint Walker and the three gave birth to the Blue Lanterns. 

The Blue Lanterns are exactly what the world needs in times of trouble…Hope. They stand up for what is right and don’t let adversity cripple their thoughts. Over the years many have joined their ranks (the most famous being Barry Allen), and many still have yet to join. In my mind, they are the most powerful of the Lanterns and they do it all in the color blue. 

4. Supergirl


Supergirl is everything that Superman is and maybe more. 

As the cousin to the Man of Steel, Supergirl possesses a near-identical power set to him. This means that she can fly, possesses superhuman strength, is invulnerable, can project lasers from her eyes, has freeze breath, can heal from practically anything, has x-ray vision, and so much more. Like Superman, Supergirl hails from the planet Krypton and as such, is given her powers from Earth’s yellow sun. This, however, doesn’t mean that she’s without flaw. Like Superman, she is also weakened by the various colors of Kryptonite.

3. Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman

No list like this is complete without Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman. Aside from being a founding and arguably the most important member of the Fantastic Four, Sue Storm is one of the most powerful humans in Marvel Comics.

As the Invisible Woman Sue can turn herself invisible, create forcefields, and is able to control and manipulate the objects around her. She is the voice of reason when reason doesn’t exist and isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. This includes when she left Reed Richards to join Captain America during Civil War. Sue is all of this and she does it wearing blue. 

2. Captain America 

Captain America

When you’re literally dressed like the America Flag, you have no choice but to make our superheroes that wear blue list.

Captain America is the living embodiment of all that is good in the world. He stands for truth, justice, freedom and every other value that is held above the rest. He is the leader of the Avengers and the man that the world looks to when things get tough.

Captain America is also one of the reasons that the MCU took off and is the main reason that Falcon was asked to carry the mantle moving into Phase 4. He’s so important that any list like this that doesn’t include him should be immediately removed from the internet.

1. Superman

All Star Superman

It should come as no surprise that Superman is here. After all, if anyone character personifies exactly what it means to be a superhero, it’s Superman. Superman is the quintessential good guy. He’s as infallible as they come and the character that the world looks to in times of trouble. This was so much that when DC killed him off in the 1990s, the real world cried.

Superman is the leader of the Justice League, possesses more powers than any character should, and is one of three reasons that DC still exists today. He is an untouchable DC property, is looked to when the company flounders and does everything I’ve mentioned while wearing blue. 

And that’s it. The Top 10 Superheroes That Wear Blue. What do you think? Who would make your superheroes that wear blue list?

Images © Marvel/DC/New England Comics

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