How Strong Is Gamora? Powers & Abilities Explained (MCU & Comics) 


Gamora was a relatively unimportant character in the Marvel comics until her debut in the MCU and her role in the Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers movies franchise. Her popularity exploded, and she became one of the most valued members of the Guardians team. She was not only an incredibly interesting character when we take the whole team into account. She was likewise one of the most powerful members. Especially after Quill lost his Celestials powers. Now with the conclusion of the franchise behind us, we decided to give some attention to Gamora, now a member of the Ravagers. Let’s see how strong Gamora is, both her comic and live-action versions. 

Gamora is incredibly strong, as she is capable of lifting up to 25 tons. This is due to the fact she isn’t a human but rather a Zehoberei alien. Much of her strength can likewise be owed to Thanos’ cybernetic enhancements, as the majority of her skeleton has been replaced. In addition to being extremely strong, Gamora is also faster, more durable, and more agile than the average human being, or Zehoberei. MCU version of Gamora is equally strong as we’ve witnessed her manipulating ships and cannons with her raw strength and throwing other characters around like they are rag dolls.  

Now that we’ve covered that Gamora is incredibly strong, it’s time to analyze why and see what the rest of her powers and abilities are. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Thanos’ improvements made Gamora stronger than an average member of her species

Based on Gamora’s coloring, we’ve already guessed that she is not human. She belongs to a species called Zehoberei, and this is where her biological advantages in combat stem from, as Zehoberei are stronger and more durable than humans. But what truly made her lethal is the fact that Thanos adopted her as a young girl, and Thanos being Thanos, he hated weakness and strived to share his “gifts” with his adopted children as well. 

Gamora’s skeleton was replaced with a cybernetically enhanced one, which opened up a whole range of possibilities for her, and she soon became known as the most dangerous woman in the Galaxy, and for a good reason. All the work that Thanos has done on Gamora technically makes her a cyborg as well, much like it makes her adopted sister Nebula, a cyborg. 


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How strong is Gamora? 

Gamora is capable of lifting up to 25 tons, she can easily overpower when it comes to raw strength most of her opponents, and she will get tired slower than most other characters. As she is both a cyborg and her Zehoberei heritage means that she biologically creates fewer fatigue toxins than a regular human being (or Zehoberei). 

Most characters in the MCU get downscaled when it comes to their powers and their strength. This wasn’t the case for Gamora, mostly. We don’t have the exact numbers on how much she can lift in the movies, but it has to be closer to her comic strength as she was seen manipulating rather large and heavy objects with nothing but the power of her own strength.

She was able easily to overpower opponents and lift heavy objects easily. She broke Groot’s vine binding, something with which even Adam Warlock struggled at one point. She lifted the cannon from a crashed M-Ship. Even an alternate version of Gamora was able to defeat a much larger Korbinite soldier. 

Gamora is faster and more durable than most of her former team members 

Gamora is incredibly strong, agile, and extremely durable, both in the comics and the MCU. While running, Gamora can reach the speed of sound and withstand severe damage due to her lightweight-alloy skeleton without relative harm. Her combat reflexes and reaction time is enhanced, so she can deliver lightning-fast blows. 

In the MCU, we’ve witnessed that Gamora wears specially designed shoes that enhance her already impressive agility. She attacked the Abilisk by leaping into the air extremely high and also managed to escape Ego’s ruined planet by leaping. We’ve also seen how durable she is when she survives the outer space conditions without any protection. 

We also know that she has two livers. This allows her to filter out most toxins and prevents the accumulation of fatigue toxins, meaning she can fight longer and more efficiently. Over the course of the movies in which Gamora appears, we’ve seen her tanking incredible amounts of damage and walking away mostly unharmed. Her end came at the hands of Thanos, and Thanos was, let’s be real, severely overpowered in terms of how strong he was in the MCU. 


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Gamora is a master combatant 

We know that Gamora prefers to fight with blades and is among the Galaxy’s finest assassins. Gamora fights with Godslayer, a retractable sword, which she used to sever Groot’s limbs when he tried to restrain her and in a duel with Nebula. The original sword was broken when she tried to kill an illusion of Thanos, but the current version of Gamora still has access to it.

Gamora is likewise one of the finest hand-to-hand combatants in the Marvel comics due to Thanos’ rigorous training regimes. 

As you can see, Gamora is pretty powerful, both her comic and live-action versions, and she is capable of carrying most of the fights on her own.  

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