How Strong Is Mister Terrific? Compared to Other DC Characters


The world of DC is full of a lot of incredible characters that have their own innate abilities and talents. One such character is Mister Terrific, who has had his fair share of moments in the DC universe and is said to be one of the most capable men on the planet. Of course, Mister Terrific himself is also quite strong due to his different capabilities. But just how strong is Mister Terrific in the world of DC?

Mister Terrific has no superpowers whatsoever but is often said to be the third smartest man on Earth. He also has peak human levels of strength, agility, and endurance. However, his T Spheres are what allow him to become strong as he uses them for offensive and defensive purposes.

There are a lot of different smart men in the world of DC, and Mister Terrific is one of them, as it is his genius-level intellect that allowed him to excel as a superhero. So, in other words, he isn’t innately strong, but he is able to hold his own against some of the other DC characters due to his intellect and ability to invent and use gadgets that are useful in any kind of situation.

Who Is Mister Terrific?

While we often look at the world of DC as something that focuses more on the Justice League and the different superheroes that are members of arguably the greatest comic book superhero group, there are some other heroes that also have their own roles to play in the DC universe. One of the characters that aren’t exactly as popular as the main members of the Justice League is Mister Terrific.

Mister Terrific, whose real name is Michael Holt, was already known as an incredibly smart person during his childhood years as he was able to quickly understand the works of the different physicists and scientific geniuses that history has ever known. This allowed him to rise up quickly through the ranks as one of the smartest young men in the entire world. 


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Through his genius intellect and expertise in the world of physics and engineering, Michael Holt became a multi-millionaire with a company he called Cyberwear, which later became Holt Holdings. He was also known as a great athlete during his youth, as he went on to win a gold medal as a decathlete. In that regard, he is basically a near-perfect human being with brains, looks, and amazing physical capabilities.

However, due to numerous deaths within his own family, Holt actually contemplated suicide. But he was visited by the Spectre, who told him about the story of the first Mister Terrific named Terrence Sloane. Inspired by Sloane’s life, Holt decided to take on the mantle of Mister Terrific and became a superhero himself and even adopted Sloane’s slogan of “Fair Play,” which is something that he was always known for in his many different fights against crime.

Mister Terrific also went on to join the Justice Society of America, which is another superhero group that is quite prominent on Earth, although not as prominent and as popular as the Justice League. Because of the fact that he is a multi-millionaire with a genius-level intellect, Mister Terrific goes on to have a friendly rivalry with Batman, who is his counterpart in the Justice League. Of course, they are actually friends with one another, as Holt sold his company to Bruce Wayne.


Michael Holt went on to become the new Chairman of the JSA. He even took part in operations involving the Justice League as well as he was part of the team that Batman assembled in the attack against the Brother’s Eye satellite. It was also during this mission that he became close friends with another African-American hero named Black Lightning, who is one of the most prominent members of the Justice League.

A year after the Infinite Crisis event in the comics, Batman was so impressed by Mister Terrific’s abilities that he strongly considered recruiting him into the Justice League. Despite the fact that Wonder Woman reminded him of Holt’s position as a leader in the JSA, Batman still believed that they could get him to join the Justice League as well.

How Strong Is Mister Terrific?

The reason why Mister Terrific is often a friendly rival to Batman is the fact that they are both counterparts of one another. That means that Mister Terrific is an ordinary human being born without any superpowers at all. However, ever since he was young, he was always a gifted athlete that trained his body to the point where he could actually reach peak human levels in terms of his physical capabilities. As such, his strength, durability, speed, and reflexes are superior to ordinary human beings.

Holt is also a gifted fighter after training in six different forms of martial arts. This allows him to fight crime with relative ease and also fight superpowered characters that aren’t as skilled as he is when it comes to martial arts and close combat.

But while Mister Terrific may be impressive in terms of his physical capabilities and fighting skills, the one thing that always made him one of the best assets of the Justice Society of America is his intelligence.


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Michael Holt was born with a gifted mind that allowed him to reach genius levels in terms of his intellect. That is why he was able to excel in the fields of physics and engineering and went on to develop his own technology. It was through his tech that he was able to excel as a superhero as he made use of robotic spheres called the T Spheres.

The T Spheres are floating robots that Holt can control remotely and at will. He can use them to do all sorts of things, such as creating barriers, holographic images, flying, or linking with numerous communications networks. Basically, these spheres allow him to become a do-it-all operative in many different missions. He also has the T Mask, which renders him invisible to any kind of technology.


As such, while Mister Terrific doesn’t have any superpowers at all, he excels as a superhero due to his martial arts skills, physical conditioning, and intellectual capacity. It is also through the use of his tech that he is capable of bridging the gap between himself and his opponents.

How Does Mister Terrific Compare to Other DC Characters?

To truly see how strong Mister Terrific is, let’s compare him to other DC characters that are similar in terms of strengths and abilities.


The superhero that Mister Terrific is most similar to is Batman because they are both geniuses that use their superior intellect and physical capabilities against crime and supervillains despite the fact that they don’t even have superpowers. They are both as smart as one another, as we do believe that Holt’s scientific intellect is superior to Wayne’s. 

However, Batman is the superior character in terms of his experience and combat abilities. He has been a crime fighter for a long time and was trained by ninjas. Batman is also more intelligent in terms of his ability to come up with strategies and countermeasures. That is why even the strongest characters in DC fear Batman.


Mister Terrific is often called the third smartest man in the world, but Ozymandias is often considered the smartest man. Adrian Veidt is not only a scientific genius but is also a tactical one in the sense that his ability to come up with strategies is able to rival Batman’s own genius. His mind allows him to operate in the most efficient manner possible, and that’s why he is always so dangerous despite the fact that he doesn’t have superpowers.


While Mister Terrific has technology that’s superior, Ozymandias is probably stronger because of his tactical mind and his fighting abilities. His physical condition has allowed him to easily defeat Rorschach, Nite Owl, and The Comedian in hand-to-hand combat. And that’s not something that’s easy to do in the world of comic books.

Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor is an evil genius that has always been a thorn in the side of Superman because he has the intellect and the evil mind that has allowed him to come up with different ways to make life difficult for the Man of Steel. In that regard, it is possible that Luthor is smarter than Mister Terrific. Of course, his influence as one of the most well-known men in the world of business, science, and politics far exceeds Michael Holt’s own influence.

But the thing about Lex Luthor is that, while his tech may be superior to Mister Terrific’s, he isn’t as well-trained as Michael Holt is in the art of hand-to-hand combat. He is still a trained fighter, but he doesn’t have the fighting experience and skills that Mister Terrific has. And that could be something that would hold him back in a hypothetical fight against Mister Terrific.