How Tall Is Adam Warlock? (MCU & Comics) 

How Tall is Adam Warlock MCU Comics

Adam Warlock is set to debut in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, played by Will Poulter. So far judging by everything we’ve seen so far, his MCU appearance will match his comic appearance. Even though slight changes were made to his origin story, Adam Warlock will be a superpowered non-human being. Due to this, we’ve decided to analyze some physical aspects of both the comic book version of the character and the MCU version. Let’s start with his height. How tall is Adam Warlock both in the comics and in the MCU?

Adam Warlock is 6′ 3¼″ (191 cm) tall in the MCU, judging by Will Poulter’s height. In the comics, Adam Warlock is 6′2″ (188 cm) tall. There is a mild, minor discrepancy between the two heights but nothing that should concern the fans considering the fact that his origin has likewise been changed. 

Now that we’ve covered his height, it’s time to analyze everything else. If you’re interested in more info, stay with us and keep reading!

In the comics, Adam Warlock is a cosmic being 

For those of you not familiar with the origin story of Adam Warlock, even though he looks like a human, he most certainly isn’t one. A group of researchers created Warlock called the Enclave with the goal of creating a perfect human being. 

This wasn’t done due to altruistic goals as they attempted to use Adam Warlock (and other similar being later to come) to establish a dictatorship. They ran a series of tests intending to create that perfect human prototype. The tests involved bombarding cells with radiation and different kinds of energies. They attempted to accelerate the growth of cells using unnatural means and other horrid things.  


Their efforts eventually bore fruit, and Adam Warlock, at the time called “Him,” was born, or rather, created. The Enclave scientists had no idea what Adam looked like since he had been in a special isolation chamber ever since he was created. His powers manifested straight away, and realizing their unlimited potential, the Enclave kept Adam under strict surveillance.


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Eventually, Adam figured out what the Enclave would do with him, and he rebelled and destroyed his captors. After escaping, Adam Warlock was seriously injured by Thor after being inappropriate with Lady Sif. He was forced to return to his cocoon to heal. High Evolutionary eventually recovered the cocoon and waited to see what would come out from within her. He was simultaneously surprised and delighted to see that it was a seemingly genetically and evolutionary perfect specimen of a being. 

He gave Adam Warlock his name and gifted him with the Soul Stone in exchange for Adam Warlock to deal with his Man-Beast threat. 

Warlock’s most striking features are his golden skin and hair 

Adam Warlock looks like a human despite being genetically modified and experimented upon. Warlock’s most striking features are his golden skin and golden hair; this can be explained by the fact that Jesus Christ himself inspired Adam Warlock’s creation. He is a cosmic messiah of the Marvel Universe, and as such, some parallels to Christ can be made, including the fact that Adam Warlock “radiates.” 

Adan Warlock in the comics

Roy Thomas, a writer that handled the Warlock’s origin story, even commented on it.  

“Yes, I had some trepidation about the Christ parallels, but I hoped there would be a little outcry if I handled it tastefully since I was not really making any serious statement on religion… at least not overtly.”

Adam Warlock comics full body

And this is basically why Adam Warlock was created with golden hair and skin in the first place. Regarding the rest of his features, Adam Warlock, in the comics, is 6′2″ (188 cm) tall and weighs 240 lbs (108.86 kg). 

In the MCU, Adam Warlock has a different origin 

In the MCU, Adam Warlock was not created to be a perfect specimen of a human being; he belongs to a completely different race altogether. We had the pleasure of seeing the Sovereign in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. The Sovereign are an advanced genetically engineered race that lives on a collective of planets that share the name with the race.

But how is Adam Warlock connected to them? We know that team has entered into a massive conflict with the Sovereign in the second Guardians movie. The conflict, in hindsight, certainly wasn’t worth depleting all your resources, but that was what Ayesha, the Golden High Priestess of the Sovereign and their leader did to exact her revenge. 

Sovereign in the GOTG

After all her previous attempts failed, Ayesha decided to redirect all of the remaining resources into creating a perfect specimen of a Sovereign, which turned out to be Adam Warlock. 

We don’t know all the details so far, but we’re pretty sure that Adam Warlock will start out as the bad guy until eventually turning on his “creator,” just like his comic story dictates. 


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Adam Warlock in the MCU will be a faithful adaptation of the comic character 

Just like the rest of the Sovereign race, Adam Warlock will have golden skin and golden hair in the MCU, which is 100 % in line with what we’ve seen so far in the comics. Regarding the rest of his features, Adam Warlock is played by Will Poulter, who is 6′ 3¼″ (191 cm) tall. 

Adam Warlock in the MCU

From what we’ve seen, the only thing that remains a mystery is a strange gem embedded in Warlock’s forehead. As we all know, the stone in question should be the Soul Gem, and the Infinity Stones are destroyed in the 616 reality, so there’s no way that Adam Warlock has the Soul Gem in the MCU. This is something that will hopefully be cleared up once the movie is released on May 5, 2023

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