How Tall Is Thanos in MCU and Comics? (Ft & Cm)


Thanos, the infamous villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), is known for his imposing physical presence and intimidating demeanor. One aspect of his physical appearance that often raises questions among fans is his height. How tall is Thanos exactly in the MCU and comics? Is he as towering as he seems on screen, or is his height exaggerated for effect? In this article, we’ll explore Thanos’ height in both feet and centimeters, comparing his comic book and cinematic portrayals to see how they stack up. So, let’s delve into the world of the Mad Titan and discover just how tall he really is.

MCU version of Thanos stands at 8’3′ (252 cm), which is significantly taller than the comic version of Thanos, which is 6′7″ (201 cm) tall. Thanos’ height in both the comics and the MCU is explained by his inhuman physiology since in the comics, Thanos is an Eternal / Deviant hybrid, and in the MCU, he belongs to a race of beings called “Titans.” It’s quite possible that Thanos is taller in the MCU to appear more threatening. 

Now that we’ve covered Thanos’ exact height in all of his media appearances, it’s time to explain why it’s significant for him to tower over most other beings in the Universe. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading! 

It wasn’t enough for Thanos to be incredibly powerful and deadly; he had to tower over everyone else as well. 

The comic version of Thanos has a unique origin, and this, in part what caused his dark nature to develop. In the comics, Thanos is a child of two Eternals A’Lars and Sui-San. Eternals couldn’t procreate biologically with each other, but they broke the rules and used Quantum Bands to reproduce, creating two sons, Thanos and his brother Eros also known as Starfox.

Since Eternals and Deviants are similar in their genetic makeup, Thanos was born with Deviant syndrome, which means that he had features of both superhuman races. He was incredibly powerful and intelligent but ruthless. 

Thanos’ Deviant genes were obvious as soon as someone saw him. He had purple skin, a bulky frame, and pitch-black eyes with red irises. It is said that as soon as his mother Sui-San, gazed into his eyes for the first time, she saw death, which led her to attempt her newly-born son. 

His Deviant genes likewise explain quite a lot about his height as well. Thanos stands at 6′7″ or 201 cm tall in the comics and weighs 985 lbs 446.79 kg. His height and weight (mostly due to his muscles) perfectly represent his Deviant physiology since his frame overall is more similar to that of Deviant than Eternals. 

For comparison, Thanos’ younger brother Eros, is 6′1″ or 185 cm tall and weighs 190 lbs or 86.18 kg, which is physiology more similar to those of Eternals and humans. 

The height difference between Thanos and Eros

MCU version of Thanos is significantly higher than his comic version 

In the MCU, Thanos’ origin is not as straightforward as in the comics. In the movies, Thanos actually belongs to a race of aliens called “Titans,” and his connections to the Eternals and Deviants are not as obvious as they are in the comics. Still, the MCU version of Thanos is taller than his comic book counterpart standing at 8’3′ (252 cm).

Still, the rest of the differences between the MCU version and the comic version, at least when it comes to physiology, are minimal. In the movies, Thanos also has naturally purple skin, something he is universally famous for, and likewise has a bulky frame composed almost out of pure muscles, which provides him with nearly unlimited strength. 

Why is Thanos taller in the MCU than in the comics? 

The exact reasons why Thanos is taller in the MCU than in the comics are mostly unknown. It’s possible that Thanos had to be higher than everyone else to appear more sinister. He also needed to stand out when compared to other superpowered beings such as the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and the rest of the Avengers. He is quite tall in the comics, but the difference between his movie version and the rest of his enemies had to be truly drastic. Thanos had to appear to be larger than life in order to instill a sense of hopelessness. Besides, he was at one point the most powerful being in the MCU, so his otherwordly height seems fitting. 


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And that’s about it. Now you know exactly how tall Thanos is and why he has to tower over everyone else. In the comics, it’s all about his origin and his unique physiology, which is not fully Eternal. In the movie, I supposed it was more of a psychological thing than the actual need for Titans to be so large. 

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