Kid Flash: Bio, Origin & History


Real Name: Wallace West

First Appearance: The Flash #110 (December, 1959)

Powers: Kid Flash possesses many superpowers. Most of these revolve around the Speed Force. As such, he has super speed, can read and process material as quick as he runs, can phase through objects, can time travel, can dimensionally travel, has heightened senses, can give and take speed away, possesses electrokinesis, is able to manipulate time, and become one with the Speed Force. Because Wally can become one with the Speed Force, he is considered the fastest superhero in DC

Affiliation: Teen Titans, Justice League

Did You Know? Wally West is the nephew of Iris West

A Little History

The origin of Kid Flash is pretty straightforward. 

Kid Flash first appeared inside the pages of The Flash #110 back in December of 1959. He was created by Carmine Infantino and John Broome and has been an integral member of the Teen Titans since.

Wally Grew up in the remote town of Blue Valley with his parents. Because his parents were as supportive as a broken crutch, Wally dreamed of one day leaving Blue Valley and moving to Central City. He dreamt this for two reasons. First, of all his relatives, he was only close with his Aunt, Iris West. Second, Central City is the home to The Flash and The Flash is the hero who Wally idolized most. 

As luck had it, one summer Iris invited Wally to stay with her in Central City. Wally jumped at the opportunity and quickly picked his belongings. Within days of moving to Central City Iris introduced him to her friend Barry Allen. Although Wally found Barry uninteresting, Barry quickly won him over after offering to introduce him to The Flash.

Through a series of speed tricks that Barry had learned over the years, he simultaneously introduced The Flash while still being present as Barry. As The Flash, Barry explained to Wally that he had gained his superpowers after a bolt of lightning struck some nearby chemicals and therefore, struck him. As luck had it, a similar accident happened to Wally. That is, a bolt of lightning struck down hitting some chemicals and thereby granting Wally super speed. Like Barry before him, Wally woke from the accident possessing a near-identical set of powers.

Shortly after the accident, Barry revealed to Wally that he was, in fact, The Flash and that he was willing to help him train and understand his new abilities. Initially, Wally wore a costume similar to Barry’s. Wanting to separate the two, Barry suggested a slightly different and yellow costume to which Wally agreed. At this point, Wally named himself Kid Flash and swore to protect the city and world in the same way as Barry.

And that’s it. The origin of Kid Flash.

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