10 Iconic Wonder Woman Nicknames You Need to Know About


Superheroes and nicknames go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, for someone as iconic, epic, and important in the history of comics, Wonder Woman actually has a sparse vault of nicknames compared to her Justice League peers. Like, Batman – The Dark Knight, Superman – The Man of Steel, Flash – The Scarlet Speedster. What about Wonder Woman?

Well, her lack of cool, trademark nicknames stems from Diana’s humble nature, as she frequently tells people to just call her Diana despite all her titles. Still, there are more than a few epic nicknames for Wonder Woman that are either DC Comics canon or simply made up by fans to do her justice – pun intended. Here are the ten most iconic Wonder Woman nicknames ever.

10. The Princess of Themyscira

The Princess of Themyscira is more of a title than a nickname, but it’s one of the most well-known aliases of Wonder Woman, so I had to include it on the list. Diana is an Amazonian demi-goddess, and Themyscira is where she grew up.

There are many alternatives to the moniker, like the Goddess of Themyscira or even the Diplomat of Themyscira. I find the last one to have the best ring to it, as it reminds everyone that Wonder Woman is not just a warrior – she is extremely intelligent and one of the world’s best when it comes to diplomacy.

9. The Undaunted

This one is one of my favorite Wonder Woman nicknames, as it truly reflects who Princess Diana is. Although her priority is always finding a peaceful solution to any issue, when it’s simply not an option, Wonder Woman is truly undaunted. She wouldn’t back down from anybody to fight for what’s right.

The nickname usually comes in forms like The Undaunted Princess or Goddess, but it’s more popular among fans than it is frequent in the comics.


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8. Once-Princess Once-Goddess

This is a nickname I only remember coming up with once in the comics when Ares called Wonder Woman the Once-Princess Once-Goddess. He didn’t really mean that in a positive manner, but rather as slander, suggesting that Diana is neither a Princess nor a Goddess anymore.

As it turns out, he was better off without such comments because what she did to him later earned her the next nickname on this list.

7. The Bane of Ares

When Wonder Woman finally defeated Ares, she earned the nickname the Bane of Ares. ‘Bane’ can mean a number of things like ‘downfall’, ‘ruin’, or ‘doom’, but all of it points to the same thing – Wonder Woman eventually kills Ares. She used a battle axe and split his helmet in two, and as he fell to the ground, his last words were: ‘Amazon, what have you done?’

Amusingly, ‘bane’ can also be translated as ‘child’, but that’s not the case with Ares and Diana – they are half-siblings, not a father and daughter.

After being destroyed by Wonder Woman, the God of War appeared again as a spirit revealed to be in an afterlife where he was tortured by all the souls of those who died in the wars he created. However, he also revealed he was still pulling the strings to get the Amazons destroyed, but he was stopped again and banished, even in spirit, by his father, Zeus.

6. The Warrior To End All Wars

The Warrior To End All Wars is a moniker, or a nickname, that I really like for Wonder Woman. It has a depth that encapsulates both her might and fighting spirit but is also one of her greatest achievements. She killed the God of War, Ares, essentially ending all wars he had started, although, to be fair, he wasn’t the only reason there were wars.

Wonder Woman can end wars in all the right ways, be it fighting villains, or taking care of matters in a diplomatic way, which is why she truly deserves the nickname, The Warrior To End All Wars. I can’t remember if I’ve seen this particular nickname appear somewhere in the comics, but I’ve certainly seen it mentioned among fans.

5. Truthqueen

The Truthqueen, or the Queen of Truth, appears as a nickname/alias of Wonder Woman in the comics several times. It comes from Diana’s powers and abilities to always speak, seek, and get the truth. It is a driving force behind Wonder Woman’s powers, as well as her personality.

The Lasso of Truth is one of Princess Diana’s most well-known weapons. When an enemy is caught with it, they can tell nothing but the truth. Still, I’m not that keen on the nickname The Truthqueen. It’s just not catchy or epic enough to do the Wonder Woman justice. The next one on the list, on the other hand…

4. Goddess of Truth

It’s quite similar to the previous entry on the list, but I just find it a better nickname, and a better fit for Wonder Woman, even though it’s more of a title than a nickname. The Goddess of Truth puts who Diana is into a better perspective, although she’d probably not like being called that.  She usually just goes by Diana and tells others to call her just that.


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3. Amazing Amazon

I know it’s not exactly as catchy or iconic as The Dark Knight or The Man Without Fear, but the Amazing Amazon is essentially the closest thing to that for Wonder Woman. It appears numerous times in the comics and has a good ring to it, but I feel like it doesn’t reflect who she is the best.

I mean, for somebody who’s not acquainted with who the Amazons are in DC Comics, one might picture Diana’s race as man-eating, jungle-living women. But hey, who needs a catchy nickname when Wonder Woman already works so well, right?

2. Lady of Justice

This is essentially my pick for the best nickname for Wonder Woman, apart from the number one spot, but I’ll get there. I’m not sure if Lady of Justice ever appeared in the comics in that particular form, or some iteration of it certainly did.

Not only does Wonder Woman always seek the truth and justice – she was one of the founding members of the Justice League. You can call her the Lady of Justice or the First Lady of Justice; the nickname is awesome either way. Better than the Amazing Amazon, if you ask me.

1. Diana Prince

I know that’s an alias, not a nickname, but it simply has to be the number one spot on the list as the most iconic moniker for Wonder Woman, other than Wonder Woman. Diana Prince is the civil name used by Wonder Woman, aka Diana of Themyscira.

I placed it at number one because that’s essentially who Wonder Woman is. Despite all her powers and monikers like Princess, Queen, Goddess, etc., Diana is simply a down-to-earth, smart, kind, beautiful woman, with a good heart and a desire for peace. That’s what she tells people most often: “Call me Diana.”

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