The 10 Most Feared Wonder Woman Villains of All Time

The Top 10 Most Feared Wonder Woman Villains Of All Time

Wonder Woman is one of, if not the most recognizable female comic book superheroes. She has been around for over seventy years and in that time has battled a plethora of different enemies. Some of the enemies have been a flash in the pan; ones that simply didn’t matter. Others, however, have stood the test of time. 

More often than not the reason for their durability is that they have offered one of a few things. In some instances, they’ve been a balance to Wonder Woman’s powers. In other instances, they’ve been a compliment. And then, contrary to both of the above, the enemy has just garnered a following so great that DC had no choice but to keep them around. Having said that, let’s take a look at this list of the top 10 most powerful and feared Wonder Woman enemies of all time.

10. Baroness Paula Von Gunther

Baroness Paula Von Gunther

A longtime enemy of Wonder Woman, Paula Von Gunther kept a small group of women to act as her slaves. While under her control, she inflicted terrible acts of torture on each of them. The Baroness was actually a Nazi agent who accidentally unleashed the Dark Angel upon the world.

With it free, it possessed her and granted her unreal abilities. Some of these included mind control, size altering, and teleportation. What separates the Baroness from many other Wonder Woman Enemies is that eventually she reformed and now serves the Amazonians. 

9. Medusa

DC Medusa

No different than how she has been depicted outside comic books, Medusa has the ability to turn any who she looks at to stone. As such, she has cemented herself as not just one of many Wonder Woman Enemies, but also as an enemy of all mirrors.

The lengths Wonder Woman will go to defeat any foe is unrivaled. In fact, in one encounter with Medusa, she went as far as blinding herself so that the gaze of Medusa would not affect her. 

8. First Born

First Born DC

The First Born was, get this, the firstborn child to Zeus and Hera. Unfortunately, as the firstborn, he also lived his life ostracized by others. This was due to the prophecy saying that as the firstborn he would bring destruction down on the Gods. As such, while a child he was left on the African Plains to die. This didn’t happen instead he was raised by hyenas and developed a knack for survival.


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Angered, he returned and began fulfilling the prophecy. Zeus retaliated and laid his son inside the Earth’s crust. Since then, First Born has been looking for revenge. 

7. Dr. Psycho

Dr Psycho

A product of his time, Dr. Psycho is a doctor who has a strong hate for women. He can also hypnotically control whom he wishes. While under his hypnotism, he often leads his enemies to believe that he has special powers and abilities. But this isn’t what makes Dr. Psycho interesting. 

What makes him interesting is that he may be an interpretation of the man who created him. Dr. Psycho was created by William Moulton Marston and it’s been said that he was created as an expression of his own interests in spiritualism. 

6. Silver Swan

DC Silver Swan

Possessing the ability to fly and able to unleash a deafening scream, Silver Swan has ascended up the mountain of Wonder Woman’s enemies. Silver Swan was once a promising ballet dancer who, due to her less-than-desirable looks, found herself continually passed over and unfairly treated. Due to this, she struck a deal with Mars and was given unmatched beauty.

The only thing that he wanted in return was the destruction of Wonder Woman. Sensing how much her life would change with a little beauty, she took him up on his offer. The catch, however, was she could only remain beautiful for one hour at a time. If she managed to destroy Wonder Woman, the time limit would be removed. 

5. Giganta

Giganta Origin

With the ability to dramatically change her size, Giganta can do what very few can do. She can go toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman and live to tell the tale. As an enemy whose history dates back more than 65 years, Giganta has stood the test of time. First appearing in the Golden Age of Comics, Giganta’s real name is Doris Zeul. As Giganta, Zeul can grow from her normal height to heights that exceed tall buildings. Worse yet, the more she grows, the stronger and more durable she becomes. The downside, if there is one, is that as she grows, she loses levels of intelligence.

4. Circe


Circe is an extremely powerful enchantress. While she remains young in appearance, she is actually multiple centuries old. As an enchantress, she takes personal joy in transforming men into the animals they most resemble. Her joy, however, wouldn’t go unnoticed. As punishment for her evil, Hippolyta exiled her to another planet.


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When she returned to Earth, she learns that Hippolyta now has a daughter and that daughter would bring about her end. Due to this, she and Wonder Woman now engage in a lifelong battle. Worse yet, there is no length she wouldn’t go to to achieve victory. As far as Wonder Woman’s enemies go, Circe makes perfect sense. 

3. Alkyone

DC Alkyone

Alkyone was once the Captain of Queen Hippolyta’s Royal Guards. As the Captain, she was charged with the protection of both the Queen and Themyscira. She would’ve done this till the day she died had she not overheard Hippolyta praying to the Gods for a child. She feared that if the Queen had a child, the child would be the undoing of her people.

What makes Alkyone much different than many other Wonder Woman enemies is that although she hated Wonder Woman and would stop at nothing to destroy her, she also would do anything for the Queen. Her hate was so much that she actually claimed by ridding the world of Diana, the Amazonians would not only survive, but thrive.  

2. Ares

DC Ares

No different than the Greek God of the same name, Ares is the God of War. As a God, Ares is immortal. He is nearly invulnerable and possesses godlike strength, speed, agility, durability, and endurance. Further, he can manipulate the weather and project energy.

Ares isn’t just one of the most feared Wonder Woman enemies of all time, he’s one of her longest-standing enemies. Their history is so important that he was her enemy in the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Movie. Ares literally wrote the book on the words, “of all time”.

1. Cheetah

Cheetah Minerva

Because of a curse that had been placed on her, of all the Cheetah in DC, Minerva actually most resembles the animal she shares her name with. This happened after her plan to become one with the Cheetah God failed. That is the ritual that would fulfill her plan needed to be done by a virgin. Minerva wasn’t a virgin. Because she wasn’t a virgin, Minerva when in Cheetah form, is unable to control herself and becomes extremely violent.

As you would expect, as Cheetah, Minerva is blessed with many attributes of the big cat. She is exceptionally quick, incredibly strong, and extremely agile. And she’s extremely feared.

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