Is Doctor Strange Gay, Bisex, or Straight?


When it comes to mystical and magical powers in the Marvel Universe, few beings can match up against Doctor Strange. He is the Sorcerer Supreme and his role is to protect the world against invasions from other realms. This is an intimidating job that carries a lot of risks and consequences. So, from the outside looking in, one could assume that as Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange’s love life is almost non-existent. But in truth, he has had his fair share of relationships and this rouses the question is Doctor Strange gay, bisexual, or straight?

Doctor Strange is straight. In the comics, he was involved with various ladies including Clea, Morgana, Martha, Victoria Bentley, and more. In the MCU his main love interest is Christine Palmer but after the latter was married, it seems like Clea is geared to be his next love interest.

This article will explore the love interests of Doctor Strange in the comics and on-screen adaptations to give a clear picture of the character’s sexual orientation. So, if this sounds like something you’d love to read more about, be sure to stick around till the end of what will be an intriguing piece!

Doctor Strange Love Interests in Comics

Doctor Strange was first introduced in the comics in 1963’s Strange Tales #110 and he’s since blossomed into one of the most popular superheroes of all time and a staple in the Marvel pantheon. As Sorcerer Supreme and master of the mystic arts, Strange is arguably among the most powerful magic users across the Marvel Universe.

The responsibilities of being Sorcerer Supreme are no joke since one is expected to protect the world from threats from numerous realms, timelines, and universes. Week in, week out the Sorcerer Supreme is expected to battle multidimensional evil and this usually leaves very little time or luxury for social relationships.

The Sorcerer Supreme usually prefers a life of solitude. We see this particularly when Strange, after the injury to his hands, embarks on a journey to the hidden magical city of Kamar-Taj where The Ancient One resides.

After Becoming Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange also prefers some semblance of separation from the world. In theory, this would hamper any chance of him having a relationship or even just a fling with anyone.

Luckily for Doctor Strange, he found some time to be involved in various relationships throughout his comic book history. Strangely enough (pun intended), being a powerful sorcerer has an allure that attracts a wide array of romantic interests. It also helps that Strange has an uncanny ability to charm others and also the looks to make anyone swoon over him.

That said, one would wonder what Doctor Strange’s sexual orientation is in the comics.


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Doctor Strange is depicted as a straight character in the comics, being involved with numerous women in his almost 60-year comic history. Some of these ladies include:

Clea- She is arguably Doctor Strange’s greatest love. He encountered her during his first trip to the Dark Dimension. Eventually, she’s allowed to leave and becomes Strange’s protégé and his lover to boot. Unfortunately, Clea would break up with him and go back to the Dark Dimension. Over the years, Clea and Strange would get together and separate severally. We all know long-distance relationships suck, but cross-dimensional ones are a different ballpark.

Strange had a relationship with Clea, Dormammu’s niece from the Dark Dimension.

Morgana Blessing- One of the main reasons Doctor Strange and Clea broke up was due to Morgana Blessing whom Clea claimed was Strange’s lover in various other lifetimes and didn’t want to keep them apart. Eventually, after Clea leaves him for this reason, he ends up dating Morgana for some time.

Linda Carter- Also known as the Night Nurse, Linda Carter worked with Doctor Strange for a while before he eventually offers the Sanctum Sanctorum to be her base of operations where she could treat injured superheroes. She agreed and eventually the two of them would date briefly during that time. Linda Carter was the inspiration for the character Christine Palmer in the Doctor Strange movie.

Linda Carter and Strange had a brief romance while she worked as the Night Nurse.

Victoria Bentley- She is one of Doctor Strange’s earliest loves, appearing in the third Doctor Strange story. She had the gift of magic and saved Strange from Baron Modo and soon afterward she’d develop feelings for Doctor Strange. The only problem is that her feelings weren’t reciprocated as Strange was romantically indifferent to her. She eventually got over Strange and began dating the Black Knight before tragically dying.


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Martha- One of Strange’s most notable lovers was Martha who was his supervisor in med school. Eventually, she broke it off between them, got married, and had a family, but sadly died of ovarian cancer. Strange never really got over her and years later in the Defenders series he brings her back to life. They spend a lot of time together but she eventually leaves again. Strange would ultimately erase various events, including her resurrection.

Strange with Martha.

These are just but a few ladies Doctor Strange was involved with in the comics. Others include Marjorie Brink, Madeleine De St. Germain, Dead Girl, Kimberly, Molly, and Amanda Payne. So, evidence in the comics points to the fact that Doctor Strange is straight.

Doctor Strange Love Interests in Movies/ TV Shows

Over the years, there have been various on-screen portrayals of Doctor Strange. Be it in movies, animated films, or TV shows, Doctor Strange is a recurring phenom on the silver screen. This section is devoted to analyzing Doctor Strange’s love interests outside of comic books.

To start off is Clea Lake from the 1976 Doctor Strange movie. Despite sharing the first name of Strange’s most notable love from the comics, the two have nothing else in common. In the movie, Clea is possessed by Morgan Le Fay, a sorceress from another dimension. Doctor Strange, who was a psychiatrist, encounters the possessed Clea Lake and after Le Fay is defeated, he and Clea Lake begin dating.

In the 2007 animated film Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme, his main love interest is Doctor Gina Atwater. The two used to be lovers but split due to Strange’s obsession with his career and rude demeanor. After he decides to go to Tibet to fix his hands, it’s Gina who finances his journey. After becoming Sorcerer Supreme, he visits her in a dream showing he’d become a better person.

In the MCU, Doctor Strange’s love life was mainly focused on Christine Palmer. In 2016’s Doctor Strange movie we encounter Christine who is a nurse and apart from being Strange’s colleague she’s also his secret lover. She supports him after his accident but eventually ends things due to his arrogant and overbearing nature. However, even after becoming Sorcerer Supreme, they remain close.

Christine Palmer is Strange’s most notable love in the MCU thus far.

Eventually, in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, we see Christine get married and this absolutely wrecks Strange as he still has feelings for her and she him. At the wedding reception, Christine tells him to move on as they can never be together.

Later in the film, we encounter Christine Palmer from Earth-838 who is a scientist for the Illuminati. She helps Strange fight against Scarlet Witch and there are certainly innuendos of a possible romance between the two. Eventually, however, she chooses to remain behind in her own universe.


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By the end of the film, Strange has a new outlook on life and is ready to love again. In the post-credits scene, we encounter Clea played by Charlize Theron who could turn out to be a major love interest of Doctor Strange. Doctor Strange 2’s writer Michael Waldron confirmed that Clea is being geared up to be Strange’s new love in the MCU.

The Bottom Line: Is Doctor Strange Gay, Bisex, or Straight?

Doctor Strange is straight. In the comics, all his love interests are ladies, and never in the comics was he involved with a man. In the films the case is the same, he was only ever involved with ladies. In the MCU Doctor Strange’s main love interest is Christine Palmer but since they broke up and she got married, it seems like the producers are gearing up for a new love interest of his.

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