20 Strongest Versions of Doctor Strange (Ranked)

strange variants

Doctor Strange is one of the most popular comic book characters from Marvel Comics and has always been an iconic magician in the world of fiction. Of course, his status as a popular character only reached an all-time high because of his live-action version in the MCU. However, he has always been quite popular as a comic book character due to his overall uniqueness when compared to other superheroes.

Because Doctor Strange has been around for as long as anyone can remember, the character has had different versions from different timelines and universes. Some of them are not even Stephen Strange at all. So, with that said, let’s look at the strongest versions of Doctor Strange that have appeared on the pages of Marvel Comics.

20. 616 Strange

616 1

616 Doctor Strange is the original Doctor Strange and is the one who often appears in the many different main-timeline Marvel comic books. In that regard, he is the one that fans are quite familiar with, as he is also the basis of the MCU version of Doctor Strange. And because he is the original, his feats are unmatched despite the fact that some versions have greater raw magical powers than he does.

Of course, the 616 Doctor Strange, unlike the MCU version, became the Sorcerer Supreme and the strongest master of the mystic arts on Earth. He is a master of various forms of magical attacks and has had aid from different magical artifacts throughout his time as a character. And like most other characters, this version of Doctor Strange tends to vary in terms of his power, depending on the writer.

19. The Necromancer


The Necromancer is also called the Doppelganger Doctor Strange and has all of the same powers that the original version has. However, he is more powerful because he has knowledge of ancient mystical arts that not even the OG version doesn’t have. And what makes him even more dangerous is the fact that he isn’t afraid to use these arts, regardless of what their effects may be.


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In that regard, this Doctor Strange version is one that is extremely powerful and was also responsible for the death of Baron Mordo in Counter-Earth. As such, he is a much darker version of the Sorcerer Supreme and has powers and abilities that the original version may have but is afraid to use them. That is why he is regarded as much more powerful than the real Doctor Strange.

18. Paradox


Unlike the original version, Paradox is a being made from pure magical energy as he was created from aetheric energy in circumstances that are quite strange (pun intended). What makes him strong is the fact that he has fire gems within his hands and a lot of different mystical abilities that Doctor Strange doesn’t have. This includes the ability to generate flames and use his powers to raise the dead.

Another reason why Paradox is so powerful is that, as a being of pure energy, he can detect powerful magical objects from far away. He could also store these objects within his body so that he could carry them across different dimensions and timelines. In that regard, he could do things that the original Strange could only dream of doing.

17. Strange 2099


Doctor Strange 2099 is actually Jeannie, and that means that she isn’t Stephen Strange. She came from an extremely dark timeline in the history of Marvel Comics, and that means that she was able to harness powers that allowed her to survive such a dark timeline. Of course, she also wields incredible magical abilities that allow her to become immune to changes happening in the timeline by actions that occurred in the past.

Another trait that makes her strong is her ability to cast illusions and her magical prowess in healing. As such, while she isn’t as advanced as the OG Doctor Strange, she is simply naturally gifted at what she does. If she had the same kind of instruction and training that Stephen had, she would have been much stronger than she already was.

16. The Ancient One

ancient one

While we all know the Ancient One as the ancient being that helped train Doctor Strange to become the Sorcerer Supreme, there is a timeline wherein Stephen became the Ancient One. This version of the character came from the 31st Century, where an older version of Doctor Strange has been around for more than a thousand years and is now the Ancient One in this alternate timeline.

Throughout the centuries that he lived, he became more knowledgeable in the mystic arts and accrued enough magical abilities that allowed him to fight Dormammu one-on-one across time and space. Still, he was defeated and killed by Dormammu, but that doesn’t take away anything from this version of Doctor Strange.

15. Ducktor Strange


This is one of the weirdest versions of Doctor Strange, as we have someone called Ducktor Strange, who is basically a duck version of the character. He is called the Mallard of the Mystic Arts and comes from the same alternate reality as Howard the Duck, which is Earth-791021. He ended up in the 616 universes when he entered the Nexus of all Realities.


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The fact that he can navigate through different dimensions makes him one of the strongest versions of Doctor Strange, as strange as he may be. As such, the fact that he also has avian abilities that the OG version doesn’t have makes him powerful as well. That is why we have him higher up on this list than the other versions of Doctor Strange.

14. Ultimate Doctor Strange

ultimate doctor strange

Coming from Earth-1610, which is the universe where the Ultimate Comics series takes place, Ultimate Doctor Strange is basically an ultimate version of the character in the sense that he is much stronger than his usual 616 version. Of course, almost all of the other characters from the Ultimate Comics universe are stronger than their 616 counterparts, and that includes Stephen Strange. 

This character has natural powers that come from the fact that he is the son of the original Doctor Strange and Clea. That means that he has supernatural abilities that don’t even rely on magic. In that regard, he is naturally a powerful magical being that doesn’t need to rely on his knowledge of the mystic arts, unlike his father. And the fact that he could manipulate the magical energy of the universe is a feat that his father could only dream of.

13. Croctor Strange

croctor strange

Of course, we have another odd version of Doctor Strange, as this is an anthropomorphic variant that comes from the same universe as Spider-Ham. However, this one is Croctor Strange who, as the name suggests, is a crocodile version of the Sorcerer Supreme. That means that he has reptilian attributes that allow him to have advantages that the original 616 Doctor Strange doesn’t have.


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Considering that he comes from a wacky universe, Croctor Strange is incredibly powerful, as he is from a more cartoonish side of the Marvel Comics universe. That’s why he has access to powers and abilities that exceed the OG version of the Sorcerer Supreme. Then again, he was created for comedic purposes, and that’s why we can understand why he’s stronger than Doctor Strange.

12. Clea


Technically, she is still a Strange because she ended up marrying Stephen Strange on Earth-616. She is a dark-dimension being that comes from a good combination of powerful bloodlines that allowed her to have natural magical abilities without relying on the mystic arts. As such, when Doctor Strange taught her how to use the mystic arts, Clea became even more powerful than she already was.

In Earth-616, she ended up serving as the Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension and of Earth after her husband died. The fact that she has natural magical abilities makes her stronger than Doctor Strange. But the difference is that she never had the same kind of instruction and training that Stephen has.

11. Soldier Supreme

soldier supreme

While not necessarily Doctor Strange, we do have a version of the Sorcerer Supreme that fused with Captain America in the Infinity Warps series. As such, Soldier Supreme has the combat skills, training, and super-soldier physique that Captain America has but also has the mystical training that Doctor Strange received. That means that he is a combination of brawn and magic.

In that regard, he is an extremely powerful version of Doctor Strange because he can attack in more ways than one. He can beat his opponents with his military training and incredible physique. However, he could also utilize his magical abilities to defeat opponents that he can’t defeat using his punches and kicks. As such, he is basically the perfect knight-mage hybrid that every role-playing video game fan dreams of having.

10. Sorcerer Extreme

Of course, another combination of two different characters makes this list. We are talking about Sorcerer Extreme, who is the combination of Doctor Strange and the Punisher, as this character made his debut in Secret Wars. He is basically Frank Castle but is possessed by the spirit of Doctor Strange so that the Sorcerer can utilize the Punisher’s giftedness as a fighter while using his magical abilities.

The powers of Sorcerer Extreme are relatively simple. In fact, he has the abilities of the Punisher but uses magically enhanced weapons instead. As such, he is extremely powerful and was able to kill the likes of Wolverine, the Hulk, and Ghost Rider. He may have only had a limited time in the comics, but he was such a badass character.

9. Strange-Thing

strange thing

Making his debut as a character in Mutant X Annual, which takes place in Earth-1298, Strange-Thing is a powerful alternate version of Doctor Strange and is actually Stephen Strange that was infected by the Man-Thing curse. As such, he became very powerful as he had the abilities of the original Strange but were enhanced by the Man-Thing curse.

In that regard, he was able to showcase abilities that the 616 Strange and Man-Thing have. In fact, he was so powerful that he was able to use a teleportation spell to teleport his allies to a different location while he was holding Queen Goblin down. He even destroyed the Nexus in that fight against Queen Goblin.

8. Sir Stephen Strange


Coming from Earth-31, Sir Stephen Strange was kidnapped as a young boy by sailors who sold him into slavery. It is the fact that he was a slave that allowed him to become a hardened young man. A doctor bought him and sent him out on a task as he fell and was saved by a monastery that trained him how to use the mystic arts.


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In that regard, Strange became a free man that became well-versed in the art of using magic as he ended up learning medicine as well so that he could become a doctor. He even served as the personal doctor of the Queen of England. However, what made him powerful was the fact that Uatu, the Watcher, bestowed all of the knowledge he needed to become an incredibly strong Sorcerer.

7. Right Hand Of Doom

right hand

The Right Hand of Doom is a Doctor Strange Variant that appeared in the 2015 Secret Wars event and was literally the right-hand man of God Emperor Doom, who became so powerful that he had reached power levels that none of the other characters could contend with. As Doom’s right-hand man, Strange had the potential to be God Emperor as well, but he failed to take the opportunity.

Still, we can make the assumption that he was just as strong as Doom was before the villain became God Emperor. However, he was eventually killed by God Emperor Doom when he betrayed him in one of the biggest events that ever happened in Marvel Comics history.

6. Disciple Of Dormammu


Of course, we know that Dormammu is the incredibly powerful dimensional being that served as one of the enemies of Doctor Strange. In fact, this entity is powerful enough to devour the entire planet, and that’s why Strange and the other masters of the mystic arts try to keep him at bay. However, in the What If…? event, Strange achieved incredible power when he became the disciple of Dormammu, as he relied on his dark powers to achieve any outcome he desired.

As such, this version of Doctor Strange murdered Baron Mordo and released Dormammu’s sister Umar from her prison. He even conspired with her against his master so that he could bring Dormammu down. As such, he obtained powers that were close to what Dormammu and Umar had.

5. Black Priest

black priest

In the comics, the Black Priests are a group of powerful magic users that destroy different versions of Earth in different universes so that they can maintain balance in the multiverse. They exist for the sake of balance, despite the fact that they destroy planets using their powers. In New Avengers #27, Thor even ran into an army of Black Priests as he learned that the one leading them was actually Doctor Strange. In that regard, Strange obtained powers that allowed him to shape reality at will due to the fact that the Black Priests are incredibly powerful magical beings.

As a Black Priest, Doctor Strange obtained powers that allowed him to actually destroy planets together with the other Black Priests. That means that he is one of the strongest versions of the character and is stronger than most of the other variants of Doctor Strange.

4. Asgardian God

asgardian strange

At one point in time, Loki actually became the Sorcerer Supreme, and that made Doctor Strange powerless against him as the Asgardian God of Mischief took his powers. In that regard, Strange sought Odin’s help, only to find out that Cul Borson had become the new king of Asgard. However, while Cul was busy fighting Sentry, Strange went to the World Tree.

After making a sacrifice to the World Tree, Yggdrasil gave Strange enough magical powers that allowed him to become an Asgardian God. Using these magical powers that he obtained from the World Tree, he was able to contend with Sorcerer Supreme Loki and now had magical abilities that rivaled some of the most powerful sorcerers that Asgard had to offer.

3. Scarlet Strange

scarlet 1

We know that Scarlet Witch is an incredibly powerful sorcerer with powers that allow her to shape reality at will. In Tarot #3, which was released in 2020, she and Doctor Strange fused to become Scarlet Strange, as this character had the powers of both of these characters. That means that she has Wanda’s ability to shape reality and Doctor Strange’s incredible mystical powers.

Basically, Scarlet Strange is capable of the same reality-altering spells that Scarlet Witch is capable of but is much more powerful because she knows the different mystical abilities that have always made Doctor Strange a powerful sorcerer as well. That means that her magical abilities are now quite unrivaled in the world of Marvel.

2. Hammer Supreme

hammer supreme

Another Infinity Wars concept explored the idea of combining Doctor Strange’s powers with different characters. That means that we are not only talking about Doctor Strange combining with one character as we are talking about giving his mystical abilities to a character with the combination of all of the qualities of Ghost Rider, Thor, Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Iron Man. As such, we have an incredibly overpowered character that stands at the apex.


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Called Hammer Supreme, this Doctor Strange variant is a god that possesses the best of all worlds as he has magical abilities, cosmic knowledge, technical prowess, and godlike strength. But as powerful as he may be, he pales in comparison to the one at the top of this list.

1. Dr. Strangefate


DC has its own version of a man also called doctor and has mystical abilities that are empowered by one of the most powerful cosmic entities in the universe. We are talking about Doctor Fate, who is arguably stronger than Doctor Strange due to the fact that his abilities are nearly godlike. Of course, in the Amalgam Comics event of the 90s, the two doctors were combined to form Dr. Strangefate.

In that regard, Dr. Strangefate has the godlike cosmic magical abilities of Doctor Fate and the mystical skills of Doctor Strange. But the twist is that he also has Charles Xavier’s mental power. As such, this character is incredibly powerful in terms of what he can do magically and mentally. And this hybrid can even defeat any other character we’ve seen in the history of comic books.

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